Big Bang Taeyang’s Guide to Staying Stylish at Home

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Taeyang, whose real name is Dong Young-bae, is the main vocalist and resident homebody of Big Bang. Part of the 2nd generation of K-pop idols, Big Bang boasts an iconic discography that includes major hits like Fantastic Baby, Haru Haru and BANG BANG BANG, to name a few. The boy group is not only successful musically but has been cited with influencing the K-pop industry with their fashion sense.

Although usually quiet about his personal life, when Taeyang appeared on the reality TV show I Live Alone, he revealed that he likes to keep it chill at home. The crooner showed viewers the importance of chilling at home, especially when you have a high-pressure job. Taeyang contrasted his flashy, on-trend outfits on stage with a collection of comfortable plaid pajamas. It’s the perfect time to take inspo from the singer on how to dress comfortably at home!

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Pajamas for Sleeping

BODYBOGAM - Sleep Balance Heat Eye Mask Endormi - Couple Matching Pajama Set Striped Short-Sleeve Top Shorts W.DRESSROOM - Perfume Diffuser #49 Peach Blossom 70ml


Taeyang likes plaid prints and has pajama sets in all imaginable plaid patterns. I’ve chosen these navy blue gingham print PJs as the lightweight, cotton-blend fabric and loose, boxy cut are ideal for a breezy, comfortable sleep in summer.

A sleep mask is a must-have for deep slumber. It keeps out light and is proven to improve sleep quality. This sleep mask is slightly weighted to give the right amount of pressure to ease tension and headaches while promoting better sleep. To further improve your sleeping environment, diffusers provide a soothing scent to lull you into sound slumber.

Pajamas for Brunch

Jeony - Printed Long Sleeve Pajama Set Giffare - Set Teapot + Tea Cup + Tray + Case Full House - romane-Fleece Slippers

Simply changing your attire for the start of the day is great for your mental health – even if it’s just switching to a different set of pajamas! This tattersall plaid set is a great choice for brunch. It’s still cooling and comfortable, but the print and red piped hems add a bit of sophistication. Pair it with black fluffy slippers and you’re ready for brunch!

Taeyang likes to have a cup of tea in the morning to slowly wake up and get ready for the day, so this unique geometric set is a necessary addition. If you’ve seen Taeyang’s home in I Live Alone, then you’d know this piece would fit well with his minimalist furniture and collection of vibrant art pieces!

Pajamas for Gardening

Endormi - Couple Matching Pajama Set Striped Short-Sleeve Top Shorts SHOWA - Chemistar Wire Fit Aramid Fiber Gloves With Wire #521 - 4 Types HARPY - Straw Boater Hat Filmas - Flat Slide Sandals

As a self-confessed plant mom, I can attest that gardening is a great hobby and self-care method. Being around plants and watching them slowly grow is a great way to relax during the pandemic.

The Big Bang vocalist also shares this hobby, and he even continues to wear pajamas while gardening! I’ve chosen a pinstriped, kimono-like short-sleeve top paired with matching shorts for ease of movement. Of course, gardening gloves are essential to protect hands from the soil, and a straw hat protects from the sun. White slide sandals complete the gardening attire, as Taeyang has a variety of this type of footwear on hand. Super comfortable and easy to clean after toiling away in the garden, these slippers can also seamlessly transition into trendy footwear when paired with street-style clothing!

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