What Your Skin Needs during Different Phases of the Lunar Cycle

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You know how there’s always a few days in the month when you’re experiencing extreme mood swings, uncontrollable cravings and all that jazz? For women, these experiences are often linked to our menstrual cycles, when sudden surges and peaks in our hormone levels can really drive us and our skin mad. It turns out the moon may have some influence over our body and mind too.

Each phase of the lunar cycle promotes uniquely different energies that affect us both physically and emotionally. The start of a new cycle promotes confidence, excitement and motivation, while the latter half encourages reflection, acceptance and relaxation as a whole. Even if you’re still struggling to find relief for PMS, at least you can show your skin some wholesome loving by aligning your skin care routine to the different phases of the moon.

The new moon marks a new start to a cycle, signaling a great time to implement something new. You may want to give a new serum or cream a try, and it’s also prime time to start afresh. Prep your canvas with a good, thorough cleanse, and really use this part of the cycle to purify and detoxify your skin.

Ingredients such as sea salt, charcoal, clay and even extracts from fruits, vegetables and marine botanicals all have skin-purifying properties. During this time, your body is supposedly less sensitive to pain, so if you need to groom your facial and body hair, consider doing so in this period.

This is the time of the cycle when your skin’s regeneration power is at its optimum. Focus on implementing antioxidants into your routine, or trying other products that promote quicker cell turnover, recovery or healing. Herb-infused formulas help to activate skin’s metabolism and to strengthen its barrier, which can also boost its regenerative abilities.

Are there days when your skin starts to feel less nice than before? It’s likely you’ve hit the first quarter of the lunar cycle, also known as the first half moon. Invigorate your skin with ingredients that can revitalize your complexion. Think Vitamin C, galactomyces and other ingredients that can banish fatigue and instantly energize your complexion!

Aside from a good old serum or a sheet mask, a face roller is also a great way to directly and immediately promote better blood circulation and lift your skin. Use all of the above for faster and combined results.

The waxing moon is the period when your skin is the most absorbent and also the most regenerative. The products used on your skin in this part of the cycle will have a more significant or visible effect.

Some people may prefer to stick to more natural remedies at this stage, allowing the skin to attune to all the benefits that nature bestows. To get your skin in top form, you may also want to improve your glow and skin texture with more concentrated and potent formulations.

At full moon, your body may send lots of signals that it’s tired and moody, and that your hormones are all over the place. This is the time to seek balance and slow things down a little. Take a warm bath and fill it with your favorite scents. For that extra touch to replenish and relax your skin and body, add in a few drops of nourishing oils. Don’t feel like a bath? You can massage your face and body with nourishing creams and oils too!

The waning moon marks the start of gradually fading irritation. To help quicken this process, consider choosing products with more calming elements. Blue skin care is a great way to implement calming elements in your routine – think guiazaulene, centella, chamomile, calendula and other skin-soothing ingredients.

As your equilibrium is gradually restored, you can take things slow by tending to more wellness-related routines while your body finishes its healing and balancing process. Meditation, massages and yoga can assist your skin, mind and body at this stage – incorporating a quick 15-minute session in the morning energizes while another session in the evening helps you to wind down. Take things up a notch with exfoliating products, such as a cleansing brush, peels and scrubs, to purge any lingering negativity.

Yay! You’ve made it through a full lunar cycle, and it’s time to reflect and relax. Indulging in a bath and using herbal and floral essential oils are great ways to relax and pamper yourself. While you’re at it, put on a sheet mask, light a candle, turn on the diffuser and play your favorite music. Finish the routine with a nourishing sleeping mask or night cream!


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