7 Wardrobe Ideas from K-Drama THE WORLD OF THE MARRIED

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Married or not, you’ll be hooked by the endless scheming and dramatic plot twists in Korean drama The World of the Married. Based on BBC One’s drama series Doctor Foster, the 16-episode drama by JTBC has become South Korea’s highest-rated cable TV drama ever, with its finale receiving a whooping 28% viewership nationwide. Admittedly, its success is probably owed partly to coronavirus lockdown, but also partly to its realistic portrayal of the complexity of adult life, as well as social and gender inequality in Korea. In fact, the drama was rated restricted for audiences aged 19 or above due to violent content.

Drama stills from JTBC

The World of the Married is a revenge story with elements of Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite and Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story thrown in. Family doctor Ji Sun-woo (Kim Hee-ae) and movie director Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-joon) have a seemingly perfect marriage until Sun-woo discovers Tae-oh’s affair with Yeo Da-kyung, a daughter of a business tycoon. While some take advantage of the breakup, others are unwillingly involved or even manipulated by the couple. Sun-woo must seek alliances while fighting her own emotions to secure her job, family and social status.

Even though the drama takes place in winter, I’ve spotted a few year-round fashion staples you can include in your wardrobe this spring/summer:

Luxe Sleepwear

Did you notice the sexy silk robes, slipdresses and floral pajamas the characters wear while sipping red wine and replying to vicious phone calls in the middle of the night? I wonder if most upper-class people around the world really sleep in these. They look super comfy to snuggle in and have motivated me to upgrade my boudoir selection – not to lure men but to make myself feel sexier and more sophisticated. The next time I receive a Zoom call from a friend, I hopefully won’t be in a stained tee. As for footwear to wear around the home, my heart is set on Sun-woo’s flat mules. They look like a breeze to walk around in even when outdoors or in the rain!


Killer Stilettos

Sun-woo is known for being fierce and fearless when others try to threaten and deprive her of her rights. At work, she wears stiletto pumps that show her powerful but still feminine side. The younger Da-kyung wears stilettos at times, but she’s also a keen fan of short boots.


Sweet Knits

Da-kyung loves lightweight pastel knits from Korean brand NAIN, which make her look girly while subtly displaying her curves. She wears innocent-looking pink and baby-blue knits before she’s married to Tae-oh, but switches to occasional black knits when she becomes a paranoid wife and mother.


Ditsy Florals

Even though our main characters wear mostly plain outfits, there are times when they don chiffon floral blouses and midi skirts, especially in the last episode, as if to show there’s still hope in life. That being said, Sun-woo still keeps it demure with small, monochrome florals that are in line with her pensive personality.


Pleated Dresses

Pleated midi dresses make you look tall and slender, and go well with anything from tucked-in chiffon blouses to sweet knits. Sun-woo definitely knows about this trick and so does Ye-rim, her friend and neighbor who’s a bit more playful and colorful when it comes to closet choices.


Atypical Trench

Trench coats are loved for being the perfect transitional wear. Depending on the fabric used, they can be worn on breezy summer days or cold winter nights. The trench coats that appear in this drama vary from Da-kyung’s summery two-tone pastel version during her visit to Sun-woo and felt version when she has a heart-to-heart talk with Joon-young (Sun-woo’s teenage son) to Sun-woo’s longline, almond-colored trench when she suddenly visits Tae-oh’s office trying to catch him and Da-Kyung red-handed.


Colorful Leather

The only time Sun-woo is overdressed is when she shows up at a women’s association gathering “at gunpoint” wearing a red leather jacket. She also rocks a pink-piping black leather jacket with a dusty pink leather skirt when she warns a fellow women’s association member not to badmouth her. Da-kyung’s baby blue moto and Ye-rim’s teal trench look comparatively gentle. It may seem hard to wear leather during summer, but it’s not undoable if you think about vests, shorts and mini skirts.


The World of the Married OST is available on YesAsia.com.


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