Owning The Floral Look Based On Your Sign (Part Two)

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Signs & Attires

Continuing from part one, here are more floral looks to rock this season for your star sign! There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from trying a look that isn’t assigned to your zodiac sign, and you can also get inspiration from other zodiac placements in your natal chart.

Scorpio x Watercolors

Scorpios are often mistaken as fire signs due to their independent and fierce personalities. But as fixed water signs, they’re incredibly creative and emotional, so watercolor-esque floral prints will call out to them. Watercolor gives off a gentle appeal with its translucent hues and harmonious blending of individual colors, but deeper colors can be made as well. To reflect both sides of the Scorpio, there are a plethora of skirts, shirts, blouses and accessories like headbands that can bring out their softer, femme side!


Sagittarius x Cartoon-Like Motifs

If there’s one thing Sagittarians don’t lack, it’s boldness. These optimistic adventurers love to tell stories and initiate deeply philosophical conversations, and they’d definitely sport a print as bold as their personalities! Humorous and expressive, they’ll find themselves drawn to cartoon-like or childlike depictions of flowers, whether emblazoned on a knit top or adorned all over a summery blouse, PVC tote bag or lunch bag.


Capricorn x Impressionist Florals

Impressionist art often features landscapes and everyday sceneries, characterized by fleeting brushstrokes that allow one to see the beauty in the passing of time. Capricorns are the traditionalists of the zodiac, with a great need for time to chill. Peaceful pastures and gentle sunsets are what they dream of (aside from images of a successful life). The Impressionist movement also bears many similarities to this cardinal earth sign. Faced with much opposition and criticism at the time, Impressionists persevered in their pursuit of new possibilities in the art world, much like Capricorns’ unparalleled focus in attaining their goals. Why not wear this ethereal print on femme off-shoulder blouses, mini dresses, mini skirts or even phone cases!


Aquarius x Textured Florals

Aquarians are usually a bit eccentric and out there, as this unique group is attracted to things that are a little different. A delicate palette of gentle florals just won’t cut it, as they enjoy being visually stimulated. What’s more suitable for these quirky individuals than combining textures with a plethora of florals? It needn’t be a bold, statement piece; even a simple short-sleeved cardigan can be interesting. The choice of material can make an impact, like this sheer, embroidered blouse. But the easiest way to make a textural impact is through colors and embroidery, which can range from accessories to a flirty co-ord set.


Pisces x Pastel Blossoms

Imaginative and deeply romantic, Pisceans are in tune with their emotions and surroundings. Sensitive yet emotionally aware, Pisceans may find themselves fluctuating between being cheery and gloomy. Why not stick to colors that will keep their spirits up for sure? Soft and bright pastel yellow, lavender, peach pink, cotton candy blue and even white can create beautiful ensembles with a little help from floral prints in the form of flowy mini skirts, pretty mini dresses, elegant long skirts, modest yet breezy midis and more.


Aries x Bright Contrasting Florals

Arians are a bold, dynamic and passionate pack often inspired by things that are pretty similar to themselves. Delicate, ditzy florals really don’t vibe with them. Instead, depending on their preferred clothing style, they’ll gravitate towards bright contrasting colors and bold prints to get their point across. Youthful and relatively girly Arians will love a comfy yet breezy summer dress with allover prints. For those with more of a vintage flair, this doll-like dress easily makes a statement, while this rose-adorned blouse is great for both work and after-work plans. For those who’d rather wear actual flowers than prints, this retro PVC shopper bag featuring pressed flowers in an assortment of colors does the trick!


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