Harness Mineral Energy with CREMORLAB’s T.E.N. Miracle Series

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Famous for its infusions of mineral-rich spring water and its reliance on a few heavy-hitting ingredients, Korean skin care brand CREMORLAB’s T.E.N. Miracle series comes with some serious hype. The T.E.N. Miracle The Essence and the T.E.N. Miracle The Essential Cream, which anchor a soothing, hydrating skin care routine, are designed as minimalist, all-season products for revitalizing all skin types – sensitive, stressed-out skin in particular. The miracle factor? The wine-red waters of a secret spring in Geumjin, South Korea, which are meant to calm and strengthen skin while restoring elasticity. It’s precisely this spring water that gives the essence its signature brownish tinge.

I was more than a little excited to test out both products, given that my sensitive combination skin has been acting up recently, showing patches of redness and dullness as well as the occasional sun spot despite an amped-up skin care routine. For two weeks, I applied the essence onto my cleansed and toned face both day and night, before adding occasional drops of serum for extra nourishment and locking in the moisture with a moderate layer of cream. To find out how my skin fared at the end of those two weeks, read on!

1. T.E.N. Miracle The Essence

In a nutshell: T.E.N. stands for thermal water therapy, eco-energy and natural nourishment. With only ten ingredients in total, this water-based essence is a simple, no-fuss yet powerful product with promises to correct dullness, strengthen the skin barrier and even stop pimples in their tracks. The magical ingredient onsen-sui, or mineral-rich spring water, is used in place of purified water, and has mineral particles that are fine enough to penetrate the pores of the skin. The ingredient list also stars mistletoe extract which is a powerful antioxidant, chestnut shell extract which smooths wrinkles, and panthenol which promotes healing. Most alluringly, it comes in a sleek brown bottle embellished with intricate illustrations!

How my skin fared: Slowly but surely, my skin got smoother, plumper and less red over two weeks of continued usage. Although the changes aren’t transformative – my pores remain enlarged and there’s still some unevenness in my skin tone – they are visible enough to convince me that something is working in my regimen. Since I’ve never really indulged in essences before, I figured this might just be the missing link. Certainly, it works well in my current skin care routine, which also includes COSRX’s Hydrium Water Toner, Dear, Klairs’ Rich Moist Soothing Serum and of course CREMORLAB’s The Essential Cream, giving an extra kick between steps to maximize the efficacy of the serum and cream.

2. T.E.N. Miracle The Essential Cream

In a nutshell: This gentle, fragrance-free moisturizing cream again features the brand’s signature T.E.N. water alongside infusions of antioxidant-rich T.E.N. Mistletoe™. It aims to restore skin’s oil-moisture balance, promoting rapid soothing and fighting signs of early aging. Free from parabens, mineral oils and artificial colorants, it’s very safe for sensitive, fatigued skin. On a side note, those who are as into pretty packaging as me will be thrilled to know that this comes in a fancy-looking, orange-brown tub with an included spatula!

How my skin fared: My skin loves this. Its texture is exemplary – neither too lightweight nor too rich and oily. Pudding-soft, velvety and highly absorbent, it basically melted into my skin within seconds, leaving – miraculously – no sticky residue. I even slathered some onto my neck and décolletage for extra nourishment! In terms of moisturizing power and soothing benefits, its performance was quietly impressive. My skin gradually regained a degree of plumpness as the two weeks progressed, while the redness and dullness, no doubt exacerbated by constant face mask usage, abated. On its anti-aging and skin-strengthening power, I’m a bit less sold – but these are early days yet. Ultimately, what I really appreciate about the product is that it’s simple, solid and made with care, with true hydrating properties. Perhaps this falls somewhat short of its claim to give skin a miracle boost, but that’s a minor quibble.

Final Verdict:

A safe and solid rather than groundbreaking skin care choice, CREMORLAB’s two flagship products just about live up to their promise as there’s no doubt they performed well on my stressed-out skin. While it’s debatable whether this is down to T.E.N. water or other less glamorous skin care staples, they produced subtle but visible results. The essence formed an important step in prepping and hydrating my skin, while the cream was pure pleasure to use, especially in terms of texture. What’s more, given their relatively simple formulations, both products are hugely compatible with a diverse range of skin care products. Transformative? Not quite. But a solid investment that improves skin slowly and surely? Yes – and I’m definitely signing up for more.

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