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Skin care brands that take a naturalist approach always intrigue me, so I decided to look a little deeper into Bellflower, a relatively new Korean skin care brand. Using only safe and EWG-graded ingredients, Bellflower offers a minimalist yet innovative collection of serums and creams that target individual skin concerns.

I’m a firm believer in mixing serums, and I’ve learned in the past six months that tailoring your own skin cocktail based on your day-to-day skin condition can significantly boost effects and bring on faster results. I dived straight into a month of testing two of Bellflower’s bestselling serums and four of its creams to see how well they work in my skin routine and if they can take over a few spots in my shelfie for the summer.


Hibiscus Anti-Aging Serum

What is it? An anti-aging serum featuring hibiscus sabdariffa flower (roselle) extract, along with adenosine, seven types of peptides, and collagen to help improve wrinkles and boost skin elasticity.

In detail:

The hibiscus serum comes in a simple frosted glass bottle and has the light floral scent of hibiscus flowers with a musky undertone. Hibiscus extract contains natural AHA, which are mild exfoliating acids that help to achieve smoother and younger-looking skin. Peptides are another major anti-aging ingredient, and this serum contains precisely seven types of it to induce collagen synthesis in skin.

Following the advice on the packaging, I used this serum both morning and night for a two-week trial. I usually give the filled dropper a firm squeeze, which dispenses half of the content. Then I lightly mix it using my fingers before massaging into my face. It glides onto skin and is fully absorbed almost immediately.


Idebenone Brightening Serum

What is it? A nourishing and antioxidant-rich idebenone serum that contains niacinamide and extracts from flower complex, mushroom and propolis to moisturize, improve elasticity and brighten the complexion.

In detail:

Bio-engineered to target signs of aging right from the cellular source, idebenone is one of the most powerful antioxidants around, providing powerful protection against environmental stressors and free radicals. So, although it’s advertised as a brightening serum, this actually possesses pretty powerful anti-aging benefits as well.

Like the Hibiscus Anti-Aging Serum, there’s a light floral scent to this serum, but it also reminds me of the smell of Johnson’s baby powder. The serum itself comes in a light yellow color, which seems to be a common natural hue for idebenone and propolis. I tried using this serum both morning and night as instructed by the product label for about two weeks.


Coconut Daily Moisture Cream

What is it? A daily moisturizer enriched with coconut oil and fruit extract that nourishes skin by forming a moisture barrier.

In detail:

I rave about how much I love coconut all the time, especially since cold-pressed coconut oil is an integral part of my cleansing routine. Coconut oil is is rich in antioxidants and packed with Vitamins E and A. I was surprised to see aloe vera extract and apricot kernel oil in the ingredient list, but I guess they add to the product’s antimicrobial quality and help to relieve irritation.

I anticipated this cream to smell like coconut. Instead, there’s a faint hint of grapefruit, which is likely due to the grapefruit peel oil in its formulation. The creamy white moisturizer spreads like butter and is quickly absorbed into skin, leaving a velvety finish. It feels really soothing and has not caused even the slightest irritation thus far. I mainly use it as a day moisturizer.


Tamanu Oil Barrier Relief Cream

What is it? A moisturizer infused with tamanu oil to accelerate skin recovery and improve wrinkles, plus rosehip oil to nourish dry and sensitive skin.

In detail:

Tamanu oil is another skin care ingredient I’ve raved about before in my SIORIS review. Compared to the SIORIS You Look So Young Night Cream, Bellflower’s Tamanu Oil Barrier Relief Cream boasts a fresher citrus scent that reminds me of lime soda or lemon tea (which I suspect is due to the rosehip oil).

The cream has a pale green color just like the SIORIS night cream, and leaves a velvety texture. Generally, my skin doesn’t react to it, but when some areas of my face are irritated, it leaves a tingling feeling.


Glutathione Power Brightening Cream

What is it? A brightening moisturizer featuring glutathione to suppress overactive melanin production and improve hyperpigmentation as well as extracts of pearl, rice bran and berry to help restore radiance and balance out uneven skin tone.

In detail:

Glutathione is a type of antioxidant that can be found within human cells. This powerful ingredient not only offers detoxifying and immunity-boosting effects, it also helps the body break down pigments. The cream comes in an opaque gel-like consistency and appears stark white or light pink, depending on the amount and lighting. It also contains all the usual skin-brightening ingredients such as niacinamide, pearl extract, berry extract and even rice bran extract for boosted effects.


Azulene Calming Overnignt Cream

What is it? A nourishing and soothing night cream packed with guaiazulene, along with centella asiatica and houttuynia cordata extracts to calm sensitive skin, regulate sebum and promote cell renewal.

In detail:

The Azulene Calming Overnight Cream has an interesting periwinkle hue and gives off a subtle scent of chamomile and wax, which reminds me of the emollient creams that were prescribed to treat my eczema when I was a kid. The texture is slightly thicker than the creams above but still relatively light for a night cream. I use it as a sleeping mask, but if my skin is feeling extremely dry, I also apply it as a day cream.


The Verdict

To be honest, I’ve not seen any dramatic results from the serums. Perhaps two weeks really isn’t long enough to test a serum out. Nevertheless, I enjoyed both the Hibiscus Anti-Aging Serum and the Idebenone Brightening Serum for their textures, scents and finishing. Both are great options for summertime as they absorb quickly into skin without any stickiness, but I’m inching slightly towards the idebenone one. Although skin dullness isn’t my biggest skin concern, it’s great that it also has anti-aging benefits. Using the serums after a hot shower and washing my face is really nice and refreshing.

For the creams, my faves from this selection are the Coconut Daily Moisture Cream and the Azulene Calming Overnight Cream, which I can see working for me as a day moisturizer and a sleeping mask in the coming months. While the Glutathione Power Brightening Cream also feels nice, it doesn’t pique my interest as much since it’s slightly less moisturizing than the others. As much as I love tamanu oil, the Tamanu Oil Barrier Relief Cream tingled my skin during more sensitive days.

Bellflower also offers serum or cream counterparts to many of the products I reviewed above, and I wish I could’ve gotten my hands on them earlier, as I’m curious whether using a combination of products with similar effects can help boost results. Now that I’ve tried all of them, at least I know which product works best on my skin!

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