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From BTS’s Spring Day to sweet and innocent pink-toned makeup, spring is a great season for all things Korean. Bored at home? With Vol. 1 Spring Edition of YesStyle’s INSSAKIT, you can stay up to date with all the latest Korean trends, fangirling, pampering and snacking from the comfort of your couch.

INSSAKIT Vol. 1 Review

Besides containing a variety of covetable products, the super chic INSSAKIT box is also detailed with various Korean motifs, such as the national flower of South Korea and a few must-know Hangul terms. What are you waiting for? Open up and unbox with us below!


K-Stan Kulture

MTPR - BTS Contact Lens Case

Dianne: The INSSAKIT comes with an MTPR Contact Lens Case that comes randomly in either a Boy With Luv or Persona design. I was hoping to get the Boy With Luv version since it’s a lot more vibrant, and thank goodness we did! Each tin case includes a plastic contact lens container, silicone-tipped tweezers and a random photo card.

The cutout foam that keeps the lens container and tweezers in place can easily be removed, so you can also use the tin case to store all your other photo cards. However, I used it for its intended purpose, as I do have a couple of contact lenses from MTPR that need to be housed somewhere.

VT - BTS Stay It Twin Eye Shadow

Sarah: Part of VT’s Stay It collab with BTS, the Twin Eye Shadow is formulated in a soft, smooth cream texture that’s non-drying, and the buildable colors are great for subtle night looks. It’s packaged in a small, portable dual compact for on-the-go touch-ups. The shadows come in three color combos and I tried the Pink Beige version, which includes a glittery gold and a shimmery rose.

INSSAKIT Vol. 1 Skin Care

K-Skin Care Kult Faves

SOME BY MI - Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Starter Kit

Sarah: Every K-Beauty fan has heard of – and can probably attest to the incredible powers of – snail skin care! If you’re looking to try out this unique ingredient, SOME BY MI’s Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Starter Kit is a great place to start. It contains four nourishing and soothing products formulated with black snail extract and Truecica.

I’m always looking for cleansers that can fit into my carry-on, so I love the convenient squeeze tube packaging of the Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Slightly Acid Gel Cleanser. Formulated with five kinds of ceramide, amino complex and peptides, it leaves skin moisturized and strengthens the skin barrier. The clear gel turns into white foam after gently rubbing on skin, and boasts a light, pleasant herbal scent. It leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed, with subtle brightening effects!

Dianne: The starter kit’s Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Toner comes in a 30 ml bottle. The toner is formulated with patented Truecica to soothe and strengthen skin, Black Snail Extract to heal, White Flower Complex to even out complexion, and patented Botaniceutical Plus-10 to nourish skin. It’s incredibly lightweight and has a watery consistency that absorbs easily into my skin. Since I’ve been wearing surgical masks, this toner has been really great at soothing my irritated skin.

Dianne: The Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum is free from 20 harmful ingredients. The serum appears rather sticky at first. However, once applied, its viscous consistency absorbs surprisingly quickly, leaving skin feeling dewy. I’m usually not a big fan of serums, as they tend to feel heavy and sticky on my oily skin, but this is incredibly lightweight. I also have to thank this serum for soothing a couple of blemishes that appeared after continuously covering my skin with a mask. Because this mini version only comes in 10 ml, I’ll definitely be purchasing the full-sized version, which comes with a pump applicator rather than a pipette.

Sarah: The Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Cream comes in the same easy-to-use squeeze tube packaging as the cleanser. Like the cleanser, it’s formulated with ceramide and peptides to soothe irritated skin and strengthen the skin barrier, and it’s further enriched with marine collagen to nourish skin and niacinamide to brighten complexion. As someone with combination and acne-prone skin, I’ve had some negative experiences with thick creams. Thankfully, this cream is super lightweight and gentle on skin! In fact, it’s more of a milky-white liquid, and left my skin feeling moisturized and nourished.

TWOTSP Ggulba Mask Set 5pcs Standard Size

Dianne: When it comes to K-Beauty, sheet masks are a must-have! The Ggulba Mask Set from TWOTSP includes five sheet masks. The name is a portmanteau of the mask’s main ingredients – ggul (meaning honey in Korean) and ba (meaning banana)! #THEMOREYOUKNOW

The INSSAKIT carries the standard version of the Ggulba Mask Set, but it’s also available in size XS. This was news to me as I’ve never come across a sheet mask offering multiple sizes! I’ll definitely get the XS version in the future, as I always find sheet masks to be too big for my face.

If you have oily skin like me, this mask will be great for you! It’s highly hydrating but doesn’t leave skin feeling sticky. One of the main ingredients is banana extract, which is great at sloughing off dead skin cells and controlling excess sebum production. Anyone who knows me would know that yellow is my favorite color, so I love its bright packaging. There’s also a QR code on the back that will give you all the info about the ingredients and benefits!

Sarah: I’ve been a longtime fan of beauty guru Pony and her sick makeup skills, so when I saw that she recommended this mask, I was super psyched to try it out! In addition to banana extract, the mask is enriched with manuka honey, which hydrates and brightens skin, restores elasticity and promotes regeneration of skin cells to postpone signs of aging. Off the bat, I was addicted to the delicious banana-honey scent, which is sweet but not overbearing. The mask comes in a super smooth and soft texture that adheres perfectly to the face, and it was positively dripping with essence. My skin felt moisturized and refreshed all over after only a single use.

INSSAKIT Vol. 1 Makeup

K-Beauty Picks

VYVYD studio - Cheek Flash Highlighter No. 3 #Gold Play

Dianne: I’m incredibly delighted to find a product from VYVYD studio in the INSSAKIT. It’s one of my favorite K-Beauty brands that I believe everyone should know about! This very unique brand bases the shades and names of its products on music genres. If you think Korean makeup products are only limited to certain range of shades, you’re dead wrong. VYVYD studio carries wild colors like royal blue and purple!

Can’t go out and get that natural glow from the sun? VYVYD studio’s Cheek Flash Highlighter in Gold Play is a shade that goes incredibly well with most skin tones. The incredibly pigmented pressed powder applies smoothly with a fantastic shimmer.

Peach C - Easy Matte Lipstick #Spring Coral

Sarah: Founded by popular ulzzang, model and blogger Haneul, Peach C is known for makeup products that come in sweet, juicy colors. The Easy Matte Lipstick comes in Spring Coral, which is obviously perfect for the Spring Edition of the INSSAKIT, and it’s a soft, feminine and natural shade suitable for everyday wear. My personal favorite touch is its sleek magnetic cap and luxe gradient pink packaging, which gives off romantic cherry blossom vibes.

INSSAKIT Vol. 1 Lifestyle

K-Boo Life Hacks

BABOSARANG - ESTHER LOVES YOU Series Embroidered Shopper Bag Pink

Dianne: One of my favorite items in the INSSAKIT is the “ESTHER LOVES YOU” Series Embroidered Shopper Bag from BABOSARANG. The cute bunny is illustrated by Korean-American artist Esther Kim, who calls them Esther Bunnies and her “emotional alter egos,” as they reflect her moods and identity as a TCK.

The hot pink bag is designed with a patch pocket featuring embroidery of an Esther Bunny drinking bubble tea and carrying a heart-shaped bag – a total mood! The bag is fully lined and incredibly sturdy as it’s made of thick canvas fabric.

A'PIEU - Easy Hair Dry Brush

Sarah: See-through bangs are undoubtedly an iconic Korean hairstyle, but they can also be really difficult to style. A trending hair styling tool, this multifunctional Easy Hair Dry Brush is constructed with small holes to transfer heat from your hair dryer, so you can brush, dry and style your hair at the same time – perfect for achieving that neat inward curl and voluminous wispy bangs. I shower in the morning and always find myself running out of the house with wet, unstyled hair, so this easy-to-use device is a lifesaver for looking polished on a tight schedule.

Kakao Friends Little Sleeping Eye Mask (Apeach)

Dianne: Illustrated by Hozo, Kakao Friends are emoticons from Korea’s No. 1 instant messaging app KakaoTalk. While I don’t use the app, I do adore the cute characters! The pink Kakao Friends Little Sleeping Eye Mask features an embroidered Apeach with “You’re Mine” lettering.

The short pile fabric is super soft and gentle on skin while the elasticated band ensures a comfortable fit. I suffer from a light case of nocturnal lagophthalmos, which means that my eyes aren’t completely closed when I sleep, and this eye mask helps protect my eyes from drying and dust. Plus, sleeping masks have been attributed to protecting the skin around the delicate eye area from damage and reducing puffiness!

CALOBYE - Multi-Protein Savory Dried-Pollack Snack Spicy Flavor

Sarah: If you’ve always dreamed of achieving a bod as killer as Apink’s Naeun or Running Man’s Kim Jong-kook, you have to check out CALOBYE. These two are models for the health care brand which offers tasty diet supplements, meal replacements, low-calorie snacks and protein shakes. We’ve already reviewed a bunch of CALOBYE products, and I absolutely loved the spicy version of the Multi-Protein Savory Dried-Pollack Snack it’s so addictive! Protein-rich and roasted without any oil, it’s a guilt-free way to satisfy mid-day cravings, especially if you’re looking for something crispy and savory with a kick.


That’s the #INSSASCOOP on YesStyle’s INSSAKIT Vol. 1! Did you learn anything new or were you already an inssa privy to all the deets? Let us know in the comments below!

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