Small Talk: 9 Beauty Tips from Our Moms

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For Mother’s Day, we’re sharing our favorite beauty tips we got from our own mothers! After all, mother knows best. Read on for skin care and wellness tips from mother dearest, and comment below if your mom has imparted any wisdom you still use today!

Start using anti-aging products in your early 20s

Zoe: I remember the first useful skin care tip my mom ever gave me is to start using anti-aging products at the start of my 20s.

Dianne: When did she give you this advice 😂 and isn’t that way too early?

Zoe: The thing is, she told me this when I was in the final year of uni, and I was stressing over deadlines 😂 I literally told her, “Isn’t this a little later than when you should’ve told me?!”

Maureen: That’s still pretty early – better late than never!

Zoe: It’s true! Once I hit my mid-20s, my skin went through so many changes so quickly that I wish I was more prepared 😭

Dianne: I guess Sarah and I should heed this advice, tho ngl applying anti-aging products at this age is kinda funny. Hopefully my future self will thank current me for it.

Romy: I wish I followed your mom’s advice before I hit 25! Did you start following her advice after your uni years?

Zoe: I kinda did for a while and stopped, and now I’m sticking to it religiously 😂

Michelle: Yes, speaking as someone with major skin regrets, I can honestly say Zoe’s mum’s advice is spot-on… it’s never too early!

Sarah: I always skip right through anti-aging products and think that stuff is better suited for my mom than me, but I guess it’s better safe than sorry ­– I should start ASAP 😟

Dianne: I think Zoe actually mentioned her mom’s tip a while ago to me and that’s why I tried Pure Lotus’ anti-aging skin care line ♥️ It’s defos a great tip.

Zoe: Haha good memory! I also make sure to at least have one anti-aging product as my part of my skin care routine!

Secret Key - Starting Treatment Essence

My current holy grail is Secret Key’s Starting Treatment Essence, which funnily enough, I’ve actually introduced to my mom and sisters and they swear by it now!

Sleep early and stay hydrated, or no amount of product can save your skin

Sarah: My mom has only been interested in skin care in the last few years… and she’s in her late 50s! She’s always been super minimalist — the only time she’s ever had a full face of makeup was for her wedding day 😂 I think the only piece of “beauty” advice she’s ever given me is just the importance of sleeping early and drinking lots of water 😴

Maureen: That’s my lifetime goal.

Zoe: I’m trying so hard to drink at least 2 liters of water every day, but it’s super hard. Sometimes you just forget 😅 As for sleeping early… um I’m just more of a night owl 😂

Sarah: As a kid she used to punish me if my water bottle wasn’t empty after a day at school — she’d take my Disney Channel privileges away from me 😂

Romy: That’s so true! I used to be a night owl and my mom would force me to go to sleep early, although I never listened.

Dianne: Before anything important, I do try to get a good night’s sleep and drink TONS of water the day before. That hasn’t failed me yet

Sarah: Honestly, I still find it so hard to sleep early… but that’s when she’ll come out and lecture me about how all the skin care in the world is pointless if you don’t sleep by midnight since your body won’t be able to get rid of certain toxins – or some mom science like that.

Dianne: Omg yes, Mom Science, I love that 😆

Sarah: You know we’re all gonna be passing the mom science to our kids someday LOL.

Start your mornings with a warm glass of water

Zoe: My mom also has her own wellness theory when it comes to drinking water.

Like don’t drink too much water before bed, and always drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning.

Dianne: :O I was watching a video of BTS sharing their skin care tips, and Jimin’s was the same! He said he keeps a glass of water by his bedside so he can drink it the moment he wakes up!

Romy: Same here. My mom would cut up slices of lemon and put them in a warm cup of water for me to drink in the mornings. She says that drinking lemon water helps get rid of your body’s toxins.

Michelle: Omg my mom’s the same! She absolutely swears by the power of lemons – either eaten just by itself or dunked in water!

Zoe: Exactly! The key is it has to be warm water, otherwise it doesn’t work 😂 My mom also say it warms up the stomach for breakfast lol.

Romy: Yes, never cold water 😆

Zoe: But I hate lukewarm water, so I just drink freshly boiled hot water.

Sarah: I remember SNSD’s Yuri had a tip about lemon juice + carbonated water as well! It’s supposed to give you glowing and blemish-free skin. I tried it for a while and personally the taste was hard to get used to, but it really worked wonders 😍

Dianne: I guess going au naturale for skin care is defos something we always forget, but it’s such a MUST for long-term good skin!

Apply fresh aloe leaf on sunburnt skin

Maureen: My mom used to grow plants and herbs which she used to cure skin problems, e.g., she’d put slices of fresh aloe on my sunburnt skin.

Dianne: OMG let me meet your mom! We can be #plantmoms together.

Aloe is defos so great for skin and I think it’s perfect for every skin type! Chuck it in the fridge overnight and it’s perfect for cooling down skin in the summer. Plus it’s so easy to grow!

Maureen: You and her would totally be bffs! Yes, she’d chill a big piece of aloe leaf in the fridge and slice it when needed.

Romy: I love fresh aloe vera! It definitely helps soothe sunburns. My mom used to apply fresh aloe on her scalp too. I remember her saying that it helped her hair grow but I’ve never tried doing that, so I’m not sure how accurate she is.

Sarah: I use aloe gel when I’m sunburned as well and I loove how soothing and refreshing it is, but I’ve never tried fresh aloe before! I don’t have a green thumb, unfortch 😔

Dianne: Sarah, you can try one of Nature Republic’s products called Aloe Gel Mist. It’s soso goood and you don’t need to grow it LOL.

Nature Republic - Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist

Zoe: My mom is also an ultimate #plantmom, but for some reason she never grew aloe. My piano teacher did though and she’d rip it open to show me the jelly, and spend ages telling me all about its benefits 😂

Sarah: Dianne, I’ve tried their gel but not their mist! I love that stuffyou can use it on absolutely everything, from your hair to nails to face 💚

Dianne: A mist is such a must 😉 it’s so soothing and a great pick-me-up during those hot days.

Apply coconut shavings on hair to keep it healthy and glossy

Dianne: Speaking of alternatives to natural stuff, instead of coconut water and shavings, I use Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Polisher Serum now.

I wouldn’t say that this is just from my mom, since my aunt, grandma and great grandma also gave me this advice. They basically told me that coconut is amazing for hair! When I used to have access to fresh coconut, my grandma would use the rinds as a hair mask, and it’d make my hair smell divine and look glossy! Now I just stick to a monthly coconut oil hair mask.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Hair Polisher Serum

Zoe: I absolutely love coconut oil! Did you know that unrefined/cold-pressed coconut oil is also good for calming and purifying skin? I’ve been using it every day since my eczema breakout last spring 🙏

Maureen: I haven’t tried coconut oil on my hair since I always have such short hair, but I’ve tried applying coconut oil as a mild sunscreen. It just makes your skin glow while you’re tanning.

Dianne: I haven’t tried that yet, but I knew that coconut is just UHMAZING. Planning on planting one in the near future so I can have access to it every day.

Romy: Coconut oil is the god of all oils. I tried using it as a hair mask and I couldn’t believe how soft my hair was after, especially my dry ends! I need to restock on some coconut oil, so maybe I’ll give Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Polisher Serum a go!

Sarah: I had no idea coconut oil was so multifunctional! Do you guys have other product recs that incorporate coconut oil?

Dianne: There’s a spray version of the Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Polisher Serum for the roots which is apparently more lightweight, but I haven’t used that one yet (it’s already in my cart tho 😆).

Palmers - Coconut Oil Strong Roots Spray

Michelle: I’m definitely taking notes ­– my hair is super dry lately 😭

Dianne: YES! When I do remember to do a hair mask, it makes my dry curly hair look gawgeous.

Michelle: Your hair ALWAYS looks ah-mazing! I’m really loving all of these home recipes. Seems I should’ve spent more time with my mom picking her brains for skin care/hair care tips 😂

Use frozen raw egg white on pimples

Maureen: Talking about home remedies, my mom also used this trick – she’d leave leftover raw egg white in cracked eggshells, cover it with cling wrap, keep it in the fridge, and apply it on pimples!

Dianne: I’ve never heard of this one, tho I’ve heard of using egg membrane! Defos going to try this! Wearing a mask all day is making my skin break out like CRAAAZZZZYYY.

Maureen: She said it’d help foster healing and fade scars.

Zoe: I haven’t tried it on pimples, but have tried using egg whites on mild burns!

Romy: 😮 My mom uses raw egg whites too, but not for pimples. She uses it as an eye mask to tighten the skin under her eyes!

Maureen: Yes! As the egg white dries up, there’s this funny tightening feel.

Romy: Maureen, does it work for older acne spots or just fresh ones?

Maureen: She applies it on both 😂 Maybe that’s the only acne cure she knows.

Sarah: I’ve always known you could cook and eat eggs a million different ways, but I had no idea it works on acne, burns and the eye area?? Maureen, did your mom tell you how she found out about this home remedy?

Maureen: I never asked where this recipe’s from, but I’ve tried SKIN 1004’s Zombie Pack and I think it feels and works exactly the same!

As for the eggshells, my mom would put it in the soil of her plants as a fertilizer.

Skin 1004 - Zombie Pack Set (Korea Edition)

Romy: OMG my mom told me to do the same recently, about putting eggshells in my plants as a fertilizer.

Our moms really do know best 😀

Maureen: ULTIMATE USAGE of an egg.

Though honestly, I don’t use this recipe now coz I don’t cook!

Dianne: This tip is great tho because you can always get egg anywhere plus it’s so affordable!

Michelle: Well, now I know what I’m going to do with those eggs lying in my fridge!

Never pop your pimples

Romy: My mom used to tell me to never touch or pop my pimples to avoid post-acne scars. She would even tell me not to LOOK at them 😂 Thanks to her, I’ve successfully avoided many post-acne scars, because I never popped a pimple no matter how big it got.

Sarah: Omg I struggle so hard with this 😭 Romy, how do you resist? Do you use acne patches or do you actually just avoid looking at them LOL?

Romy: She used to scare me about how my skin would get damaged if I touched them, so I guess I her scare tactics worked.

If I do have a pimple that I want to get rid of quickly, I rely on COSRX’s Acne Pimple Master Patch to heal it overnight. It always works!

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Maureen: Pimple patches are such a lifesaver! Wish it was invented earlier.

Romy: IKR. Where were they when I needed them back when I was a teenager?!

Maureen: 😭

Dianne: Low-key never listened to any tip my mom gave me when I was a teenager 😂

Michelle: I know… the fact that my mom said it made me never want to try it….#regrets

A good lip balm trumps the perfect lipstick

Michelle: My mom always said a good lip balm trumps the perfect lipstick, but I basically just let my lips go all dry and chapped throughout most of my teenage years (while always on the search for my perfect lippy).

Zoe: Same here 😂 It always seems too late when lips are flaky and chapped 😭

Dianne: My mom introduced me to tinted lip balms and I always got in trouble at school 😆 but it’s a great alternative to lipsticks and kept my lips moisturized.

Maureen: I prefer tinted lip balms to lipsticks too!

Michelle: I wished my Mom introduced me to tinted balms when I was younger! She was so hardcore – she only approved of those Vaseline-like balms that border on being medicinal.

Romy: My mom is such a #1 fan of Vaseline too! I swear they should sponsor her because of how much she talks about it 😂

Dianne: OMG my mom also used it to remove waterproof makeup. Vaseline should sponsor moms.

Michelle: I had no idea Vaseline is so well-loved! Must be a Mom thing.

Maureen: It’s like a household must-have 🤣

Sarah: Michelle, so are you more of a lip balm girl now, or still staying true to your lippy pursuit? 👄

Michelle: I’m making efforts in the lip balm/tinted balm dept! Rhoto Mentholatum’s Lip The Color is a great tinted version (comes with SPF!), and for regular balms, I love Country & Stream’s Natural Honey Lip (as delicious as it sounds!).

Rohto Mentholatum - Lip The Color

Country & Stream - Natural Honey Lip

Sarah: Ooh I’m a big fan of Rohto Mentholatum’s skin care but had no idea they do makeup as well? Have to try out that tinted balm 😍

Dianne: Rohto Mentholatum was my go-to skin care during middle school. Didn’t know they had makeup either :O

Play up either your eyes or your lips, not both

Zoe: Dianne, as the pickiest person among us, I’m sure you have a list of makeup rules, ahem, tips you follow?

Dianne: My mom has given me SOOO many makeup tips over the years, I don’t know if they’re mine or hers at this point 😂

One of the makeup tips from my mom that I always keep in mind is to play up either just my eyes or my lips, but not both! Since my mom and I have a tendency of going extra, it’s a good reminder for me to chill with the makeup so I won’t regret looking at my pics in the future.

Romy: I think I already follow that makeup tip, but sometimes it’s fun to play up both haha.

Dianne: Don’t want to risk going out looking like a clown.

Since my mom and I go HEAVY on our eye makeup, she always told me to have a good nude lippy to balance it out.

Michelle: I’ve never been very interested in nude lippies but now I can totally see the point! Do you have any good recs for a nice neutral lippy?

Dianne: I’ve recently been using moonshot’s Cream Paint LightFit Air because it’s so easy to apply. The colors go really well with any eye makeup I have on, whether it’s cobalt blue eyeliner or neon green eye shadow 💚

moonshot - Cream Paint Lightfit Air


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