Apink’s Maximalist Vintage Looks in “Dumhdurum”

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I’ve been a fan of Apink since their cutesy NoNoNo days, and while everyone was wondering how the K-pop group would transition as the members matured, Apink has thankfully done it with incredible grace and style. 2018’s I’m So Sick and 2019’s %% (Eung Eung) brought timely evolutions in sound coupled with correspondingly sleek and sexy looks. So understandably, I was super hyped for the sextet’s latest comeback with Dumhdurum, especially after I caught a glimpse of the get-ups in the MV teasers! The group goes all out with old-school glam ensembles that are perfectly color-coordinated and accessorized. Read on for a breakdown of all the components that give these drool-worthy outfits a whole lot of oomph.

Bold Patterns

From the very first scene of the Dumhdurum music video, when the girls are sitting pretty in a retro-style train car à la Murder on the Orient Express, the first thing that caught my eye was all the patterns! There’s plenty of preppy, elegant plaid, as found on Naeun’s sleeveless straight-fit dress in yellow, Eunji’s co-ord set of a yellow blazer and mini skirt, Hayoung’s oversized green jacket layered over a floaty mesh maxi dress, and Chorong’s red knit vest. An equally bold choice with a more luxe vibe, allover chain print is found on Namjoo’s silky navy blue blouse and Naeun’s figure-hugging puff-sleeve mini dress, while jacquard mini skirts on Hayoung and Chorong keep things classy and add a touch of shimmer – Hayoung’s outfit even incorporates some sparkly, patterned long socks in a matching shade! On the other end of the spectrum, grandma chic vibes are added into the mix via Bomi’s diamond-patterned red-and-white cardigan and Eunji’s red star-patterned knit vest.

Bright Colors

You can’t go retro without some fun and femme colors, and Apink takes this to the max with bright hues from head to toe – be it makeup, clothes or accessories! I love the pops of color on the girls’ faces, such as purple eye shadow on Hayoung, pink on Namjoo and orange on Eunji, as well as the blend of orange and lavender blushes on Chorong that start from right under her eyes to create an innocent expression.  These makeup choices perfectly complement the girls’ carefully color-coordinated looks.

There’s a mixture of deliciously monochromatic outfits, which play with different patterns to keep things interesting, and wildly color-blocked outfits that somehow don’t feel overwhelming. Bomi’s red-and-white cardi goes with a red maxi dress featuring a contrasting ruffled white collar, while Hayoung’s pink jacquard skirt is paired with a pink button-up blouse, Chorong’s long-sleeved blue blouse with a simple blue headband, and Namjoo’s navy chain print blouse with a royal blue mini skirt. On the other hand, we also get teal pants on Eunji to go alongside her red knit vest, as well as hot pink lace leggings that playfully juxtapose against Naeun’s yellow dress. Finally, one of the most memorable standout pieces in the MV is Chorong’s open-front lace-trimmed cami dress in a light purple, which is paired with all white pieces to ensure that the primary splash of color remains the focal point.

Glitzy Accessories

The accessory game in this MV is definitely on point, with rhinestones, gems and pearls that take the jazzy outfits up a notch with even more vintage-inspired sophistication. There are some reoccurring pieces, such as layered pearl necklaces and large geometric statement earrings – from Chorong’s faux pearl dangle earrings and Namjoo’s yellow petal drop earrings to plenty of ornate gemstone pieces (multi-colored teardrops on Eunji, green circles on Hayoung and square-shaped diamonds on Naeun). Apart from necklaces and earrings, a rhinestone-accented barrette on Bomi keeps her perfectly coiffed locks in place and a flower-shaped ring made of transparent beads heightens the childlike-yet-regal vibe of Chorong’s white-and-lavender get-up. The glitz factor is found in the girls’ ah-mazing makeup as well, with sequins and glitter incorporated in their dreamy eye and cheek makeup.

Timeless Heels

Heels are a staple in every modern woman’s wardrobe, and the girls pay homage to a wide range of styles that run the gamut from conservative loafers (both a buckled tan rendition and a color-blocked option) to plain heels in a classically pretty pink, block heels with cutouts, risqué lace-ups (including more wearable mid-calf block heels and va-va-voom over-the-knee stilettos), bow-accent pumps in a fire engine red, and even doll-like heeled sandals adorned with pearls.

While the other pieces in the girls’ outfits ooze vintage grandeur, the sextet gets experimental with their footwear, venturing into more modern territory. By rocking the fashion-forward socks-with-heels trend, the girls also put a twist on this timeless, feminine and often sexy staple – showing off their newfound maturity and confidence while staying true to Apink’s unapologetically fun and youthful spirit.

Do you prefer OG cutesy Apink or their more mature concepts? Sound off below!

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