Owning The Floral Look Based On Your Sign (Part One)

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Signs & Attires

Floral prints aren’t exclusive for summertime and certain personalities. We can all rock a floral print that suits our style, and put our own spin to it. Although I’ve paired a look with each zodiac sign based on personality and vibe, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from getting inspired by looks under other signs. After all, no one is made of just one personality.

If you have your natal chart at hand, feel free to check out all the signs that apply to you. For this season, there’s nothing that brightens a day at home like throwing on an outfit that looks and feel good, especially when there are colors, prints and patterns involved!

Taurus x Flower-scape

Taureans often exude an air of laid-back nonchalance, but they’re actually really sensuous and much prefer to stay comfortable in tastefully coordinated spaces. They may not parade all the different sides of their personalities, but they’re definitely capable of being both gentle and fierce when needed, making a bold display of landscape-like florals a good match for their qualities. This kind of print emanates confidence and grace, and they’re sure to rock it with pride, be it in the form of an elegant midi dress, a cute A-line number, a sassy mini dress or an alluring square-neck top.


Gemini x Youthful Embroidery

No matter their age, Geminis will always have child-like tendencies, whether it’s a hobby, jokes they can’t get over, or preferred elements in their attires. The perfect floral patterns to express their fun, outgoing and youthful side are whimsically embroidered floral motifs, which can be easily spotted on skirts, bags, cute tops, dresses and more. This cheeky, cute cotton playsuit is embellished with allover crochet lace cutouts and embroidered with mini yellow wildflowers. Cleverly placed cutouts highlight curves, while a self-tie bow on the back adds playfulness that Geminis won’t be able to resist!


Cancer x Grandma’s Wallpaper

Compassionate, kind yet emotional – these qualities common to Cancerians also function as fuel for their creative outlets. Wistful and loyal, they hold sentimental things close to heart. No floral pattern can match up to the ones they remember on Grandma’s living room wallpaper. There’s something really soothing about this kind of floral print – it’s kitsch and seemingly messy but also just so nostalgic. Often coming in muted tones with specks of summery hues, the delicate florals can be sported on light blouses, modest maxis, cute short dresses and knitwear to attain ultimate grandma-chic.


Leo x Free-Spirited Tropicana

Introverted Leos may not love the spotlight as much as extroverted ones, but they’re still charming, vivacious and adored by those close to them. With their natural flamboyance and flair for drama, Leos often gravitate towards bold colors and prints, and what fits the bill more than a solid tropical floral print? For casual day-to-day wear, a short-sleeved shirt emblazoned with an intricate foliage print in either a muted  or vibrant palette works well with anything from jeans, shorts to skirts. Depending on their mood, a dressier top like this wrap-front chiffon blouse or a breezy sleeveless mini dress reflects Leos’ flair for drama and glam.


Virgo x Trusty Bouquet

Like their earth sign sisters, Virgos are drawn to beautiful and fine things. Virgos may often seem to be judgy perfectionists, but in fact, they simply appreciate good quality and pretty things. Deep down, Virgos are creative, reliable, faithful and sweet. To suit their detail-oriented tendencies, they’re most likely to vibe with an allover repeated bouquet-like print. This kind of print is intricate and pretty but also radiates a gentleness. Virgos can easily wear a bouquet print with a trusty midi dress, a flirty spaghetti mini, elegant co-ords or even a bold and iconic dress.


Libra x Floral Lace

As idealists, peacemakers and aesthetes, Librans and florals are a match made in heaven. Lace exudes various moods that can range from classy to whimsical to romantic depending on style and color. For instance, this ladylike button-up midi dress is both refined and sophisticated, ideal for bringing out the inner noblewoman in Librans, whereas a flowy pale yellow A-line dress brings out a more energetic and playful mood. This lavishly embellished lace tote instantly adds whimsicality to any look, while a floral crochet lace number is an alternative for those who prefer a more youthful appeal.

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