10 Spring / Summer Fashion Trends to Look Out For

You might be in your PJs reading this, but staying at home really shouldn’t stop you from looking good (even if it’s only for a Zoom chat) or prepping for when you can finally go out in proper clothes and makeup! Take a cue from these spring/summer fashion trends as you revamp your wardrobe for the new season!

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1. Color – Neon

What’s more summery than vibrant and outrageous neon colors? If you’ve watched Selena Gomez’s Spring Breakers (2012), that’s the vibe I’m talking about. Spring break may have passed us by, but we can still recreate the vibe with a dab of neon here and there.

2. Color – White

There’s just something timeless about white-on-white outfits that make it a constant go-to during summer.

3. Print – Wallpaper

They call it grandma’s 60s wallpapers – loud, busy and psychedelic prints are on trend now. Don a “wallpaper print” maxi to keep things retro and stylish at the same time.

4. Material – Eyelet Lace

Crochet and lace are the easiest ways to add texture and an ethereal mood to an all-white outfit. Add a crocheted vest or eyelet lace skirt to an all-white ensemble to look angelic.

5. Material – Leather

Leather isn’t just limited to winter. It can also take on brighter pastel hues for a spring-appropriate twist. To rock multiple trends, layer a bright leather trench over a sheer shirt and crochet bra top!

6. Item – Bra Top

Here’s the quintessence of this season’s clothing – bra tops! Though some may tell you not to wear bra tops if you don’t have cleavage to show off, I’m telling you that’s not true! Bra tops are the perfect substitute for wired bras for flat-chested ladies, since they’re ultra-comfy and give you just the right fit to look agile and youthful. Make this your base layer for everything from shirts to vests.

7. Item – Waistcoat

Who says waistcoats are only for guys? Add structure to a simple tank top by wearing a fitted waistcoat or longline vest. It easily changes up your casualwear into a work look.

8. Item – Bermuda Shorts

Hot pants are still popular, but try opting for Bermuda shorts. You’ll realize how handy they are when you have to be in and out of air-conditioned areas, and how flattering they are when teamed with a waistcoat and heeled loafers.

9. Item – Low-Rise Pants

Move over, high-waist pants! This summer is all about low-slung bottoms. Add structure to the slouchy silhouette by wearing a bra top, waistcoat or statement belt.

10. Item – Trench

It’s hard to avoid trench coats in spring. Give the androgynous piece a girly spin by going for soft green, plaid, color-blocking or pleats.


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