Glam on the Go with BLACK ROUGE’s Eye Shadow Sticks

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Up-and-coming Korean brand BLACK ROUGE has fast gained a reputation for offering fun, sassy and affordable makeup, and its Power Proof Stick Shadow simply proves this point. Cutely packaged to resemble markers, these creamy, glittery eye shadow sticks come in four delectable shades: Champagne (whitish gold), Peach Cream (warm gold), Rose Cocktail (pinkish gold) and Chocolate Mousse (brown). They’re what I’ve always wanted in my makeup bag – moody yet highly wearable colors that go on with a simple swipe ‘n’ blend. Not only do they eliminate the need for a dedicated eye makeup brush, perfect for someone as lazy as me, they’re also great for midday touch-ups. Plus, I’m more than a little excited about the crazy amount of glitter that went into these formulations!

Never a huge experimenter, I’ve always kept things simple with a flick of liquid eyeliner, some heavy-duty mascara and the occasional pop of powder eye shadow in tried-and-true colors. With its promise to make my eyes pop without being too extra, BLACK ROUGE’s eye shadow sticks seem like the perfect springboard to a whole new world of bolder eye makeup looks. Read on to see how I fared with my venture into sparklier territory!

BLACK ROUGE Power Proof Stick Shadow

1. Formulation and Pigmentation:

The glitter-to-pigment ratio is quite high, with the glitter coming in large flecks rather than fine powder. If you want a clean, concentrated pop of color or a subtle shimmery sheen, this is probably not the product for you. But if you’re seeking a truly sparkly look that’ll draw attention to your eyes without overpowering your features, this could be your dream formulation.

2. Adherence and Long-Lasting Wear:

The eye shadow adhered nicely to my lids, budging only minimally throughout a long day. I did apply eye shadow primer as a precautionary measure, and overall I was pleased with how resistant to sweat and sebum this formulation was! By the end of the day, I still had a subtle but definite wash of color over my lids.

3. Pliability & Ease of Application:

Using fingers to blend cream formulations can be a bit hit-or-miss. In this case, it takes a little finessing to get a natural gradated effect, as the glitter-rich formulation doesn’t spread too easily. However, you can also just take the other route – simply go for a bold, glittery swipe of color! It’ll create a more emphatic if less delicate look.

4. Finishing:

Compared to powder eye shadows, the finishing is less precise, since you’re applying with a twist-up tube rather than with a brush. Because of this, you do run the risk of getting glitter on other parts of your face during application. But once you’ve fixed the eye shadow and successfully dealt with any spillage, there’s little subsequent transfer of product.

5. Drama Quotient and Wearability:

Despite being loaded with glitter, these eye shadows still retain a sense of subtlety, making them highly suitable for everyday wear and perfect for transitioning from daytime to evening. In fact, all four shades lean towards warm neutrals that offer low-key glamor. If you want to up the drama quotient, I recommend adding a matte base color before piling on the glittery goodness. It’ll add extra dimension!

The low-down on all the shades

#1 Champagne: The lightest of all four shades, this leans towards whitish gold, and probably works better on people with fairer skin. That said, I love how it can be added on top of darker, denser colors to bring depth and dimension.

#2 Peach Cream: A warm, coppery gold that works well with a number of skin tones and looks, this brings added glow to a daytime look while being glam enough for an evening rendezvous. A failsafe choice.

#3 Pink Cocktail: This is my favorite shade out of them all. The perfect balance between girly and minxish, it really brings out the brown-black of my eyes while softening the sallowness of my skin. Add pinkish blush and glossy lips, and you’ll have a look that’s fit for spring!

#4 Chocolate Mousse: A deliciously muted brown that can be layered on to produce a soft smoky eye, this is my second favorite out of the bunch. More milk tea than chocolate mousse when it’s blended out, it offers a solid wash of color for those days when you’re aiming for a more mature look.

Final Verdict:

I’m happy to report that two of BLACK ROUGE’s eye shadow sticks (guess which two?) made the final cut for spots in my makeup bag. They definitely add a subtle, lasting pop of color to my eyes while working well even on a minimally made-up face. The only downside is that I’m not likely to opt for such a glitter-heavy look on an everyday basis, despite their wearability. If your goal is to diversify your eye makeup looks, then a palette comprising matte, shimmery and glittery formulations is probably still your best bet. But for adding an instant electric charge to your eyes, these nifty, sparkly sticks are just the ticket.

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