DIY Ideas While You Stay Home

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Have you gotten used to life at home, or are you still struggling to not feel bored? I believe COVID-19 has just taken “living on your own” to the next level – not only do we need to fight boredom, we also need to perform tasks we used to rely on others to help us with. I, for instance, have recently picked up cooking, even though it’s the last thing I want to do.

Looking after yourself can be a challenge, but isn’t this what adulthood is about? There’s no better time than now to learn how to take care of yourself. Be productive, take a leap of faith, and spice up your life with your newfound abilities!

a. Acare – Anti-Static Hair Comb | b. KAI – Seki No Magoroku Hair Cut Scissors | c. Jemai – Set: Hair Fringe Trimming Tool + Scissors

I know the internet has been warning you not to cut your own bangs no matter what, but it really depends on your skills and the tools you use. You’ll at least need a pair of barber scissors. Better yet, get an antistatic rat-tailed comb to part your hair, alligator clips to keep other strands away, and a hairdryer with a concentrator nozzle. Also, decide on the bangs you want. Are they long or short, wide or narrow, blunt or layered, straight or tapered?

Watch a few YouTube tutorials first! Once you’re ready, here are some general steps to follow:

1. Wash and blow-dry your hair. Make sure it’s completely dry.
2. Section out a triangle from the front. Its peak should be at the top of your head where it begins to round forward, whereas the corners should be just above the arches of your brows, or just above your pupils if you’re cautious.
3. Comb this section and hold it straight out between your index and middle fingers.
4. It’s much safer to do point cut (chipping in while holding your scissors vertically) than straight across, which may lead to choppiness. You’ll have more control, the bangs will have more texture, and the line will look softer and more natural.
5. Keep chipping little by little until you get your desired look. Sometimes this may require washing your hair and drying it again to see if it falls naturally.

a. miseenscéne – Hello Bubble Foam Color BLACKPINK Limited Edition | b. Woak – Facial Mask Mixing Tool Set | c. Lador – Hydro LPP Treatment

Dyeing your own hair isn’t as difficult as cutting your own bangs, as long as you’re not opting for drastic changes like black to blonde, which may require multiple processes in the salon. Here’s how:

1. Choose a shade that doesn’t deviate from your original hair color by more than two shades.
2. If your hair is longer than shoulder length, get two boxes of hair dye.
3. Read the instructions on the box. Perform a strand test on a few hidden hairs.
4. Wear a robe or an open-front shirt. Cover up your surroundings with newspaper.
5. Divide your hair into 4-6 equal sections. Glide lip balm along your hairline and ears to prevent stains. Put on gloves.
6. Follow the instructions, which usually require you to mix the bleaching agent with the oxidizing agent, shake well and apply on hair.
7. To ensure even application, squeeze your dye into a bowl and apply with a brush.
8. Apply from the roots and comb through the rest of your hair. Use a toothbrush for highlights. Hold each piece of hair away from your scalp with cotton balls.
9. Use a handheld mirror to check the back of your head.
10. Put on a shower cap and wait for the recommended time. It’ll usually take 20-30 minutes.
11. Rinse off with lukewarm water and finish with hair treatment.

a. KARADIUM – Professional Eye Make Up Multi Brow Brush | b. Gold Beam – Eyebrow Stencil | c. Showroom – Eye Brow Scissors | d. ORGANYS – Organic Castor Oil for Hair, Eyelashes & Eyebrows | e. Togtto – Set: Stainless Steel Eyebrow Scissors + Razor + Tweezers | f. Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel by Nature Republic

Perhaps you usually get your brows trimmed during facial appointments, but now may not be the best time to venture out. All you really need are a spoolie brush, a pair of tweezers and brow scissors:

1. Brush your brows with a spoolie, following the natural direction of your hairs.
2. Mark your brow shape with a brow pencil. The start should be somewhere between the middle of your nostril and your nose wing. The peak sits between the outside of your iris and the outer corner of your eye, and the tip lies at about 30 degrees from the outer corner of your eye. If you must, use a stencil.
3. Trim overgrown hairs with a pair of brow scissors (those with small pointy tips and thin blades). Shaving is not preferred since it’s harder to control and may irritate skin. Shaved hairs grow back more quickly and may even be thicker than before! If you must use a razor (e.g., to create sharp edges or when you don’t have time to allow your baby hairs to grow), make sure your razor is short and small.
4. Before plucking, massage brows with castor oil to minimize irritation.
5. Tweeze stray hairs away from the direction of their growth, starting from the beginning of your brows. Re-evaluate from time to time.
6. Soothe skin with aloe gel.

a. WGOMM – Set of 9: Manicure Set | b. WGOMM – Nail File | c. THE FACE SHOP – Cuticle Remover | d. innisfree – Nail Peel Off Base Coat | e. Benlyz – Set of 5: Nail Art Dotting Tool | f. Etude House – Play Nail New Long Shine Top Coat

Doing your own manicure is a wonderful way to utilize your creativity. There are a million products and methods to achieve beautiful nails. Here are just some general guidelines:

1. Prepping your nails should take as much time as furnishing them! First, clip, file and buff your nails. Use a nail clipper to form the shape and file the edges. File from slightly underneath your nails so you can see what’s going on. Run a nail buffer – not an ordinary emery board – to smoothen the nail surface.
2. Apply a cuticle remover – not cuticle oil – to soften and exfoliate cuticles. Leave on for ten minutes.
3. Gently remove hangnails with a cuticle nipper and push back cuticles with a cuticle pusher.
4. Apply a clear base coat to protect nails. Leave on for at least two minutes.
5. Here’s the fun part! Apply the first coat of color in three strokes: one in the middle and one on each side. Keep it thin but make sure to cover the entire nail.
6. Apply the second coat of color. Sheer or pastel colors may require a third coat.
7. Furnish with nail stickers or beads, or create your own effects!
8. Finish with a clear top coat to add shine and prevent chipping.
9. Remove any excess polish with a cotton bud soaked with nail varnish remover.

a. Embroidery Kingdom – Embroidered Animal DIY Sewing Kit | b. Carpaccio – DIY Genuine Leather Long Wallet | c. EZ Paper Things – DIY Snack Booth 3D Paper Model

If you’re less into beauty and more into arts and crafts, why not start an embroidery project, create a paper craft, or make your own wallet? In the end, it’s all about expanding your horizons to try new things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be useful, but definitely pick something you’re interested in. Make sure to enjoy the process even if your first attempt isn’t an instant success. Have fun!

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