#MapoHipsters: Block B’s P.O and Winner’s Mino Matching BFF Outfits

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Block B’s P.O and Winner’s Mino have been best friends since way back to their pre-debut and high school days. They’ve shown their enviable decade-long friendship on the reality TV show New Journey to the West and on their latest fashion variety show Mapo Hipsters! These BFFs are known for their impeccable style, and thanks to Mapo Hipsters, we get to see their favorite pieces and how they choose their outfits. 

Viewers of the show know that these two rappers operate on the same wavelength, and they’ve shown us some peak comedic moments. However, their styles are on different ends of the spectrum. P.O leans more towards the preppy side with a minimal touch, while Mino dresses with complete maximalist and esoteric style. Despite their differences in style, this pair of besties still manages to look great together! 


Block B's P.O and Winner's MINO main


Color-Blocked Plaid Shirt, Plaid Pants, Plaid Newsboy Cap and Plaid Button-Up Shirt

I’ve styled the besties in plaid – Mino in madras plaid and P.O in windowpane plaid. This fun print in different variations totally encapsulates the main points of their styles. 

Fans know that Song Mino loves set pieces. That’s why I’ve chosen a button-up shirt color-blocked with teal and yellow plaid and matching baggy plaid trousers for him. P.O is in a white plaid shirt buttoned all the way up and a matching plaid newsboy cap. No P.O outfit is complete without his signature headwear! 

Apart from the vibrancy of color, one of the main differences in their fashion choices is fitting. Mino prefers loose-fitting and baggy pieces and always exudes a laid-back vibe. P.O likes his pieces tailored to fit his form just so, creating a very clean-cut silhouette. 


Sunflower T-Shirt, Embroidery, Earring and Crossbody Bag

Lately, Mino’s been incredibly fond of sunflowers and I wanted to highlight his love for the flower, as it’s one of my favorites as well! Underneath his color-blocked shirt, I’ve layered a white tee printed with sunflowers around the yoke. A crossbody with tattersall and sunflower prints brings in another kind of plaid to the look. The fun kitsch addition contrasts well against the teal side of his color-blocked shirt. 

I love focusing on the finer details, so I’ve also styled him with one sunflower earring to accentuate the asymmetric style of his shirt, as well as an embroidered sunflower on his trousers. Mino is incredibly artistic and photographs, paints and draws during his downtime, so maybe embroidery is on his list of creative things to try!


Dress Pants, Bee Pin, Clubmaster Glasses and Plain Socks

Mino was spot on when he described P.O’s style as the sweet boyfriend look on Mapo Hipster. The casual-chic style P.O oozes is suitable for a date outfit!

Continuing with his clean-cut silhouette, I’ve paired the dress shirt with tapered navy blue dress pants with a slightly cropped hem to reveal white plain socks. Just like how the newsboy cap is P.O’s go-to headwear, a preppy pair of glasses is the signature accessory that he can’t seem to do without. That’s why I’ve given him a pair of black Clubmaster glasses!

As an Easter egg for honeybees (Block B fans), I’ve placed a small gold-toned enamel pin on his jacket. The rapper loves giving shoutouts to fans on their TV show, and the bee pin also goes very well with Mino’s sunflower pieces!


Gradient Sunnies, Gradient Denim Jacket, Color-Blocked Sneakers and Ice Dye Bucket Hat

It wouldn’t be a BFF outfit if they don’t have matching items! Mino’s gradient oversized sunnies match P.O’s gradient denim jacket – both items are staple pieces in their wardrobes! The pops of color give both outfits a more well-rounded touch while still bringing a unique flavor to each outfit. The ice-dyed bucket hat, another headwear piece that Mino constantly dons, echoes the dyed effect on P.O’s jacket.

They’re also in matching sneakers that have color-blocked red, orange, blue and teal panels. I decided to style both of them in these sneakers because they’re wardrobe staples that both minimalists and maximalists will surely love!

Block B's P.O and Winner's MINO landscape

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