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I’ve made sunscreen an essential step in my skin routine ever since I learned about the importance of using it daily, regardless of weather. However, one thing I’m still pretty terrible at doing is topping up my sunscreen throughout the day. No matter how powerful the spectrum of sun protection a product packs, it’s recommended to touch up on sunscreen after every two hours. Sweat, sebum and touching your face will speed up the process of wearing off the sunscreen!

Sun sticks have always piqued my interest. I’ve used sun gel, sun cream and many other SPF products before, but the ease of application and convenience that sun sticks offer seem to be unrivaled. They’re also advertised as products that make retouching sun protection over your makeup a lot easier, so I decided to give the following sun sticks a go!

Abib’s Quick Sunstick Protection Bar

Sun protection power: SPF50+ PA++++

What is it? A convenient sun protection bar infused with acacia peptide and ceramide for a nourishing, smooth and white-cast-free finish.

My thoughts:

I’m obsessed with lime green at the moment, and this sun stick comes in a transparent bar in my favorite color! It has basically no scent and glides smoothly over skin. Peptides and ceramides are both ingredients that help strengthen the skin barrier, so this formula offers extra benefits in protecting and nourishing skin. The stick itself is designed in a crescent shape, making application over curved areas like the sides of the nose and the neck effortless.

THE FACE SHOP’s Dr. Belmeur UV Derma Mineral Sun Stick

Sun protection power: SPF50+ PA++++

What is it? A paraben-free, mineral-based physical sunscreen with calamine, Vitamin E derivatives and zinc oxide for irritation-free and soothing sun protection.

My thoughts:

The version I tested is the Kakao Friends edition, which features a super cute Ryan-shaped case. Aside from the packaging, the formula is exactly the same as the regular edition. I love the smell of this; it has a creamy iris/lily scent that reminds me of Dove body wash. This mineral sun stick comes in a white, creamy texture that doesn’t glide on as smoothly as I imagined. However, it’s still relatively smooth and the finishing isn’t sticky. The sun stick’s flat, rectangular shape will fit over contours more smoothly after a few uses.

Etude House’s UV Double Cut Transparent Sun Stick

Sun protection power: SPF50+ PA++++

What is it? A white-cast-free and easy-to-apply sun stick with calming ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera leaf and bamboo extracts.

My thoughts:

This sun stick also comes in a transparent texture but in a light yellow color. It applies smoothly over skin as if spreading butter, giving a slight dewy shine and a velvety touch. It has a refreshing aloe scent with a hint of citrus, and thanks to its infused ingredients known for skin-soothing benefits, it feels really calming once applied. The stick is designed with a slope-like angle that glides over curved areas pretty easily.

The Verdict

In spring and summer, I usually wear a light to medium layer of foundation without setting powder. I tried using the Abib Quick Sunstick after wearing foundation for a few hours, and it still glided on super smoothly, with little to almost no disruption to makeup. It did leave a little mark where some of the foundation merged with the sun stick formula, but this was quickly resolved by just patting and lightly blending it using my fingertips. The stick had some makeup residue on it, but this can be easily cleaned off with tissue or by applying the stick over other areas of skin with no makeup. It also had the smoothest finish out of the three sun sticks.

Since THE FACE SHOP’s mineral sun stick is white, it’s bound to leave a little white cast. But unlike most sun protection products where the white cast stays, this one can be blended out so that the finishing becomes more natural. When used on top of makeup, it gave my foundation a more toned-up look with a subtle sheen.

Etude House’s sun stick rolled over makeup with the same smoothness as Abib’s but left a slightly dewy shine. It also didn’t alter the color or look of my foundation. The slight sheen, once lightly patted in using my fingers, became way more natural and added a nice glow. The residue left on the stick was the least visible, but I’d still clean it for hygienic purposes.

Out of the three, Abib was probably my fave as it offered the best finishing while also maintaining the matte look of my makeup. Although I love the scents of the Etude House and THE FACE SHOP sun sticks, they both altered the finishing of my makeup. If I want a nice healthy glow over makeup (or bare skin), the Etude House one would be my go-to. The slight tone-up that THE FACE SHOP stick offers is not really something I’d go for, but it’s a nice option for those who’d like a brighter finish.

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