Product Highlight: PURITO’s All Care Recovery Cica-Aid

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Those with acne-prone skin have probably tried or at least heard about pimple patches like Korean brand PURITO’s All Care Recovery Cica-Aid. These little circular hydrocolloid dressings are put over pimples to absorb pus and sebum and protect pimples from germs.

Why you need pimple patches in your life

Waterproof but breathable, pimple patches are a great way to foster healing of acne and prevent further infection and scarring. Anyone suffering from acne should try them because:

1. While liquid acne treatments can be troublesome to apply and can slide off your face easily, these little stickers feel weightless on skin and are super easy to apply and remove.
2. They stop you from touching or squeezing the wound.
3. They’re waterproof, meaning you can continue your skin care or makeup routine without interfering with the wound.
4. Hydrocolloid creates a moist environment for skin so it won’t feel dry.
5. Their compact size makes them storage- and travel-friendly.
6. Noticeable results often occur overnight, making them a savior if you need to attend an important appointment or get your picture taken the next day.
7. They’re suitable for all skin types, including skin suffering from cystic acne.

What they’re good at and what they aren’t

Pimple patches work best on active and inflamed acne, meaning pimples that are open or at least raised. As the aim is to calm the blemish and make it appear flatter, try not to apply one on a blemish that isn’t active or inflamed. For the same reason, do not use them on fungal acne.

Most pimple patches are transparent and just 0.2 mm thin, so they aren’t too obvious on the face. But since they turn white after absorbing pus, wearing them when you go out is generally not preferred. Before sleep is the best time to put them on.

Also, note that they’re merely spot treatments. You’ll still need things like tea tree oil, calamine or salicylic acid, plus a proper skin care routine, to improve the overall condition of your skin.

Why PURITO’s All Care Recovery Cica-Aid?

1. PURITO’s All Care Recovery Cica-Aid is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, meaning it doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients, nor is it tested on animals.
2. The patches are enriched with centella extracts including madecassoside, asiaticoside and Asiatic acid to soothe inflammation and stimulate collagen synthesis to promote a speedy recovery.
3. They’re waterproof but breathable.
4. They’re transparent and ultra-thin but adhere tightly. The edge is made thinner than the center to improve adherence.
5. Each packet contains 51 patches in two different sizes (10 mm diameter x 36 + 12 mm diameter x 15), so you can choose one that suits the size of your pimple.
6. The patches are affixed to three individually packaged plastic sheets. Each patch lies in the middle of two separable clear plastic strips, making it easy to detach the patches without creasing them. The outermost package is resealable.

How to use

1. Cleanse and dry your face. Make sure your skin is completely dry! Refrain from applying any skin care products, including toner and other spot treatment.
2. Choose a patch that’s big enough to fully cover the entire bulging or reddish area. Gently peel it off without touching the middle, and place the patch on the pimple.
3. Press gently with your fingertips for five seconds.
4. Continue with toner and the rest of your skin care routine.
5. Replace the patch after eight hours or when it has turned entirely white. It may take around 1 to 3 patches for a pimple to heal completely.
6. Slowly and gently peel off from the side. Do not tug skin.
7. Properly cleanse and moisturize the infected area.


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