Chapter 40: Skin Care Routine for Stressed-Out Skin

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With the pandemic crisis, we can’t escape from stress, but you can always find ways to manage it better. While there are plenty of ways you can de-stress your mind, body and skin, constant stress can make your skin more reactive. So it’s important to give your skin some extra TLC.

Curating a skin care routine for stressed-out skin helps reduce acne flare ups or other unwanted skin concerns. To lessen your chances of skin irritation, consider simplifying your routine and incorporating some self-care steps in your daily regimen. Here’s a routine you can follow:

Stress triggers acne, especially if you already have oily or acne-prone skin. One of the easiest ways to prevent blemishes is to double cleanse. So, instead of relying on one facial cleanser to get rid of dirt and a day’s worth of makeup, start with an oil cleanser. 

Begin your routine with RNW’s DER. CLEAR Purifying Cleansing Oil to get rid of all impurities, excess oil, makeup and sunscreen that can clog your pores. This cleansing oil doesn’t only melt away your impurities but also keeps your skin moisturized after cleansing, thanks to the grapeseed oil that’s included in its formulation.

Once you’ve done the oil cleansing step, reach for your main facial cleanser to complete the double cleansing process. With stressed-out skin, the last thing you want is to use a harsh cleanser as it can make things worse.

PURITO’s Defence Barrier pH Cleanser is a gentle gel cleanser with a low pH of 5.5, which makes it ideal for skin that’s stressed. This cleanser is packed with tea tree leaf oil, centella asiatica and royal jelly extracts that soothe and strengthen your skin barrier while getting rid of all your skin’s impurities and excess sebum. Use it both day and night for more effective results.

This is where you start prepping your skin for the next steps in your routine. There’s a reason why rose water makes you feel like you’re at a spa, and that’s because rose water smells so luxurious! 

Incorporating a toner that’s formulated with rose water is great for giving your skin a boost of hydration while calming blemishes and reducing signs of redness. Toners with green tea also provide your skin with a soothing sensation while maintaining your skin’s natural oil-water balance. 

Consider this step a self-care ritual that you incorporate in your skin care routine once or even a few times a week. You want to keep your complexion as calm as possible and a great way to achieve this is with a soothing face mask.

Mugwort boasts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, making it a great ingredient for stressed and even sensitive skin. Give your skin a bit of pampering with a Mugwort Sheet Mask from Korean skin care brand I’m from. Formulated with mugwort extract and essence, this sheet mask will leave your complexion feeling hydrated and calm.

Another way to add a bit of self-care into your routine is to massage your skin with a face roller. Using a face roller helps boost your skin’s circulation and also relaxes your facial muscles. 

Use a face roller over your sheet mask to help the mask’s essences penetrate better into your skin. You’ll be surprised how relaxed you’ll feel after massaging your face with a face roller while wearing a sheet mask!

A quick and easy way to de-stress your delicate eye areas is to apply an eye mask. Don’t know which one to go for? Try PETITFEE’s Agave Cooling Hydrogel Eye Mask. This hydrogel eye is packed with caffeine along with superfoods such as blueberry, agave and eggplant that soothe your eye areas. It’s perfect for those whose eye areas are feeling extra dry and puffy.

When it comes to picking out a serum, go for one that offers cooling in addition to hydrating benefits. Try BLITHE’s Pressed Serum #Crystal Iceplant. Your skin won’t be disappointed as this serum soothes stressed-out skin and replenishes your skin with extra hydration. 

Applying a serum that’s packed with ceramide is also a great way to calm stressed-out skin as ceramide helps your skin repair and is also a great anti-aging ingredient. One serum that I can’t recommend enough is the Quesera Ceramide from THE PLANT BASE. Its incredibly smooth texture glides easily on your skin, and you should notice an improvement in your skin’s texture. 

Stressed-out skin needs time to repair so use a moisturizer that can help speed this up. The Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream from COSRX is a gentle and soothing moisturizer that suits all skin types. This cream’s hypoallergenic formula won’t irritate your skin and you can count on it to strengthen your compromised skin barrier, all thanks to ceramide. You can also opt for ceramide-infused moisturizers from Korean brands SKINRx LAB or Mamonde

Our skin goes into repair mode overnight, so take advantage of this time by incorporating a sleeping mask to help restore your skin. If you want healthier-looking skin and a radiant complexion, you can’t go wrong with NEOGEN’s re:p Nutrinature Ultra All-Night Moisture & Relief Mask. This sleeping mask is enriched with niacinamide, apple mint, lemon balm, tea tree, basil and olive oils to brighten your overall complexion while providing intense nourishment to stressed skin.

You can wake up to dewy and glowing skin as long as you incorporate a sleeping mask in your skin care routine daily. Depending on your skin concerns, aim to apply a sleeping mask at least twice a week. 


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