Keeping My Skin Young and Hydrated: TIRTIR Skin Care Review

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I consider myself an organized person, so naturally I can’t stand clutter. Everything in my life always has to be clean and pretty, and when it comes to skin care, I always find myself drawn to products with a minimalist aesthetic.

TIRTIR is a Korean skin care brand that promotes and embraces healthy skin, and they carry a range of products with minimal packaging designs that I’ve been excited to add to my skin care routine. I’m reviewing TIRTIR’s Calm Down Bubble Toner and a few items from the brand’s Water Glossy Line, including Milk Skin, SOS Serum and Ceramic Cream. Besides the sleek packaging, I also love that these products are formulated with hydrating and anti-aging ingredients – perfect for my current skin concerns!


Calm Down Bubble Toner

What it claims to do: A rich bubble toner that soothes and nourishes dry skin

My experience: I’ve never tried a bubble toner so it was definitely exciting to test this out as its texture is unlike other ordinary toners. The bubble toner is formulated with fermented soybean and witch hazel extracts, as well as panthenol to hydrate, soothe and tighten pores. I’m used to applying toner on a cotton pad so it did feel weird (at first) to apply toner with a bubble texture directly onto my skin. As part of my routine, I apply one pump of the bubble toner right after cleansing and my skin absorbs it quickly, leaving me with skin that’s hydrated and ready for the next product. Although the toner is targeted for dry skin, I don’t find it too rich for my combination skin.


Milk Skin

What it claims to do: A toner that provides deep and long-lasting hydration to skin

My experience: I initially thought that Milk Skin was an essence since its packaging resembled other essences that I’ve tried. Don’t make that mistake, because it’s actually a toner! I use the Calm Down Bubble Toner in my morning skin care routine so I swap that out for Milk Skin for my night time routine. 

Milk Skin has all the ingredients that my skin currently needs: rice bran extract and niacinamide for brightening benefits, sodium hyaluronate for hydration, and centella asiatica and witch hazel extracts for soothing purposes.

I’ve been left with many dark spots from past acne so incorporating products that help lighten them is my main priority right now. Dark spots are something that need more time to heal but I’m glad that this toner helps brighten not only my spots but also my overall complexion. Milk Skin is also a great toner to add to my evening regimen as it’s very hydrating and preps my skin really well before I apply the SOS Serum. 


SOS Serum

What it claims to do: A hydrating serum that strengthens the skin barrier and deeply hydrates the skin

My experience: After cleansing and toning my skin, I apply 3-4 drops of SOS Serum both day and night. The serum’s texture is slightly watery and my skin drinks it right up so I don’t have to wait very long to let it sink fully before moving on to the next step.

I love how my complexion always looks super hydrated and glowing whenever I use this serum so I haven’t gone a day without it! The serum also claims to help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and after using it, my laugh lines are unquestionably less visible and my skin looks and feels smoother. It also doesn’t have a scent, so if you’re sensitive to fragrances, this serum is perfect for you.


Ceramic Cream

What it claims to do: A rich cream that deeply nourishes the skin

My experience: Ceramic Cream is formulated with shea butter, and since shea butter is one of my favorite ingredients to incorporate into my winter routine, the Ceramic Cream has earned a spot in my winter skin care collection. With its combination of shea butter and polyglutamic acid, this cream offers deep and long-lasting hydration that’s a bit too much for my skin during the day so I only incorporate it in my night skin care routine. I love how easily the Ceramic Cream spreads across my skin and just like the SOS Serum, it leaves me with a nice and healthy glow.

I would highly recommend this cream for dry or dehydrated skin, or if you have a compromised skin barrier. Those with oily skin can also give this cream a go, but try to use it in the evenings to avoid looking slick by midday. 


My Final Verdict

All four products have worked really well for my combination skin and I’m glad that I didn’t have any new breakouts while adding them to my routine.

Both the Calm Down Bubble Toner and Milk Skin are perfect for giving my skin a boost of hydration and I can see myself using both toners throughout spring and summer. The SOS Serum and Ceramic Cream offer deeper hydration so I’ll keep using them in both my day and night routines throughout winter. Once the weather warms up and it starts to feel a bit more humid outside, I’ll most probably only use the serum and cream at night. 

I highly recommend giving all four of TIRTIR’s products a go if you want a more nourished and supple complexion! Have you ever tried anything from TIRTIR?

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