AROMATICA: A Gentle and Soothing Skin Routine

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Springtime can be a nightmare for those with allergies, and I learned my lesson the hard way last year with my worst eczema outbreak to date. This time around, I really hope all the LED light therapy and amazing face creams I’ve been using in the past months have actually toughened my skin barrier enough to make it through this season unscathed. But relying on my trusted products may not be enough – I need to incorporate other products that can step up my routine or relieve my skin when it’s irritated.

I decided to have a look at AROMATICA. This vegan, cruelty-free brand values the power of nature, which is backed by its clean beauty approach and practices. I’ve opted for products containing ingredients that can balance, hydrate and soothe skin, such as calming calendula, energizing and refreshing rose, and an unusual choice of dandelion.


Rose Absolute Cream Cleanser

What is it? A creamy foam cleanser packed with 100% damask rose water and extracts from aloe, calendula, elderberry and gooseberry to leave skin nourished and glowy, with a more resilient moisture barrier.

My thoughts:

I picked up this product the moment I saw the words “cream cleanser.” Most Korean face washes are foamy, which aren’t ideal for dry and sensitive skin like mine as they tend to leave skin taut. It turns out that this cleanser is just a creamier foam cleanser. In comparison to other foam cleansers I’ve tried in the past, the added creaminess of this cleanser does actually make my skin feel less dry and tight after use.


Reviving Rose Infusion Treatment Toner

What is it? A semi-emulsified treatment toner infused with organic rose water extracted from Bulgarian damask rose to reinvigorate skin with a healthy glow.

My thoughts:

Aligning with AROMATICA’s eco-conscious image, this product is packaged in a frosted bottle made of 100% recycled glass. The toner comes in two layers: a light pink upper layer and a transparent bottom layer that makes up the majority of the product. When shaken, the two layers merge into a strawberry-milk-like mixture. Formulations containing rose usually have a strong floral aroma, but this one has a much gentler scent that’s still undeniably rose-like. The toner itself is both calming and refreshing, and leaves a soft, dewy finish that’s similar to how your skin feels after using a sheet mask. Aside from being vegan, this toner also doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances. I use it twice daily after cleansing, and have not had any reactions thus far.


Dandelion Feminine Gel

What is it? A pH-balancing, plant-based detergent specifically aimed for delicate and sensitive areas. Formulated using refreshing and organic extracts derived from aloe and dandelion as well as probiotics and prebiotics to regulate pH levels.

My thoughts:

An extra step tailored for more sensitive and intimate body areas, this body wash carries practically no scent in its viscous, gel-like texture – an unusual texture for a shower gel. It doesn’t leave skin feeling oily or squeaky clean, and it washes off quickly with no residue. It’s not limited for women only; men can use it as well. I’ve been using it twice a day for about three weeks now, and I haven’t experienced any abnormalities or reactions so far.


Calendula Soothing Relief Mask

What is it? Organic mask sheets infused with 75.89% calendula, olive leaf ferment, bifida ferment extract and aloe vera to calm, soothe and nourish skin.

My thoughts:

I love putting a sheet mask on after a nice hot shower, which is when my cheeks tend to look reddish. While wearing this mask, I actually felt my flushed cheeks calm down thanks to the aloe vera and calendula extracts, which create a cooling sensation and give the mask a light, herbal scent. The essence boasts a viscous, watery consistency that feels really hydrating. My skin drank it up nicely, leaving practically no residue and not even a tiny bit of stickiness. There’s also a fair amount of excess left in the packet to use on the body, but not so much that it’d be wasted.


The Verdict

The Rose Absolute Cream Cleanser has a lovely and gentle rose scent, and its creamy texture spreads nicely when massaging on face. Unfortunately, despite its moisturizing power, the squeaky clean finish really isn’t for me (nor for anyone with dry skin). I think foam cleansers are definitely more suitable for those with normal and combination skin who need some sebum regulation. As my skin doesn’t produce much oil, I can only use this cleanser in the evenings. I fear my skin would become too dry if I used it both morning and night.

The Reviving Rose Treatment Toner is both pleasing to the eye and therapeutic to the skin. I really like how refreshing yet moisturizing it is. It dries to a soft finish and goes so well with the cleanser. I’d like it a bit more if it had more anti-aging benefits, but so far, it has earned a spot in my skin care routine for the season.

Feminine wash has always been an on-and-off thing for me – I tend to think of it as a marketing concept rather than a product with significant results. I’ve been sticking to using water and occasionally cold-pressed coconut oil, and I’ve not had issues with imbalanced pH for years. The Dandelion Feminine Gel is far from flashy and fancy. A humble product that does its job, it cleanses and feels fine on skin. It’s not necessarily a must-have product for me, but it’d be good to have around just in case my pH is ever messed up again.

Last but not least, I may be slightly biased when it comes to anything with calendula in it, but I absolutely love the Calendula Soothing Relief Mask. Calendula is a holy grail ingredient for sensitive skin that never fails me. On top of how nicely this mask replenishes moisture to my skin, I love its mildly herbal scent and gloriously refreshing finish.

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