What Skin Care Device to Try According to Your Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to investing in beauty devices and skin care gadgets, the first things we take into consideration are skin type and skin concern. Your rising sign may influence your appearance and how you want to present yourself, but the sun sign plays a vital role in determining what methods and products you truly want to invest in.

Have you been surfing the net for recommendations that actually work? Or have you been avidly researching to see if the new beauty gadget is really worth the hype? In 2020, our options are so varied that it can take forever to even begin research! If you need somewhere to start, then read on to see which type of beauty device you’re most likely to try based on your sign.

Known for their on-the-go lifestyles and densely packed schedules, fire signs are the kind of people who forget the importance of slowing down. Restless and impatient, fire signs think they don’t have time for an intricate skin care routine. But the more active you are, the more impurities, pollution and dust you’re likely to pick up, not to mention sweat! Hence, a proper and thorough cleansing routine is absolutely necessary. Because of their impatience, a quick and easy-to-use cleansing device that can be incorporated into any existing routine should definitely be the category for fire signs to look into first.

For Arians, this Rechargeable Facial Cleansing Brush from Thalia comes with an auto-drying function and a charging port – both efficient and low-maintenance, just how they like it. Leos will find the lightweight and aesthetically pleasing Rechargeable Silicone Facial Cleansing Pad much more befitting to their lifestyles. NATUREKIND’s Rechargeable LED Galvanic Aqua Peeling will leave Sagittarians feeling satisfied by the amount of gunk that can be gently exfoliated from their skin.


Earth signs are practical and hardworking souls who burn the midnight oil rather frequently. Long days (and nights) will tire the skin, while external aggressors and stress also contribute to premature aging. Earth signs tend to stick to tried and tested products, so traditional face rollers, as opposed to fancy tech-savvy ones, are more likely to win a place in their hearts and vanities.

The contemporary-looking Ceramic Massage Tool by Litfly is designed to perform facial gua sha, an ancient Chinese healing technique that stimulates microcirculation and relieves inflammation – great for Taureans to use with their favorite skin care. MTG’s ReFa S Carat Microcurrent Massage Roller, which comes in a luxurious platinum coating with an ergonomic V-shape design, seems like a good match for Virgos’ love of refinery and extravagance. Capricorns are minimalists who only like to invest in quality products, so Sdara Skincare’s Rose Quartz Facial Roller,  which soothes and helps with lymphatic drainage while also supercharging other skin care, is perfect for them. For those who are also interested in crystal healing, rose quartz is meant to promote love, positivity, joy and inner peace.


Air signs are the kind of people who keep up with the current trends and are always on the lookout for the newest “it product.” This bunch tends to exude an air of youthfulness with their curious yet witty personalities – they’re also the type to willingly try new things all the time. Aside from keeping themselves up to date, finding the right products and tools to keep their skin as young as their minds is important. Air signs are most likely to pick up an innovative anti-aging device that has multiple functions and features.

Geminis ought to be interested in tapping into the popular LED light therapy trend. The light and sleek eclair LED Therapy Mask comes with multiple light modes, and it’s totally worth mentioning on social media.  Librans are known to be quite indecisive, so why not go for LIFETRON’s Ultimate Facial Kit Skin Care Device? It has pretty much all the functions Librans would want in an anti-aging beauty gadget.  Aquarians are visionaries with a love of new technology and futuristic concepts, so a multitasking device like the Ultra Facial Lift With Microcurrents & Light Therapy EP-400 should tick all the boxes.


Water signs are very much in touch with their emotions. They are considerate and intuitive, but these qualities also make them prone to emotional outbursts now and then. Intense mood swings can be caused by stress and fluctuating hormonal levels, but as long as they’re comforted, water signs can remain easygoing and stress-free for long periods. When looking for a new and exciting skin care device to add to the arsenal, they’ll most likely be drawn to a gadget that contributes to achieving spa-like pampering at home with ease.

Cancers can become flustered easily and it shows on their skin, whether it’s in the form of redness, inflammation or puffiness. The most obvious choice is to cool it down directly with LA MUSE’s Perfect Cooler, which boasts an adorable rounded cone design that glides over skin for instant relief. It can also be used in conjunction with other skin care. With its multiple functions to deep cleanse, nourish and deliver nutrient essence into skin, Thalia’s Ionic Facial Cleansing & Massaging Device is perfect for Scorpios to get salon-like facials every day at home. For Pisceans, a simple facial device won’t be enough – their skin reflects their stress levels and eating habits rather quickly. SDETOX Body Massager by ELRA STORY, which can be used on both the face and body, not only helps relax muscles but also firms skin by invigorating blood circulation.


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