MIZON Pore Fresh: Mild Acid Gel Cleanser and Peeling Toner Pad Review

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Winter skin transitioning into spring skin is not always the best skin. In fact, my skin always feels dull and patchy no matter what I do! To get my skin looking as fresh as spring, I decided to try out MIZON’s Pore Fresh Mild Acid Gel Cleanser and Peeling Toner Pad (Calming Version). Scroll down and read to find out if these products thoroughly cleansed my pores and prepped my skin for spring!

MIZON Pore Fresh: Mild Acid Gel Cleanser and Peeling Toner Pad Review

What is Houttuynia Cordata?

Houttuynia cordata, also known as fish leaf, rainbow plant and chameleon plant, is the main ingredient in both products. This plant can be incorporated into teas or salads as well as used as a garnish. It has powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammator and antioxidant properties, and some research has even credited it with preventing allergies!


Pore Fresh Mild Acid Gel Cleanser

Pore Fresh Mild Acid Gel Cleanser

Main Ingredients: Houttuynia cordata extract to detoxify and rosemary leaf oil to hydrate.

The slightly opaque gel cleanser contains tiny bits of the plant (as seen above), but I couldn’t really feel them when lathering the cleanser into foam. In fact, I found the texture incredibly smooth. Paired with its refreshing minty fragrance, the overall effect was very soothing.

Since the gentle gel cleanser has a low pH of 5.5, I wasn’t worried about it wreaking havoc on my skin’s pH level. Even though it promised to rid my skin of dead skin cells, I don’t think it did as much as the toner pad. This did, however, successfully remove my everyday makeup, which is what I needed it to do!


Pore Fresh Peeling Toner Pad (Calming)

Pore Fresh Peeling Toner Pad (Calming)

Main Ingredients: Houttuynia cordata extract to detoxify; AHA, BHA and PHA to exfoliate; grass leaf extract complex to clean pores;  root and oil extract complex to rid skin of harmful irritants; hyaluronic acid to give skin a moisturized and dewy glow; aloe vera flower extract and tea tree leaf oil to soothe skin.

Since it has a slot for your fingers, the green toner pad is incredibly easy to use. Both sides have a raised dotted texture to exfoliate skin but are still quite soft. It exfoliated my skin gently without aggravating it and is definitely suitable for everyday use. Since the toner pad is gentle on skin, the effects weren’t apparent immediately. I saw a decrease in blackheads after around a week and a half of continual use.

As a toner, it definitely moisturized my skin. With its pH of 5.5, it also balanced my skin after cleansing. Although the pads are soaked with essence, they don’t drip as you wipe your face. The fast-absorbing essence left my skin feeling non-sticky and fresh, especially with its minty fragrance.


Final Verdict: Is my skin feeling fresh?

TLDR: Yes! My skin is (excuse the pun) peeling fresh!

I’m already partial towards gel cleansers, and this one is particularly soothing. It left my skin feeling cleansed but not taut. The minty fresh feeling after cleansing is a major bonus since I know that, come summer, I’ll need something to cool my skin and rid it of excess sebum.

Exfoliating is incredibly important as it allows all the skin care you apply to penetrate into your skin and actually work. I loved used the Peeling Toner Pad since it exfoliated my skin gently every day. Plus, I’m a sucker for multifunctional products – who isn’t?

I also love how the packaging for both products is easily reusable!

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