Waking Up to Stronger and Younger Skin – make p:rem Lifting Me. Line Review

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Winter has been so tough on my extremely dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin, and I’m glad to finally regain control over it after trying everything from an all-natural and herbal skin care routine to LED light therapy. However, I do think that my skin’s moisture barrier hasn’t fully recovered yet, and it’d be fantastic if I could also improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I’d heard many great things about make p:rem, especially from our beauty editor Romy, who loved its Solution Me range.

All the products from make p:rem’s Lifting Me. line feature liposomes. Made of the same material as cell membranes, liposomes function as a delivery system for other ingredients. The goodies inside liposomes won’t be released until they’ve reached the skin, making this a great method to deliver unstable yet potent ingredients. Skin scientists have even approved of liposomes’ ability to directly deliver nutrients to aging cells, prompting quicker and more effective anti-aging effects.


Lifting Me. Liposome Firming Serum

What is it? A sensitive-skin-friendly firming serum formulated with phytoactive ingredients. It nourishes and repairs the skin barrier to reveal a smoother complexion and can improve skin buoyancy in as little as four weeks.

Does it work?

The serum boasts an unusual stringiness in its creamy gel texture like natto, the Japanese fermented bean dish, but without the gooeyness. I personally love its scent, which is somewhat like a blend of lemon balm and rose water – it’s prominent but relaxing and pleasant. I’ve incorporated the serum as a step after cleansing and toning, and it settles into both my morning and nighttime skin care routines pretty well. The formula blends easily like melted butter, and quickly dries to a soft finish on skin.


Lifting Me. Liposome Firming Cream

What is it? A paraben-free firming cream enriched with phytoactive ingredients to moisturize and repair skin, significantly improving signs of aging in as little as four weeks.

Does it work?

Essentially a more concentrated and intensive version of the serum, this firming cream carries the same scent and stringiness but with a slightly thicker texture. Naturally, it doesn’t spread as easily as the serum, but it still dries relatively quickly to a soft, velvety finish. I tend to use this before sleep to replace my sleeping packs and night creams.


The Verdict

This combination has worked wonders on my dry skin, as I haven’t woken up with taut and flaky skin ever since implementing the cream and serum into my routine. This may sound crazy, but I started seeing visible differences on my fourth day of consecutive use! It’s been incredibly difficult to see my skin achieve this level of elasticity and smoothness ever since my eczema breakout last spring. Both products have really boosted my confidence, and they feel comfortable whether I’m wearing them to sleep or under makeup. Wearing them to sleep enlivens my morning skin, and applying before makeup keeps my makeup looking fresh all day.

Despite my tricky skin conditions, I’m pretty easily impressed by a lot of the products I review. As I’m rather excitable, I get hyped up about almost all things new. My fellow editors are often dubious about the products I rave about, but I must say that if a product remains in my skin care routine without being replaced by another in a month or so, then it’s a keeper for sure!

I’ve continued using the serum both day and night and the cream for evenings, and I’m still extremely happy with the results. My skin was so bad previously that I had to wear a sleeping pack almost every day. Now, just putting the cream on before bed will give me soft and supple skin in the morning. I do feel that if I hadn’t religiously stuck to using both the serum and the cream, I wouldn’t have seen such prominent and speedy results. However, because of its incredibly nourishing but oil-rich formulation, I don’t think the Lifting Me. line is suitable for combination or oily skin, since ingredients like shea butter are likely to clog pores.

As both the cream and serum come in a travel-friendly size, I’d definitely bring them on long-haul flights. Cabin air in such high altitudes really takes a toll on skin, and I wholeheartedly recommend trying both of these products if you want to improve the look of wrinkles in a short period of time while also strengthening the skin’s barrier.

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