7 Fun Pieces for a Comfortable Color-Blocked Outfit with BTS’s J-Hope

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Better known as J-Hope, Jung Ho-seok is the main dancer and rapper of the Korean septet BTS. The boy group has made many record-breaking feats worldwide and is known for delivering messages of self-love and deep, thought-out music videos filled with symbolism.

Having already covered leader RM’s all-black look as well as Jimin’s warm winter attire, it’s time to look at Hobi’s vibrant style. As a boy group, BTS has a distinct style, but the members also stand out as individuals. J-Hope showed off his signature aesthetic in his Daydream music video last year, and continued with the vibrant eclectic style in his recent Outro: Ego comeback trailer for the group’s new album Map of the Soul: 7. If the childhood snaps shown in the Ego video are anything to go by, being stylish is in his DNA!

BTS J-Hope vector illustration

Color-Blocked Fleece Jacket, Yellow Hoodie and Ribbed Headband

“My character’s half and half,” J-Hope raps in Daydream, so there’s no better way to style him than by color-blocking! The fleece jacket is designed with an off-white bottom half and a black yoke that continues on to a black upper sleeve. The other half of the sleeve panel is in an eye-popping yellow.

I stuck with the vibrant color for his hoodie because it’s the shade that best represents BTS’s ray of sunshine. This oversized piece printed with allover black and red kitsch doodles looks like it was taken right out of his mixtape Hope World. To match the red details in the hoodie, I’ve chosen a red-orange ribbed headband that covers his forehead. As the dancer of the group, he works hard on perfecting his dance moves and teaching them to his fellow members. This headband is perfect for keeping hair and sweat out of his face.

Color-Blocked Cargo Pants and Chunky Sneakers

Continuing on with the color-blocked look, I’ve styled Hobi in black cargo pants with green and beige patches. The rapper favors oversized silhouettes, and these pants are designed with multiple patches and bellow pockets to add volume and texture while incorporating his favorite color, green.

It’s no surprise that the dancer is a big fan of sneakers, and his collection is full of pieces that truly reflect his vivacious and fun attitude. As he’s often seen in colorful shoes, I’ve chosen sneakers that wouldn’t go amiss in his personal collection. The white high-top sneakers contrast with his pants, while the warm neon orange panels complement the details in the upper half of his outfit.

Messenger Bag and BT21 Mang Pin

Those with sharp eyes might’ve already noticed that I placed a BT21 Mang pin on J-Hope’s jacket and matched it with a messenger bag in the same color. For those who don’t know, Mang is J-Hope’s BT21 character. It’s a dancing pony with a pink heart-shaped nose wearing a blue mask.

J-Hope is often seen toting around large roomy bags, and his most trusty picks are messenger bags. The purple, blue and green colors on Mang are direct complementary shades to the yellow, orange and red tones on the rest of the outfit.

BTS Map of the Soul
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