Ideas to Elevate Your Sign’s Date Looks

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The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind at the start of February is most likely Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re seeing someone special already, still on the quest for a soulmate, or simply content with being by yourself, there’s no reason not to be treated to a date as an act of #selflove! Take these sartorial manifestations of your sun, moon or rising sign’s personality as ways to add an extra touch to your date looks this season. Set aside a day or evening with yourself, your S.O. or your BFFs to spread love, joy and style.

“Maximum Impact”

Strong personalities brimming with infectious energy, fire signs really aren’t the kind to opt for subtlety. There’s nothing that makes them more at ease than translating their sunshine vibes into outfits. Color-blocking bright, vivid, neon colors is a style challenge that screams fire sign. Throwing on a statement-colored jacket over a more conservatively color-coordinated look can instantly achieve maximum impact. For those who aren’t too comfortable with going all out in flashy colors, make a statement in the form of accessories, shoes, bag or hat.

To match their active and on-the-go nature, comfort is just as essential as making an impact with color. It doesn’t always have to be dressy and girly for a date look – a pair of go-to high-waist jeans can easily be elevated with a bold, belted jacket plus a pair of heels. Sneakers may be tempting, but why not swap them out for block-heels? They offer equal comfort while adding a dressy element.


“Sensually Suited”

When it comes to a date look, sometimes you’ve just got to go for a tried-and-tested ensemble. Earth signs tend to stick to their go-to styles, and these grounded personalities gravitate towards functional, tailored pieces and fixed color schemes that boost their confidence. But let’s make things more appropriate for the occasion – it’s a date after all! Finding fresher ways to style up classics and adding romantic touches to their fashion armor can really make a difference. Think utilitarian meets romanticism.

Pairing a sultry and flowy satin slip dress with a tailored black jacket is one way of implementing more of a feminine mood. A power suit can be both sexy and formal. For earth signs who like to stick to their utilitarian roots, try donning a lingerie-like bodysuit underneath for added badass boss babe vibes. If this is a little too risqué for your taste, a blouse in a luscious chiffon, lace or mesh offers a similar thematic contrast.


“Make It Pinteresting”

Playful and eccentric air signs are often the kind to jump from one extreme style to another in a matter of days. These fashion nomads are creative and inspiring, and enjoy putting their own spin on trends. In true air sign spirit, dressing up is a fun activity that brings them a lot of joy, and it really just takes the right mood to get them started. On days when you’re not feeling particularly creative, your favorite Pinterest or Instagram feed can become a source of inspiration.

Whether it’s a head-turning one-piece, a jarringly embellished jacket or statement printed co-ords, air signs can string their eccentric choices together with carefully coordinated hair and makeup. You can really bring a look together with a consistent color scheme. On the other hand, if your outfit is made of mostly the same hues, a pop of color or glitter can enliven the look with more personality. Get a little quirky with makeup! Go for that eyeliner in a crazy color, an unusual blush, or even those mismatched eye shadows that you’re always thinking about. Remember not to go overboard and incorporate one idea at a time.



Water signs tend to have a lot on their minds. These intuitive beings can’t help but feel and notice even the slightest change in the air – it’s in their nature. In the art of dressing, water signs often overthink and become overwhelmed. Why not opt for the less is more approach? Choose one color and stick to it. Make an entire outfit based on one color or color family, and you’ll only need to think of what accessories to wear it with!

A monochromatic look can be both modern and chic, as the choice of materials can instantly transform the overall mood of the outfit. If you want to break up the colors a bit, throw on shoes and a cute bag in complementary colors to make the look more dynamic. Knowing water signs and their love of accessories, here’s a way to add magic and elevate the look – throw in some gemstones or anything sparkly and mystical. Brooches, hair clips and earrings can easily reinvent and glam up a simple look.


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