How to Find the Right Winter Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

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Dry skin is a big issue for all of us during winter, so until springtime rolls back around, it’s important to keep your skin fully hydrated. The best way to keep your complexion plump and nourished during cold days is simple: apply a moisturizer.

Nobody wants skin that looks lackluster, rough or dry, so slathering on a moisturizer every day is a must! No matter what your skin type is, there’s a moisturizer for you. Keep reading for some tips on finding the perfect winter moisturizer for your skin type:

For Dry Skin

What to look for: a rich cream that helps prevent moisture loss

If you have dry skin, pick a moisturizer with ingredients that prevent water loss and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient that keeps your skin soft and supple, thanks to its moisture-binding powers.

The Ultra Hyaluronic Cream from coxir is ideal for dry skin types as it’s infused with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized throughout the day.

For Oily Skin

What to look for: a lightweight but hydrating cream that helps balance the skin

If you think oily skin isn’t prone to dryness during winter, think again! Just because oily skin overproduces sebum doesn’t mean that you can get away with not moisturizing at all.

Stick to moisturizers that nourish the skin without any greasiness like COSRX’s Full Fit Propolis Light Cream. This cream is rich in antioxidants and delivers nourishment while giving your skin a perfect balance of oil and water.


For Acne-Prone Skin

What to look for: a non-comedogenic moisturizer that soothes the skin

When dealing with blemish-prone skin, choose a moisturizer with a formula that hydrates your skin while also treating your acne and reducing the chance of new blemishes forming.

By Wishtrend’s Acid-Duo Hibiscus 63 Cream is a great choice for acne-prone skin. Containing hibiscus flower extracts and gentle acids including LHA and PHA, this cream deeply hydrates skin and also gets rid of dead skin cells and improves your skin’s texture.

For Sensitive Skin

What to look for: a cream packed with gentle and soothing ingredients

Sensitive skin types should stick to a moisturizer that’s free of ingredients that could irritate the skin, including parabens, artificial fragrances and colorants, silicone and mineral oil.

You can’t go wrong with a tube of IOPE’s Derma Repair Cica Cream. Packed with botanical ingredients including cica extract, this cream provides your skin with adequate hydration and also protects it from dry, cold air.

If you need a winter moisturizer that’s ideal for both dry skin and sensitive skin, go for the Oligo Hyaluronic Acid Calming+ Cream from blanc doux. This cream keeps skin moisturized thanks to its formula containing hyaluronic acid, which attracts water into the skin. You also don’t have to worry about your skin reacting as this cream doesn’t contain any ingredients that cause irritation.

For Aging Skin

What to look for: a rich moisturizer with anti-aging ingredients

When searching for moisturizers that keep your skin looking young and healthy, look for ones that are packed with anti-aging ingredients such as collagen, retinol and peptides.

If you want to get rid of fine lines and keep your skin firm, try MIZON’s Peptide Ampoule Cream. It’s filled with highly concentrated peptide to lift, tighten and firm your skin. It also improves your overall skin tone and protects your skin from premature aging, making it a great moisturizer even if you’re still in your early 20s.

Once you find the right moisturizer to stick by your side throughout the rest of winter, you’ll enter the next season with healthier-looking skin. And remember to moisturize twice a day!

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