Girl-Next-Door Style at Classic Blue Instagram Spots Around the World

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To bring in the new year, this special edition of Drop A Pin centered on Pantone’s Color of the Year includes not one but five Instagram spots! Named Classic Blue for good reason, this timeless hue has probably been all over your Insta feed for ages, but now’s a great time to hop on the bandwagon if you haven’t already! Below, I’ve compiled some of the world’s most famous Instagram spots featuring this color, as well as some handy outfit inspo so you know just what to wear when you’re snapping a pic at these on-trend locations! Even if you’re not jet-setting around the world, don’t worry – these blue fashion items are sure to be a hit all year long, wherever you are!


Blue Boat House – Perth

According to Pantone, Classic Blue instills calm, confidence and connection. It’s elegant and simple, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility. No place better reflects that than Perth’s Blue Boat House. Set against the backdrop of open water and an expansive sky, this spot is great for a contemplative moment as you sit cross-legged on the boardwalk – just make sure your photographer clicks the shutter when you’re at your most relaxed and comfortable! This spot is especially breathtaking during sunrise and sunset, with splashes of pinks, purples and oranges to brighten up the palette.

Blue Whale Café – Bangkok

Images from Blue Whale Café’s Facebook page

This underwater-themed café is bathed entirely in deep blue and aquamarine, with fish scale tiles and an impressive painted rendering of a giant blue whale. Roomy and well-lit with high glass ceilings, the two-story area includes patio seating and cozy tatami-style seats on the top floor. True to its theme color, the café offers blue beverages too – its signature butterfly pea lattes are the perfect thing to hold in your hand as you pose pretty.

Common Ground – Seoul

Image from Common Ground’s Facebook page

A popular destination for young and hip fashionistas, Seoul’s Common Ground is the largest container shopping mall in the world and the best place to pick up a one-of-a-kind souvenir from local boutique brands. On weekends, you’ll see performances and other cultural events out in the open area, but what brings most people to this spot is obviously its unique industrial aesthetic in a bright blue tone.

Blue House – Hong Kong

Image from

We might be hunting down blue spots for their aesthetic, but Hong Kong’s Blue House actually ended up this way because the decorators only had blue paint on hand – what a happy coincidence! A recipient of the Award of Excellence in the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation 2017, this building was originally a four-story house built in the 1920s. It was used as a kung fu studio in the 50s and 60s, and it’s now home to Hong Kong House of Stories, a museum on the city’s history and culture. This traditional Chinese building really puts the “classic” in Classic Blue – a great architectural piece to show off on your feed.

Blue Domes – Oia, Santorini

Image from

The island of Santorini is famous for its smooth white facades topped with blue domes, but if you want to get the money shot for yourself, there’s actually only one place you can do so. Found in the small village of Oia, this cluster of blue domes is made of three churches: Anastasi Orthodox Church, Orthodox Church of St. Gerasimos and Catholic Church of Koimisi Tis Theotokou. In the summer months, you’ll find plenty of tourists posing on stairways and ledges, but if you want to skip the queue for pics, why not opt for a spring or autumn getaway?


With Classic Denim

Denim might have started out as durable workwear, but this casual material is also fundamental to approachable girl-next-door fashion – all you have to do is pick a flattering silhouette! For denim jackets, I usually opt for a cropped piece that can be effortlessly thrown over whatever outfit I have on. A cutesy lace-up back or edgy grommet details can spice things up, while this quirky cropped piece features pockets stolen straight from your favorite pair of jeans.

For a more grown-up take on those skintight denim mini skirts you lived in during your teenage years, opt for a midi reiteration instead. The very embodiment of effortless cool-girl style, this basic one comes in a faded wash with a little front slit, while a full skirt that falls into gentle pleats and an asymmetrical ruffled number are slightly more femme options.

As much as I love denim, Canadian tuxedos are still a bit much for me. Thankfully, there are subtler ways to go head-to-toe in denim. This long-sleeved denim jumpsuit cuts it pretty close, but its cropped cut and elasticated waist create a fun, youthful vibe. This strappy, figure-hugging dress is refined with a sweetheart neckline and waist bow detail for a super flirty take on denim, while these boyish straight-cut overalls come in a baggy fit and true blue wash. Not sure how to wear overalls without looking like you just stepped off a farm? Juxtapose the oversized piece with something a little more delicate like an off-shoulder crop top or lace bralette.

With Vibrant Textures and Patterns

Denim doesn’t always have to be paired with basic white pieces – complement your trusty denim with blue pieces in a range of textures and patterns for a look that’s coordinated but still varied. This plaid square-neck blouse is enhanced with super dramatic puff sleeves but its down-to-earth shade mellows out the eye-catching silhouette and pattern, while a lace-trimmed velvet cami can be toned down with a boxy denim jacket or distressed jeans for understated sex appeal. You can go for a casual, laidback look with this basic long-sleeved cropped button-up which also comes in a short-sleeved variation. This will pair perfectly with overalls, or work semi-buttoned to show off your waist à la Jennie Kim.

Classic Blue might not be the first color that comes to mind for a breezy summer ensemble, but not only does it echo the color of serene skies and seas, it’s also the perfect canvas to let bold patterns shine! Ideal for island-hopping, this blue and white floral romper features plenty of becoming details such as a deep V neckline, subtly puffed sleeves, ruffled shorts and slit back. For a more covered-up option, this flowy off-shoulder wide-leg jumpsuit with contrast trimming, buttons and waist-tie is a comfy but ladylike getup. To mimic Oia’s color palette, highlight with summer-ready white accents like a daisy choker, petal dangle earrings or matching shell bracelet and choker. Coming in a print and fit as classic as the color blue, this A-line polka dot mini dress with back sash and puff sleeves is the epitome of sweet and pretty girl-next-door style – a no-brainer option for first dates and photo ops.

With Classy Blue Accessories

Besides exuding a casual vibe with denim and a summery vibe with patterned one-pieces, Classic Blue also brings elegance and sophistication with its deep, rich shade. If your taste tends more towards polished and chic, incorporate classy accessories to ground your look.

Swinging across your tops and jackets, crossbodies can easily become the centerpiece of your getup, so pick carefully! This three-tone purse is embellished with a gold chain and luxe pearl details, while this swanky faux leather quilted purse is adorned with a gold-tone logo. Purses might be a natural focal point, but there’s nothing quite like a slight heel to sharpen your silhouette while offering a lift that actually makes walking around more comfortable, not less. Androgynous block-heel mules are easy to slip on and off, while these bow-accent heels come in genuine leather and a pointed toe for a linear illusion that gives you legs for days. Finish off with some sparkle and shine on your ears. These minimal faux sapphire silver-tone studs come in square or flower shapes, or go for a touch of whimsy with these gold-toned hoops with glittery enamel moon and Saturn charms.

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