Reviewing Taeri Taeri’s Dreamy New Makeup Brand CILY

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Having only launched in late June of 2019, CILY (“Color Imagine Love Yourself”) is the new kid on the block making waves online due to its dreamy, girlish aesthetic. It’s the brainchild of Taeri Taeri, who you might recognize from her modeling work with the Korean fashion brand Chuu. As a testament to Taeri’s modeling skills, when I stumbled across the pics of her rocking CILY’s makeup products, she wore them so well that my interest was immediately piqued. The brand’s packaging and overall concept is sweet and simple, focusing on the efficacy of formulas and perfecting a wide range of fresh and femme colors. To date, CILY has six eye shadows, two mascaras, three blushes and four lipsticks. Read on for my review of all the products!

Eye On Me

It was love at first swatch for me! These eye shadows are probably my favorite products out of the whole collection. I have incredibly oily eyelids, so I’ve set the bar really high in terms of finding the perfect shade that’s both natural-looking yet super pigmented – eye makeup isn’t worth the hassle otherwise. And boy, these eye shadows really won me over with their smooth, blendable, easy-to-apply and highly pigmented formula. They brighten up my eyes and make my makeup look a lot more complete, which is why they’ve earned a permanent spot in my routine.

CILY’s eye shadow range features six wearable everyday shades. Royal Rose and Rose Wood are the two matte shades of the bunch. The former is an uber-girly pale pink that really pops on the eyes, while the latter is a soft brownish pink. Surprisingly, the other four sparkly shades come in an equally silky formula with – wait for it – no fall-out whatsoever. A shimmery orange, Bergamot’s bold color pops in the compact, but when applied on the eyes, the orange shade is actually not that apparent under the top layer of gold shimmer. I would love to have a matte version of this orange shade to really get that full punch of color. If you think that glitter can only be used for nights out, you’ll be happy to know that Rose Mary, Cedar Wood and Sandal Wood actually work seamlessly as blending shades for daytime looks. Rose Mary comes with larger speckles of beautiful rose gold glitter while Cedar Wood and Sandal Wood are pressed shimmery shadows. The former is a luminous coppery brown while the latter is a deep dark brown. These three neutral shades can be paired individually with pinks and oranges or worn together for a cohesive look. Simply start with Rose Mary as a base all over the lids, build definition with Cedar Wood from the middle of the lids, and finish off with Sandal Wood for a darker outer V.

Ever Lasting Mascara

There’s not much to say about these mascaras – they’re easy to use and do their job in terms of curling, volumizing and lengthening lashes, which is all anyone can ask for. I was also impressed with how well the product held up. I wore this mascara out for a full day of work as well as on a hike and it didn’t smudge under my eyes either time. I did find the formula a little clumpy-looking, but perhaps that’s because I usually opt for a more subtle look. I also prefer the black mascara to the brown one, as the brown one is too light and looks quite unnatural on my darker lashes.

Blossom Blusher

These blushes are great for a glowy, barely-there flush of color. They come in the same smooth, buildable formula as the eye shadows but IMO, they aren’t pigmented enough. Kalanchoe is a pale pink that matches with the Royal Rose eye shadow but has the added bonus of a gentle shimmer. Marigold is also supposed to match with the Bergamot eye shadow, but like Kalanchoe, it’s a less pigmented counterpart – more of a nude peach shade than an orange. Its matte finish contrasts with the shimmery Bergamot without looking over the top. Finally, Anemone, which is my favorite of the three, is a dusty brownish pink with the same shimmer as Kalanchoe. It’s a deeper, warmer shade and also the most pigmented out of the three. I actually love blending these together on my cheeks as I think it makes the colors a little more obvious – just be careful not to be too heavy-handed!

Silky Lip

If not for the eye shadows that ran away with my heart, these lipsticks could have easily been my favorite. Boasting a light, pleasant peachy scent, the lipsticks come in a lovely formula that’s creamy and moisturizing, and applies seamlessly on my lips. For low-maintenance lip products, these are definitely your best bet. The brand does a good job of covering all its bases, with wearable options for a girly pink, a zesty orange, a basic nude or a classic sexy red. My personal favorite is Pure Pink, a vibrant coral pink quite different from the pale pink eye shadow and blush. I was a bit disappointed with the Oriental Orange, which is more of a subdued dark salmon shade than a summery orange. I have no complaints with Ready Red, which is a rich maroon color for nights out, or with Noir Nude, a soft brownish MLBB that goes with everything and is suitable for more professional work situations.


It’s always nice to find products that aren’t just photogenic or trendy, but work really well and can seamlessly find their place in your regular makeup routine. True to its name, CILY has gotten me excited to add color and sparkle to my face every morning. This is just the beginning for Taeri Taeri’s brand and I can’t wait to see how she expands the collection to bring us more pigmented and well-formulated products. I’m praying for some colorful eyeliners!

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