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A new decade has just begun! Do you feel like 2019 passed by too quickly? Time waits for no one, and neither do trends. Luckily, we have the annual Pinterest 100 report to help us grasp the latest trends. Released last month, it features the 100 hottest trends spanning lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness and more, all based upon their surge in popularity among 320 million Pinners from August 2018 to July 2019.

The trends are grouped into ten main themes, but I’ve picked only the individual ones on fashion. The bracketed numbers indicate each trend’s year-on-year increase in saves or searches.

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1. Y2K Outfits (+669%)

Gen Zs, I hope you know what Y2K means… It’s the short form for Year 2000. As we enter a new decade, we begin to reflect on the things we loved ten years ago. Millennials, it’s time to take out your army pants, hip chains and jackets emblazoned with funky logos – if you still have them!
Keywords: Y2K outfits, global fashion, future fashion, silver nails

2. Hip Hop Parties (+322%)

90s references can be seen everywhere from high fashion to retro devices. Millennials are trying to relive their fond memories, whereas Gen Zs are discovering what they’ve never experienced. Hip hop fashion from the 90s is one of these things.
Keywords: 90s outfit party hip hop, hip hop style, dancing clothing, sweatshirt

3. Grunge Fashion (+292%)

Do you thirst over combat boots, flannels and oversized outerwear? Evolving from grunge music, grunge fashion reached its peak in the early 90s. The recent rise in androgynous wear probably fueled its comeback.
Keywords: 90s fashion grunge, ripped jeans, teen clothing, rock music

4. 90s Streetwear (+277%)

Timeless staples like sneakers, baby tees and hoodies from the 90s continue to win the hearts of Pinners. A key element for this trend is denim, which highlights gender neutrality.
Keywords: Streetwear 90s, ripped jeans, high waist jeans, denim jacket

5. Hiking Fashion (+194%)

We’re looking for ways to unite with nature, and hiking is definitely one of them. From the forest to the city, hiking boots and comfortable layers complete an earthy look that’s easy on the eyes and on the wearer.
Keywords: Hiking fashion, outdoor sport, hiking boots, adventure travel

6. Constellation Piercings (+112%)

Ear climbers showcasing your star sign allow you to express your individuality, and they’re perfect conversation starters. Next time you’re running out of topics, look for signs on the person’s ear lobes!
Keywords: Piercing ear constellation, cartilage piercing, stud earrings

7. NASA Logos (+106%)

Our aerospace fantasy extends from sci-fi movies to fashion. Imagine you’re part of the crew while wearing a retrofuturistic sweatshirt, jumpsuit or cap stamped with NASA’s logo.
Keywords: NASA hoodie, sweatshirt, baddie outfit, space and astronomy

8. Tuxedo Dresses (+99%)

As another way of welcoming the unisex era, brides are beginning to turn to tuxedo dresses and white lace suits instead of typical wedding dresses. The sleek, tailored style also comes in handy for desk-to-dinner situations.
Keywords: Tuxedo dress, women’s fashion, wedding outfit, dresses by color

9. WFH Wear (+82%)

Talk about saving up resources – what better way to reduce your carbon footprint than to work from home? Thanks to more advanced and reliable communication tools, you can now sit back on your couch while on a conference call, and complete your laundry during work breaks. Just because you aren’t leaving home doesn’t mean you can’t dress well. Make yourself at home, but dress in ways that make you feel professional and productive.
Keywords: Work from home outfit, casual outfit, baddie outfit, jogger pants

See here for the full list!

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