Brighten Up with THE PLANT BASE’s White Truffle Line

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Korean brand THE PLANT BASE has always prided itself on using only naturally derived ingredients. The White Truffle Line, one of its latest, harnesses the power of this white-hot ingredient to give tired, dull skin a brightening, hydrating and firming boost.

As I age, I’m beginning to notice that too many late nights in my early youth have certainly taken a toll. My skin is now regularly exhibiting patches of darkness, roughness and dullness. What’s more, it’s losing that old bounce. Never a firm believer in a multiple-step skin care routine, I’m finally realizing that what all experts (and my mother) say is true: good skin is the foundation of all beauty.

With this in mind, I’m redoubling my skin care efforts. Curious as to how a truffle-and-ginseng regimen would compare to the other plant-based lines I’ve tried in the past (from parsley seed to pomegranate), I put three products from the line to the test: the White Truffle Ginseng Tone up Emulsion , the White Truffle Crystal Clear Serum and the White Truffle Aura Cream-Gel. All three are packaged in white and silver tones, as befitting a brand promoting clean, organic beauty.

Step No. 1:
White Truffle Ginseng Tone up Emulsion

Skin Care Routine: After cleansing and toning my face and before applying serum, I massaged a few dollops of the emulsion into my skin. It smells faintly but not unpleasantly of ginseng – not a surprise as it contains 57.55% Korean ginseng water, in addition to white truffle extract (a treasure trove of Vitamin C) and niacinamide. Advertised as a “toner-type” product but essentially more of a lightweight moisturizer, it comes in a milky lotion that is thicker than expected but absorbs easily into skin, leaving no sticky residue behind.

First Impressions: I didn’t have sky-high expectations for this product, but after using it in conjunction with the serum and cream-gel for a week, I did notice a more pronounced glow to my face and plumpness to my skin, although some hyperpigmentation remains. Ultimately, I see this more as a standalone moisturizing agent rather than as one of many steps in my night-time skin care ritual. It’s a bit light for a day cream though, so it remains to be seen how this could best be incorporated into my beauty routine.

Step No. 2:
White Truffle Crystal Clear Serum

Skin Care Routine: Conveniently packaged in a skinny squeeze tube, this mildly scented serum comes in a clear gel that’s chock-full of ginseng water (84.34%) and white truffle extracts to brighten the face, especially the undereye area. Again, I usually used it together with the emulsion and the gel-cream. Just a smidgen will go a long way – in fact, I sometimes found myself squeezing too much out of the tiny tube.

First Impressions: Gentle on the skin, this caused no redness, itchiness or breakouts. While it was only semi-successful in banishing a couple of blemishes on my face, it did result in a brighter, clearer and smoother complexion overall. While I can’t pinpoint the serum as the most effective agent since I’m using all three products together, I feel that at the very least it contributed to these promising results.

Step No. 3:
White Truffle Aura Cream-Gel

Skin Care Routine: With ginseng water as base and packed with infusions of white truffle, licorice and persimmon tree leaf extracts, this cross between a cream and a gel glides easily onto skin to give a fresh, cooling finish. I usually use it as a final step in my night-time skin care regimen to amp up moisture and to soothe skin, but I’ve also dabbed it on at other hours to give my dry winter skin a brightening and hydrating boost.

First Impressions: Lightweight and effective, this worked wonderfully when used together with the emulsion and the serum, giving a natural, fully hydrated glow that was all the more apparent when layered under sheer foundation. However, it also left a slight stickiness and tightness that persisted for a couple of hours after application – especially noticeable when I used the product alone. While this isn’t a fatal flaw, it’s a big enough concern to give me pause as to whether I should ditch my regular moisturizing cream for this one.

Final Verdict:

These three products from THE PLANT BASE do not lie. Especially when used together, they do brighten and tighten, up to a point. Out of the three, I am pleasantly surprised by the White Truffle Ginseng Tone up Emulsion, appreciative of the White Truffle Crystal Clear Serum, and a little disappointed in the White Truffle Aura Cream-Gel. These aren’t miracle products – they can’t turn back the clock – but they do give tired skin showing the early signs of aging a certain glow, enough that I am now interested in trying out the other products in the line: a peeling agent, an exfoliating towel and a tone-up water.

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