Roaring 20s Makeup Looks with NAMING.

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A new K-Beauty brand, NAMING. was officially launched just last year but it’s already making waves in the industry with its minimal packaging and wide range of versatile products. True to the brand’s name, each product has a unique, cheeky name that’s completely on the nose for its respective shade!

Using NAMING.’s entire range of products, I’ve created four looks inspired by the silent film sirens and flapper culture of the 1920s.

NAMING makeup look - Dianne

The versatile Deja Vu Color-Quartet Eye Palette has three matte shades and one with a glittery finish. Foggy Beige is used as a neutral base while warm Orange Red creates sultry smoky eye makeup on the inner and outer lid and doubles as a blush. The darkest shade, Reddish Brown, is used to fill in the brows and as a subtle contour. The shimmery Pearly Opal shade is dusted on the center of the lids and used as a blinding highlighter. As a subtle homage to black-and-white film siren Clara Bow, a heart-shaped faux beauty mark is drawn on using the Reddish Brown pressed eye shadow.

To complement the warm tones and brighten the look, Playful Crème Blush in the vibrant yellow shade Nasty is brushed lightly over the cheekbones along with the eye palette’s darker Orange Red blush shade. Smudge Semi-Matt Lipstick in the attention-grabbing red shade Go Ahead lines the lips, and the brighter Cheerful fills in the rest of the lips.

NAMING makeup look - Michelle

Combining warm and cold rose-hued colors, the Touch Color-Quartet Eye Palette is a match made in heaven with Michelle’s fair skin which has a gentle pink undertone. Grape Brownie is used to fill in the eyebrows and build depth around the eye area. White Pink functions as base, corrector and also a blending medium, while Peach Brown builds a soft smoky eye, complete with the shimmery and glam Pink Street as highlight.

The Playful Crème Blush is perfect for crafting a more subdued take on the dramatic blush of flapper girls. The bubblegum pink Blissful is used on the apples of Michelle’s cheeks and blended with Jumpy, an orchid purple shade used on the hollows of her cheeks. Instead of a bright lipstick, the look is strung together with a dash of beige-pink Persona Dewy Glow Lip Tint to create harmony. 

NAMING makeup look - Karla

The organic shades in the Perfect Baked Color-Quartet Eye Palette are perfect for a subtle smoky makeup look. The bright beige Sand is an ideal base for the Deep Brown shade, which is brushed over the crease to highlight Karla’s deep-set eyes. The Deep Brown is also used to contour her cheekbones as well as lengthen and fill in her brows for an updated take on flapper girls’ brows.

For a hint of Theda Bara, the Deep Brown mixed with transition shade Salt Caramel is used on the lower lash line to soften and blend any hard edges. Layered on the middle of the lids, the Sparkle shade gives a glamorous, Art Deco touch.

The Playful Crème Blush in the terracotta shade Benevolent is a natural-looking blush that creates a subtle transition between Karla’s eyes and her contoured cheekbones. Mixing the Smudge Semi-Matt Lipstick in the brown shade Thoughtful with subtle rosy MLBB Faithful brightens her face and gives the look a more everyday finish.

NAMING makeup look - Alexia

The Nanna Color-Quartet Eye Palette features soft, neutral shades that can craft sultry looks that are both everyday-worthy and soft glam. Cream is used as a base and blending shade against Alexia’s porcelain skin with a warm undertone, while Peach warms up the eyelids. Cocoa is used to create smoky eyeliner wings, which are then softly accentuated with Cocktail highlights on the center of her top lids and bottom lash lines. Not Orange Dazzling Eye Glitter is added on top of the highlights for a glimmering finish.

The beige-hued Tolerant Playful Crème Blush is blended with the vivid Inflamed, adding wearability to a bold and dramatic blush inspired by doll-like makeup from the 20s. As a finishing touch, the look is tied together with a dash of coral red from the Next Red Blurry Fit Lip Tint.

Layered Cover Foundation

K-Beauty brand Naming: Layered Cover Foundation
Shades: 17Y, 21Y, 21P, 23Y, 25Y

The Layered Cover Foundation has five shades, four in yellow (Y) and one in pink (P) undertones. If you’re in between shades, the incredibly liquid foundation mixes well and comes out with a smooth, natural finish. The foundation has light coverage but can be layered on. Although the formula doesn’t completely cover dark spots and blemishes, it blurs out redness and pores. Its lightweight texture is also packed with SPF35 PA++ and doesn’t cake or oxidize throughout the day.

Playful Crème Blush

K-Beauty brand Naming: Playful Crème Blush
Shades: Nasty, Jumpy, Blissful, Inflamed, Benevolent, Tolerant

Perfectly named, the blushers are available in six playful shades in a cream-type formula that blends well into skin for a dewy, natural-looking finish. If you’re not a fan of how patchy some powder blushes get, this is the answer! These blushes are making waves in the K-Beauty community for their unique yellow (Nasty) and purple (Jumpy) shades. The vibrant shades can be as extra as you want when layered on, but can also be subtle when applied sparingly. If you’re planning to be a bit experimental this year, the formula’s creamy texture also makes it easy to apply and mix with other shades.

Dazzling Eye Glitter

K-Beauty brand Naming: Dazzling Eye Glitter
Shades: Not Pink, Not Yellow, Not Orange

The Dazzling Eye Glitter comes in three pastel hues, ironically named Not Pink, Not Yellow and Not Orange. Packed with iridescent specks in various sizes, these eye glitters are perfect for achieving that instant Kirakira effect. It also comes equipped with a flat doe-foot applicator that prevents messy application but is still good for layering. While the formula colors are pretty faint, these are great for intensifying close-colored eye shadows and seamlessly blending contrasting colors. The glue-like texture can also be gently dried off with a tissue to fix glitter pigments into place.

Dewy Glow Lip Tint

K-Beauty brand Naming: Dewy Glow Lip Tint
Shades: Insane, Cranky, Persona, Laughing, Peepy, Charming

Just like its name, the Dewy Glow Lip Tint delivers MLBB colors packed with juice-like freshness and fruity scents. The six available shades are named with a tongue-in-cheek approach, giving each color a unique mood and personality. Lip tints are accompanied by a specially designed, angled doe-foot applicator: the fluffy side delivers a rich color finish, and the smooth silicone side aids speedy, natural-looking application.

Blurry Fit Lip Tint

K-Beauty brand Naming: Blurry Fit Lip Tint
Shades: The Coral, Veiled Beige, Shy Pink, Pepper Red, Next Red

Vivid and velvety Blurry Fit Lip Tint comes in six bold, versatile and expressive shades. The lip tint glides smoothly on lips with an airy and creamy texture, leaving a matte finish that isn’t drying. Fitted with a curved doe-foot applicator that hugs perfectly over lips, it creates fuller-looking lips with rich color payoff in just one swipe.

Smudge Semi-Matte Lipstick

K-Beauty brand Naming: Smudge Semi-Matte Lipstick
Shades: Faithful, Thoughtful, Tranquility, Go Ahead, Forceful, Suggestive, Purity, Serene, Merry, Cheerful

The Smudge Semi-Matte Lipstick is perfect for gals who love traditional lipstick. Available in ten wearable shades, the moisturizing lipstick glides effortlessly over lips to deliver its highly pigmented shades. Thanks to the diagonal tip design, it’s easy to apply precisely or go for an on-trend smudged look!

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