5 Ways to Get Natural Plump Lips

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Flaunting full, plump lips might not be the latest beauty trend but it’s still a look that many of us try to achieve. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with plump lips but there are ways to create fuller lips, thanks to a few makeup and skin care products.

Follow these tips to make your pout look fuller and more defined, the natural way:

Before you pile on any products, it’s important to prime your lips to make sure you get rid of any dead skin cells. Start by exfoliating your lips with a gentle lip scrub like A’PIEU’s Honey Milk Lip Scrub. Packed with milk protein extracts and Vitamin E, this lip scrub nourishes and gently buffs away rough, dry lips. Do this at least twice a week and you can expect softer, smoother lips! 

Just like you wash your face and follow with a hydrating toner and moisturizer, do the same for your lips. After exfoliating, be sure to lock in the moisture with a hydrating lip balm. 

ILLIYOON’s Oil Smoothing Lip Balm is formulated with natural Camellia oil that conditions the lips and leaves a soft pink tint. If your lips are on the drier side and need something a little more hydrating, give ILLIYOON’s Ceramide Ato Lip Balm a go. Thanks to the ceramide in its ingredients list, you can kiss those chapped lips goodbye! 

Once you’re done with your lip skin care routine, it’s time to bring out your makeup and have some fun! To create realistic-looking plump lips, start by applying lip concealer all over your lips and a little bit above your natural lip line. Not only does this make your lipstick color pop, it also helps give your lips a fuller appearance.

A great lip concealer that’s worth a try is The Saem’s Cover Perfection Lip Concealer. Its creamy texture allows for an effortless application, plus it smooths out any visible fine lines on the lips.  

To make your pout more defined, especially your bottom lip, try a trick that involves dipping a tiny lip brush in concealer and applying it just under youry bottom lip to help emphasize the size of your pout. I’ve tried this it – it’s truly a life-changing makeup tip! 

For realistic-looking full lips, lip liner is a must-have. The trick is to first draw the lip liner slightly outside your natural lip line. The next step, although optional depending on your personal preference, is to fill in your entire lips. Be careful not to go overboard or your pout will end up looking fake!

If you’re looking for a variety of colors, you can’t go wrong with 16brand’s 16 Lip Pencil Liner. You can pick from 10 different shades, all of which come with a creamy formula that makes your lips feel irresistible. 

The final makeup trick for natural plump lips is to apply lip gloss! I’m not talking about your regular lip gloss – use one that has plumping benefits. Lip glosses reflect light, which help create the illusion that your lips are full so if you don’t own lip gloss, now’s the time to invest in some.

Try Aritaum’s T:some Lip Bling Gloss, which comes in 5 shades. The hydrating formula provides a volumizing effect on your lips and keeps them glossy for hours without leaving a tacky feeling. 

Are you ready to flaunt your natural plump lips? 

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