@cosme 2019 Best Cosmetics Awards

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We’re just one day away from 2020! Have you been reflecting on 2019? I personally tend to reflect on not only what I’ve tried, but also on what I’ve missed. How do I know what I’ve missed? I look to yearly awards, such as @cosme’s 2019 Best Cosmetics Awards. Presented by one of Japan’s biggest beauty review sites @cosme, the awards rank products that were most favored by @cosme members from November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2019.

Let’s see if your fave products made it to this list, and what HG products you might have missed!

Grand Prize


The product that received the most positive response from @cosme consumers was CEZANNE’s Peal Glow Highlight, which exemplifies the hype for highlighters. This affordable highlighter’s refined pearl shimmer not only gives skin a dewy radiance, it can also be mixed with eye shadows and blushes to add depth to your facial features.

Runner-up went to excel’s Skin Rich Shadow, which retained its position from last year. LANCOME’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation came third with its outstanding sebum-absorbing quality and wide-ranging shades.

1st: CEZANNE – Pearl Glow Highlight
2nd: excel – Skinny Rich Shadow
3rd: LANCOME – Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation

Hall of Fame


OPERA’s Lip Tint was the Grand Prize winner in both 2017 and 2018, so it’s only natural that it appears in this year’s Hall of Fame. The brand also updated its Mylash Advanced mascara with a slimmer wand, earning the product a place in the list. There’s increased interest in hypoallergenic facial soaps such as COW BRAND’s Beauty Soap Red Box (Moisturizing) and LUSH’s Full Of Grace. Carbonated mousse mask packs like Sofina’s est Activate Circulator also grew in popularity.

1. OPERA – Lip Tint N
2. est – Activate Circulator
3. COW BRAND – Beauty Soap Red Box (Moisturizing)
4. naturie – Skin Conditioning Gel
5. OPERA – Mylash Advanced
6. DIOR – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toliette
7. LUSH – Full Of Grace

Category Top


The following shows the most-loved products under each category.

Skin Care


FANCL is the biggest winner for cleansers. Its Mild Cleansing Oil’s updated formula with nano cleansing particles proved to be widely welcomed. Other winners come from a diverse range of lesser known brands. The choice of ingredients also largely varies, ranging from HSP (heat shock protein) yeast extract in ORBIS’s U Lotion and purified petrolatum in IHADA’s Medicated Balm to ceramides in ETVOS’s Moisturizing Serum and retinol in ELIXIR’s Superieur Enriched Wrinkle Cream.

1. Cleanser: FANCL – Mild Cleansing Oil
2. Face Wash: FANCL – Deep Clear Washing Powder
3. Booster: CLINQUE – Clarifying Lotion 2
4. Lotion (Essence Toner): ORBIS – U Lotion
5. Emulsion: ALBION – Exage Mois Advance Milk III
6. Serum: ETVOS – Moisturizing Serum
7. Cream & Gel: Embryolisse – Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre
8. Oil & Balm: IHADA – Medicated Balm
9. Face Mask: KEANA NADESHIKO – Rice Mask
10. Exfoliator: TAKAMI – Skinpeel
11. Face Massage Cream: SUQQU – Musculate Massage & Mask Cream
12. Eye Care: ELIXIR – Superieur Enriched Wrinkle Cream
13. Lip Care: NIVEA – Rich Care & Color

Base Makeup


I guess we’re getting less experimental with base makeup these days? Here’s where previous awardees continue to shine, such as ANESSEA’s Sun Milk, MAQuillAGE’s Powder Foundation, HAKU’s Serum Foundation, MISSHA’s Magic Cushion, the SAEM’s Tip Concealer and DECORTE’s Face Powder.

1. Sunscreen: ANESSA – Perfect UV Skincare Milk
2. Face Primer: PAUL & JOE BEAUTE – Moisturizing Foundation Primer S
3. Powder Foundation: MAQuillAGE – Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation
4. Liquid Foundation: LANCOME – Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation
5. Cream & Gel Foundation: HAKU – Brightening Beauty Serum Foundation
6. Cushion Foundation: MISSHA – M Magic Cushion Pro-Cover
7. BB & CC Cream: naturaglace – Make-up Cream N
8. Face Powder: DECORTE – Face Powder
9. Concealer: the SAEM – Cover Perfection Tip Concealer
10. Highlighter & Contour: CEZANNE – Pearl Glow Highlight
11. Setting Spray: CLARINS – Fix’ Make-Up



excel excels in eye shadow, UZU in eyeliner, and CEZANNE in blushes and highlighters. Rather than creams or balms, Japanese consumers leaned more towards powders this year, as seen in their love for powder eye shadows, brow colors and blushes.

1. Eye Shadow: excel – Skinny Rich Shadow
2. Eyeliner: UZU – Eye Opening Liner
3. Mascara: dejavu – Lash Up Mascara
4. Eyebrows: KATE – Designing Eyebrow 3D
5. Lipstick: CHANEL – Rouge Coco Flash
6. Liquid Lipstick: CLARINS – Lip Comfort Oil
7. Blush: CEZANNE – Natural Cheek N
8. Palettes: DIOR – Backstage Eye Palette

Body & Hair Care


Bounica’s Body Soap and Shiseido’s Ag DEO24 Deodorant Powder Spray kept their thrones in their respective categories since the mid-year awards. People also loved Vaseline’s Intensive Care Lotion for its competitive price. Nourishing ingredients like petrolatum, butters and oils remain in demand.

1. Body Wash: Bouncia – Body Soap
2. Body Care: Vaseline – Advanced Repair Body Lotion
3. Deodorant & Antiperspirant: Ag DEO24 – Deodorant Powder Spray (Unscented)
4. Hand Cream: L’OCCITANE – Shea Butter Hand Cream
5. Nails: ParaDo – Nail Foundation
6. Fragrance: DIOR – Miss Dior Hair Mist
7. Shampoo & Conditioner: TSUBAKI – Premium Repair Mask
8. Hair Care: La Sana – Sea Weeds Hair Essence Moisturizing
9. Hair Styling & Hair Color: nAplA – N. Polish Oil

Beauty Goods


Pricy hair dryers and curlers no more – it’s all about being practical and affordable this year. The TANGLE TEEZER hair brush may seem a little expensive, but it’s highly effective in detangling frizzly hair and doubles as a scalp massager, not to mention it being super handy to carry around. SALONIA’s Straightener stands out as the perfect hair iron for travel. ORBIS’s Defencera, a citrus-flavored oral supplement that uses maltose syrup and rice germ extract to strengthen the skin barrier, continues to reign in the realm of health food. weltec’s ConCool beats Listerine as the new fave mouthwash.

1. Beauty Tools & Accessories: TANGLE TEEZER – The Original Normal
2. Beauty Appliances: SALONIA – Hair Straightener 24mm
3. Health & Beauty: ORBIS – Defencera
4. Oral Care: weltec – ConCool F
5. Daily Goods: nepia – Hana Celeb Tissue
6. Bath Salts & Bubble Baths: BARTH – Recovery & Treat
7. Feminine Care: SOFY – Soft Tampons

@cosme Shopping Best Hits


This award shows what sold the best at @cosme’s online shop. IPSA’s The Time Reset Aqua, an essence toner that serves as a moisture boost, won in skin care and took the Grand Prize. LANCOME’s Long Wear Foundation is the top seller in base makeup, and Kanebo’s CHICCA Mesmeric Lipstick came first in makeup.

Grand Prize: IPSA – The Time Reset Aqua
1. Skin Care: IPSA – The Time Reset Aqua
2. Base Makeup: LANCOME – Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation
3. Makeup: CHICCA – Mesmeric Lipstick

@cosme Store Best Hits


This award shows what sold the best at @cosme’s physical stores. While the other two are no surprise, the champion in skin care, Cher-Couleur’s Basic Cream, is anything but basic. It’s a chameleon makeup remover that turns into a mask pack and finally into a massage cream!

Grand Prize: OPERA – Lip Tint N
1. Skin Care: Cher-Couleur – Basic Cream
2. Base Makeup: the SAEM – Cover Perfection Tip Concealer
3. Makeup: OPERA – Lip Tint N

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