Benefits of Ginseng for Skin

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I’m a skin care enthusiast so I’m always looking for new skin care products to try. Aside from being drawn to minimal and sleek packaging, I’m also curious about a product’s ingredients. There are many Korean beauty products that are formulated with unusual but effective ingredients such as snail slime, bee venom or mugwort.

Another skin care ingredient that’s worth trying is ginseng. Are you familiar with ginseng? If not, keep reading to find out how this ingredient, which is also a superfood in Asian cuisine, benefits your skin.

What is ginseng?

Ginseng has long been used as a medicinal herb in China to treat various symptoms of diabetes, along with regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and strengthening one’s immune system.  But this traditional Chinese medicine is not just beneficial for our body but also for our skin..

Today you can apply ginseng topically thanks to brands like Sulwhasoo, the first K-beauty brand to introduce ginseng-infused skin care products.

What can ginseng do for your skin?

If your goal is for your skin to look younger, then ginseng’s got your back! Ginseng offers amazing anti-aging benefits. By incorporating skin care products formulated with ginseng into your routine, you can expect a stronger skin barrier, a brighter and firmer complexion, and an improvement in your skin’s elasticity.

Ginseng also helps improve the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, protects skin from free radicals, and offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

Who can benefit from ginseng?

Ginseng is a great anti-aging ingredient, but it’s just as beneficial for those with dry, damaged or troubled skin.

As a nourishing ingredient, ginseng definitely deserves a spot on your skin care shelf this winter, especially if your skin is dehydrated and prone to flakiness.

Incorporate ginseng into your skin care routine

Even if you feel you’re not at the stage to start an anti-aging skin care routine, it’s never too early to use products that help prevent signs of aging. You can find ginseng in facial cleansers, essences, serums, eye creams, moisturizers and face masks.

Besides Sulwhasoo, there are many other K-beauty brands that offer ginseng-infused products like I’m From, Pure Heals, Farm Stay, THE PLANT BASE, The Saem and CLIV. The Ginseng Serum from I’m From is a cult favorite. This serum is formulated with 7.98% red ginseng extract and helps keep the skin supple and firm. It’s also rich in antioxidants that are great for protecting your skin from external factors that cause skin aging.

For a moisturizing ginseng-infused face mask, check out Pure Heals’ Ginseng Berry 80 Overnight Mask. Packed with revitalizing plant-based extracts including blackberry and ginseng berry extracts, this overnight mask will leave you with skin that’s so soft, plump and deeply hydrated. It’s the perfect mask for those with seriously parched skin.

If you’re a number 1 fan of this skin care ingredient, you can easily go for a full-on ginseng skin care regimen with Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Skincare Set. This set comes with a toner, serum, emulsion and face cream.

Other ginseng-infused products that are worth checking out:



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