End of Year Essentials for the Signs (Part Two)

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Signs & Attires


December to January usually features jam-packed schedules with parties and meet-ups, which can make it hard for Geminis to find time to wind down properly. They’re always talking to people, so starting a journal is a great way to develop the habit of breaking down information each day. This practice will ensure at least a good 15-minute break for their busy minds to rest and reconnect with themselves. Having this humidifier on creates a calming environment and atmosphere for writing, and it also doubles as a small night lamp!

Aside from all the big parties that Geminis are likely to be attending, it’s also really important that they treat themselves to dates. Whether with a BFF or a significant other, Geminis just need some quality one-on-one conversations. No matter who the date is with, be sure to look spectacular as always! No one would dare to question a Gemini’s taste in clothing, but a statement print dress that is both bold and sexy is a good route to take. Throwing in a plethora of minimalistic rhinestone rings will also spice up more subdued outfits.



Even if it’s just for a day or two, try taking a break from social media – Cancerians will realize time can be spent more productively! Time off provides a great chance to reconnect with peers as well as themselves in new ways. It’s the season to party and be joyous, so let’s not get too cozy at home just yet. With plenty of social opportunities, this festive season gives Cancerians an excuse to spice up their wardrobes! Before that, why not get the party started with a fun glitter peel-off mask from ALIVE:LAB?

This simple yet bold pleather miniskirt is both easy to style and flattering on the body, while its asymmetric design and lace hem give it an extra edge. For more magical touches to party attire, try bedazzling glitter hair extensions to add color and shimmer. Investing in a warm dressy coat – like this classic coat with gold-tone button accents and soft faux-fur lapel trim – will also instantly up style points!



There’s no doubt Leos already have a range of activities lined up, but let’s not play things too safe. This season, Leos are encouraged to take on bolder fashion choices. After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled to step into the new era looking fresh? For Leos who usually opt for a cutesy style, a more feminine and graceful upgrade can be achieved with a statement staple like this embossed velvet long coat. Making new accessory choices can be tricky, but this mesh panel beret offers a glamorous and quirky twist to the usual, and will work nicely with a transforming wardrobe.

Changing up your personal style isn’t limited to just clothing. Why not check out new scents and skin care as well? Start with something that is both aromatic and gentle, like The True Love Story Of Toner, which is infused with cabbage rose water and comes in a dreamy light pink color that complements its name. For those who are more makeup-centric, this handy (and shimmery) BTS Stay It Twin Eye Shadow by VT is sure to steal some hearts!



There’s a common misconception that earth signs aren’t good at having fun. Not true. Virgos, in particular, really know how to have a good time, given that the mood is right. They won’t make do with half-heartedness, so it’s either full-on festivity or none at all! Either can be achieved perfectly when Virgos put their minds to it. For the stay-ins, cozying up in a wintry patterned sweater while slurping hot noodles (in a mug with a Cup Noodles print) sounds like a pretty relaxing way to wind down.

For the Virgos who don’t want to look like they’re trying too hard to enforce festive attire, incorporating items with patterns and prints is the trick. This crewneck cardigan with gently puffed shoulders and loosely scattered floral motifs will instantly ramp up any outfit with an effortless dose of wintry grandma chic. Alternatively, anything in plaid never fails – this fitted maxi skirt with a side slit is both warm and easy to style!



This season, Librans should embrace the joy of missing out on huge social events that are likely to make them feel uncomfortable. Instead, they can devote their sociability towards a close group of friends and family by hosting a dinner party at home. Apart from cooking, setting the dining area is an art form as well. Librans usually have impeccable taste anyway, so the party area is sure to be carefully decorated to perfection! It’s always refreshing to have eye-catching or beautifully coordinated tableware to enliven the table; something along the lines of this painted floral set will inspire them to get decorating! For minimalistic decor that also evokes a festive mood, these ceramic holders framed with gold-tone wirework are perfect, and they can double as vases.

After setting the space to perfection, there is often very little time left for the host to dress up. Simple staples like this bishop-sleeve cardigan with faux-pearl buttons can instantly glam up even a plain pair of jeans. If there’s not enough time to do a full face of makeup, any of the five shades from too cool for school’s Glam Rock Misty Rose line will easily brighten up their look.



The end of the year seems to be opening up more work opportunities and side projects for Scorpios. In other words, December and January are looking pretty busy, and not in the off-duty kind of way. Scorpios are serious dressers and as the weather gets colder, pretty jackets and blazers simply aren’t enough to keep them both stylish and insulated. A blazer-like coat will keep them warm while still looking professional and classy. Although not the most practical of bags, a small vintage-inspired handbag is trendy and can incorporate more glam into formal attire.

A bit of pampering is a great reward for hardworking Scorpios. When they finally get to spend some #metime at home, why not just cozy up in the perfect Barbie pajama gift set from chuu? Snuggling up in bed wouldn’t be complete without a fluffy blanket, cushion or hot water bottle.


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