Small Talk: Secret Key’s Starting Treatment Essential Mask Sheet Rose Edition

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Secret Key’s Starting Treatment Essence is a cult fave, but did you know there’s a sheet mask version? Even better, there are rose editions of both the essence and the mask! We gave the rose edition sheet mask a try. See what we have to say!

Zoe: Maureen, thanks for recommending the Secret Key essence to me the other day! I’m in love with it! Just realized they have a whole line of products with the same-ish formula! Have any of you tried other products from the line?

Maureen: Yes! I tried the sheet mask and it’s really good!

Dianne: Oooh there’s a sheet mask? I’ve only heard of the essence since it’s a cult fave!

Romy: I’ve heard many good things about the essence too, but not the sheet mask.

Zoe: I’m defo a believer in the essence now… I guess the sheet mask is just soaked with the same stuff? Did you try the original one or the rose one?

Maureen: I tried the original, but the rose one looks really romantic ❤️

Dianne: Shall we give it a go?

Zoe: 🙌


Maureen: How did you guys find the mask?

Dianne: As y’all know, I always have a hard time with sheet masks 😢 especially with the fit! Unfortunately, this one was too big and drooped down to my neck. Did anyone else have the same problem? 😟

Zoe: 🙌I guess you do have a small face! The fit was pretty good for me 😂

Dianne: It felt hella loose 😂

Romy: Oh no! I thought it was the perfect size ’cause it fit my face perfectly.


Michelle: Haha, for me the fit was one of the best things about the mask.

Maureen: Really? The fit was okay for me. The eye holes were a bit too big, but maybe I just have small eyes.

Zoe: Guess we all just have big faces 🤣; My main issue is that it stung when I put it on 🙁

Dianne: Oh noo! It’s formulated with glycerin 🙈, and you have pretty sensitive skin. I liked how refreshing it felt though.

Sarah: Oh I found it a little tingly as well! But only for a while, and it didn’t bother me too much 😮

Romy: Maybe it was also the scent? Since it’s quite heavily scented.

Zoe: I guess so! It did feel cooling once the stinging sensation faded tho.


Maureen: The scent – that’s my main drawback. The original one is scentless, and I didn’t expect the rose scent of this to be so strong.

Sarah: Oops I actually really enjoyed the scent 🙈 It was kind of like a comforting hand cream LOL.

Zoe: Same! I really like the scent! It’s quite a light and refreshing rose scent to me. I’ve definitely tried more intense rose-scented products before.

Romy: I love the scent too! I’m obsessed with any product that smells like roses, because it makes me feel like I’m at the spa.

Maureen: It’s probably coz I have sensitive skin. I’m paranoid about anything that’s fragranced 😳

Michelle: Lol I usually hate anything that comes with a rose fragrance, but surprisingly this scent felt quite light.

Zoe: It didn’t tingle for you, Maureen? 😮

Maureen: It tingled a bit! I dunno if it’s due to the fragrance, or that my skin is really too dry and broken 🙁

Zoe: Winter skin is a pain. My skin feels like it’s ripping apart every time I step out of the shower 😭

Romy: Same 🙁 Everything is dry!!

Dianne: I don’t mind this weather at all! At least my face isn’t dripping in oil!


Dianne: How long did you guys keep it on for? I’m honestly waaaayy to fidgety 😂 I only left it on for 15 mins (the minimum) because I was nervous about the added glycerin, but surprisingly enough, it left my skin moisturized and not icky with oil.

Zoe: I originally set a 15 min timer, but when the stinging stopped, I opted for 5 mins more 😂 My skin needed that extra bit of nourishment!

Romy: It was drenched in soooo much essence that I thought I couldn’t hold it for longer than 10 minutes without it slipping off. But I managed to keep it on for 20 minutes too.


Maureen: I kept it on for 30 minutes until it almost dried out. My skin craves nourishment.

Romy: Did you guys have a lot of leftover essence after taking the mask off?

Sarah: I left it on for around 15 mins as well (I was exhausted and needed to go to sleep asap lol). There was a thiccck layer of essence left on my skin afterwards.

Dianne: GURL SAME! The essence was a lot thicker than I anticipated.

Romy: I didn’t expect there to be so much. I had to keep tapping the leftover essence on my skin until it fully absorbed.

Maureen: So it didn’t absorb well? My skin drank it up like water 🤣

Dianne: I think it absorbed, but since my skin is super OOILLLYY, there was still a fair amount of essence I had to massage into my face.

Maureen: A.k.a. mask wasted.

Zoe: Lol my skin sucked up the excess in minutes 😂 but that dewiness just wasn’t long-lasting.

Sarah: I think the mask felt super cooling and moisturizing when it was on, but when I woke up the next morning, my skin felt basically the same as usual LOL. I was disappointed 😢

Romy: LOL I agree.

Zoe: Snap!

Romy: It did leave my skin feeling super moisturized, but it didn’t last long enough.

Dianne: Lmaoo I think my skin still felt moisturized in the morning.

Maureen: Also, I was just hoping it would be as soothing as the original, but it wasn’t. I checked and the original has aloe, cucumber, purslane, witch hazel and green tea in it.

Dianne: What’s the difference in terms of ingredients?

Maureen: The rose one replaces all those ingredients with rosewater.

Ingredients of the rose edition sheet mask

Ingredients of the original sheet mask

Dianne: Oooooh but it does have galactomyces right? (What does it do anyway) 😂


They both have galactomyces.

Romy: Galactomyces just moisturizes the skin. It’s also meant to brighten the complexion like rosewater does.

Michelle: So basically this one is brightening/moisturizing rather than calming/moisturizing?

Zoe: Hmm I think the original version also has better anti-wrinkle effects.

Maureen: Exactly what I need!

Zoe: Same 😂 Dry skin is prone to premature aging.

I guess that’s why the original suits me more. I want to love the rose edition but the scent put me off, so I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.

Zoe: I think it’s not bad, but probs better for my skin in summer. So 4 out of 5 😂

Dianne: Hmm maybe we should try the OG version? I’d give this an overall 4 out of 5 as well.

Michelle: Maybe a 4 for me as well? It did fit very well, was kinda refreshing, and I found the scent surprisingly nice.

Romy: Yeah, after trying this, I definitely want to try the original version. Overall, I like the mask, especially the scent, so I’ll give it a 4 👍

Sarah: Also a 4 out of 5 for me~ Loved its dreamy scent and how smooth and super soaked the mask felt on my skin 😍

Zoe: The rose version of the essence is also super popular… Maybe I’ll give it a go after I finish my current bottle!

The Verdict

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