Insta-Styling Korea’s Gyeonggi English Village

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Gyeonggi English Village has been the backdrop to many Korean dramas and K-pop music videos, including Extraordinary You, Memories of the Alhambra, Love Rain, Legend of the Blue Sea, Super Junior’s Magic, Twice’s Cheer Up, and even popular variety show Produce 101. Although I’ve become familiar with this location through many works, the grand, sweeping façade of the village’s Concert Hall lit up with magical Christmas decorations in EXO’s 2013 Miracles in December MV still sticks out the most to me.

There are many unanswered questions in this MV, but the biggest mystery of all is… what is Sehun’s leading lady wearing? All we get is a glance at her leggings and black booties, so I’ve taken it upon myself to imagine and recreate her outfit based on the stylish getups of the EXO members. Turn on your K-Pop Christmas playlist and read on for plenty of festive style inspo!


Stills from EXO’s Miracles in December

Miracles in December isn’t your typical joyous Christmas tune, and to match with the contemplative lyrics, slow melody and bittersweet storyline of the MV, the boys’ outfits fittingly deviate from the holiday norm as well. Their palette is largely gray, with tailored suits that look prim, proper and a little somber, featuring only rare pops of Christmas colors and wintry patterns.

Even though I really wanted to go all out with bright red and green pieces featuring Santa Claus and Christmas trees, I took a page from EXO’s classy outfits instead. I’ve chosen fancy B&W contrast collar dresses as well as winter-appropriate tweed items, and thrown in some much-needed color via cold-weather accessories like jackets, scarves and gloves. EXO’s suave looks have them looking like serious boyfriend material, and these similarly chic picks are sure to win over the boy of your dreams (and his parents), helping you look polished and put-together while enjoying the festivities.

With Contrast Collar Dresses

The EXO boys layer crisp white shirts under their sweaters and blazers, and I’ve recreated the look with these contrast collar dresses for a femme twist. The dark dresses in a minimal palette mimic the subdued grays in the Miracles of December MV. Apart from resembling EXO’s outfits, they also channel a 60s, Hepburn-esque vibe that’s classic, refined and sure to get you that seal of approval from older relatives.

With its sharp white collar and structured shoulders, this figure-hugging knee-length dress is a stylish yet professional choice for work holiday parties. It’s even adorned with incredibly intricate snowflake buttons for the Christmas season! This faux two-piece features a sheer long-sleeve white blouse under a sleeveless black skater dress. Its ruffled mock-neck collar and faux pearl bow brooch serve up a soft, girly vibe. If you’re worried about sporting a food baby after pigging out on Christmas feasts, this drop-waist option has you covered. Its Peter Pan collar and pleated hem remind me of dreamy nightgowns from old movies like The Sound of Music. Finally, this navy blue dress with a flared and pleated skirt offers a little more color and comes in a soft rib-knit material to keep you warm and cozy.

With Prim and Proper Tweed

Despite their toned-down palette, EXO incorporates fun patterns that offer relaxed, boy-next-door appeal to soften up their more formal outerwear. The MV features Nordic print sweaters on Lu Han and Chen, a plaid shirt on Sehun, and D.O.’s fashion-forward plaid panel gray blazer. If the basic B&W dresses from above are too drab for you, opt for tweed instead. This popular winter fabric comes in plenty of colors, but always keeps things looking elegant.

Another contrast collar piece, this set is comprised of a white blouse with a rounded collar and a sleeveless tweed dress. In addition to the wide collar, the tweed dress comes with two pockets and subtle strands of yellow to keep things young and playful. Similarly, this tweed-front blouse is furnished with a ruffled ribbon mock-neck collar.

Both tweed skirt options come with faux pearl buttons and shimmery strands for Christmas flair. This flap-front mini skirt comes in an A-line fit with a rope-trim pocket for extra pizzazz, while this double-breasted knee-length skirt with a straight fit and front slit provides a more family- and work-friendly option.

Finally, for those who are way too busy planning holiday gatherings and buying presents, take the easy way out with these sets that help you look stylish without even trying.  This preppy, schoolgirl-esque set features a pleated tweed mini skirt with tonal buttons and a black pullover with a dramatic double-layered collar. In contrast, the lace trim on the black pullover of this second set is more romantic, while its matching double-breasted black tweed skirt creates a monochrome look that’s sleek and mysterious.

With Winter Coats

The main outerwear in Miracles in December is dark gray coats, as seen on Tao, Sehun and Kris. It’s not hard to understand why, as these go with absolutely everything and add effortless class. I’ve picked out a wool-blend blazer in a lighter gray and a classic, flattering cut. To pay homage to D.O.’s plaid panel blazer, I’ve also chosen a single-breasted plaid blazer in charcoal gray with a slightly boxier fit.

One of the rare pops of color in the MV is found on Kai’s bold red duffel coat, which is one of the easiest ways to incorporate Christmas colors into your closet. Perhaps due to their signature wooden toggle buttons, duffel coats look casual and childlike, freeing you up to experiment with loud colors and patterns without looking over-the-top. I’ve selected two duffel coats, one in wine red to match with Kai’s coat, and the other in navy blue (which also comes with a handy vest liner) to match with Lu Han’s. Both come in a long, roomy fit, perfect for layering over maxi skirts and dresses.

With Christmas-Themed Accessories

Finish things off with festive touches to get you in the Christmas spirit! The rest of the outfit might be more serious, but practical cold-weather accessories like scarves, gloves and hats are a great way to incorporate some subtle fun.

In EXO’s MV, we see a happy couple walking backwards as Tao turns back time. What caught my eye wasn’t Tao’s cool party trick, but the girl’s super cute red gloves connected to a scarf around her neck! Inspired by her, I’ve found a sweet red knit scarf with Christmas graphics, as well as matching red pom pom cable knit gloves that are connected by a piece of string – sure to come in handy for those always losing just one of their gloves. I’ve also selected two cute pairs of earrings for understated Christmas spirit. These sophisticated studs are made of red gemstones with 925 sterling silver reindeer antlers, while the bold, jazzy dangle earrings on the right are adorned with corduroy hearts and reindeer pendants.

Where should we drop a pin next? Let us know in the comments below!

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