Trying BlackPink Lisa’s Makeup Looks with moonshot’s Rêve de Paris Collection

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My fellow editors reviewed multiple products from K-Beauty brand moonshot this year and I’ve been dying to check them out too! After a full year of resisting the temptation, I finally caved for moonshot’s latest F/W rêve de Paris makeup collection, which is inspired by romantic Parisian style.

moonshot's reve paris makeup collection

We all know and love moonshot’s resident model Lisa from K-pop girl group BlackPink. After seeing her day look Romantic Dream and night look Night Over for the rêve de Paris collection, I decided to give the neutral looks a go. Although I usually prefer extremely extra and vibrant shades, I was prompted by Michelle’s recent blog post on How to Dress When You’re Bored to go for a more minimal take, since I’ve admittedly grown blasé to the #drama.

Romantic Dream

moonshot's reve paris makeup collection - romantic dream

1. Petit Twilly: a neutral shade to cover the whole lid and brighten the eyes

2. Creme Brulee: a light brown shade brushed over half of the lids

3. Sensual Beret: a rosy shade applied close to the upper lash line and lower corner lash line

4. Dark Roast: a warm brown shade on the outer corner to add depth to the eyes

5. Eiffel Night: a gold glittery eye shadow dusted on the bottom center lash line to brighten the eyes

603. Rose Bonbon: a matte MLBB lipstick that brightens up the whole look

moonshot's reve paris makeup collection - romantic dream collage

Thoughts on Romantic Dream: I really liked the combination of the shades, as it was easy to achieve a no-makeup makeup look perfect for everyday wear. The eye shadow base Petit Twilly was not as bright as I thought it would be, but it still brightened the lids and worked as a base. Dark Roast was my favorite color, as its warm, dark tone was great for natural-looking eyeliner on the lash line. The pinkish tone of the lipstick Rose Bonbon brightened up the whole look, which is incredibly important during gloomy winter days.

Night Over

moonshot's reve paris makeup collection - night over

1. Magnolia: a peachy eye shadow base to cover the whole lid and brighten the eyes

2. Classy Coat: a brown shade with yellow undertones brushed over the lids

3. Rose Milktea: a deep maroon shade applied on the inner and outer corner of the eyes as well as the lower lash line

4. Antic Boutique: a cool, deep brown shade on the lash line and inner eye corner

5. Chandelier: a gold, glittery eye shadow with rosy undertones applied on the center of the lids and on the bottom center lash line to brighten and widen the eyes

606. Moulin Rouge: a deep rusty red similar to Rose Milktea 

moonshot's reve paris makeup collection - night over collage

Thoughts on Night Over: I tried emulating Lisa’s signature makeup move, which is lining the inner eye corner with a dark eye shadow. I used the shade Antic Boutique for that, extending the line into a subtle cat eye flick. Like the day look, Night Over’s shades were a good combination and it was easy to achieve an effortless night-time look. Lisa used the lipstick shade Moulin Rouge for her look, but the other shades in the collection would work as well.

moonshot's Rêve de Paris Eyeshadow Palette

rêve de Paris Eye Shadow Palette

The rêve de Paris eye shadow palette is formulated with a double-coated powder, which ensures a smooth, easy blend with or without the use of makeup brushes –always a plus in my book. The eight matte pressed eye shadows did not have much fallout. However, the two glittery eye shadows did have a bit, but that’s not unusual for formulas with glittery finishes.

The palette is exactly the same size as the Yoo In-Na Limited Edition Honey Coverlet Eye Shadow Palette. Its small, pocket-sized packaging conveniently fits right into any jacket pocket, and the built-in mirror makes it easy to do a quick touch-up anywhere.

moonshot's Rêve de Paris Stick Extreme Pro

rêve de Paris Stick Extreme Pro

During fall and winter, I always have a hard time leaving the comfort of my warm and cozy bed. That’s why I usually don’t have time to put on makeup, opting to grab a vibrant lippie on my way out the door instead. I’ve applied this lipstick without the aid of a mirror and, thanks to its creamy formula, it still looks great! Even when I’ve just rolled out of bed, these lippies give my face color and a slightly polished look.

The highly versatile semi-matte formula ensures a smooth finish even when applying multiple layers. Apart from the colors Rose Bonbon and Moulin Rouge that I used for Romantic Dream and Night Over, I love the darkest shade, In The City, which is incredibly moody.

One thing to note is that the rêve de Paris Stick Extreme Pro’s tube is a lot more compact than the Yoo In-Na Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme Limited Edition lippies, but with the same amount of formula. You have to twist it down completely or else it will stick to the cap (which unfortunately happened to me).

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