End of Year Essentials for the Signs (Part One)

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Signs & Attires


Sagittarians are night owls, and they’ll need all the beauty sleep they can get before partying for the rest of the month. Get a cozy duvet and bed sheets that are both comfy and pretty enough to lure them to bed. As low-key hoarders, Sagittarians love to collect little things like cinema tickets and packaging, claiming they’ll be useful in the future. It’s about time to start getting rid of unused stuff and systematically organizing the rest. An annual clear-out is absolutely necessary, especially if it gives them an excuse to shop for cute organizers and storage boxes.

Sagittarians also need to prep their skin before committing to sleepless nights of hardcore partying. La Muse’s My Galvanic is a trifunctional gadget that treats skin to spa-like pampering at home. Don’t forget to spice up outfits with an accessory. Even a minimalist little black dress can make a whole new statement with the addition of a layered waist chain belt.



The 2020s are likely to be another challenging yet exhilarating ride, so setting aside time to wind down and reflect before moving onto the new year is extremely important for Capricorns. It’s all about balancing needs with desires. Capricorns should avoid over-planning and allow a little more flexibility with plans throughout the month. Spend an evening reading or just lounging on the couch, wrapped in a cozy blanket with a hot cuppa in hand.

Capricorns always look sharp and well-presented, and the bar will be raised even higher at the start of the new year. Go all out on a beautifully coordinated outfit, complete with killer heels with a bit of bling and earrings to match! After all, Capricorns shouldn’t shy away from the limelight, as they deserve every compliment that comes their way.



Aquarians really aren’t the type to spill their feelings. With their philosophical nature, they’re more inclined to spitting facts and expressing their opinions. Those with Aquarius in key placements of their natal charts often translate their innovative energy into arts and attires. They won’t hesitate to spice up a boring winter outfit with a dash of print and color. See those vibrantly patterned socks peeking from their ankles? Oh, and what clever use of a beret in a contrasting color or print to enliven plain outfits.

December to January is prime time to channel that creativity into decorating, but this calls for more than just adding new potted plants to the living room. It’s about adding personality to an organized home. This sleek and modern stainless steel wall organizer and some adorable cottage-shaped ceramic vases are a good place to start!



This year has been a bit of a bumpy ride for Pisceans, especially since they’ve been extremely busy throughout. It’s about time for them to get back into the social scene! Being the party organizer is tough, but Pisceans definitely have the capacity to host a gathering with their nearest and dearest. Just be sure to look great in the process! A simple, soft and bright-colored sweater offers sufficient festive spirit for those who prefer a more minimal look. For those who love a party-glam look, this ruffle-hemmed velvet mini skirt styles well with anything from silky camisoles to slim-fitting turtlenecks to button-up cardigans.

On top of that, their skin should feel as fabulous as their outfits! Winter air is especially harsh, so additional nourishing products are much needed. Switch up a few steps from an existing skin care routine,  and give this moisturizing Moon Fairy Ampoule a try. Party makeup isn’t complete without a little bit of sparkle and glitter. Check out UNLEASHIA’s Get Jewel Palette, featuring four versatile and easy-to-wear shades that can be worn on eyelids and cheeks and even used to embellish manicures!



There were a lot of lost-and-found moments for Arians this year. No matter which phase they settle on for December, they should embrace it with optimism and hope. They may want to take some time off before the year ends to reconnect with themselves, both physically and emotionally. If a quick trip abroad or a weekend getaway isn’t feasible, sspend a peaceful day indoors wearing a fluffy teddy-bear snood to keep warm, and throw on a sheet mask like Aromatica’s Sea Daffodil Hydro Charge Mask.

For the remaining days of 2019, Arians should simply go with the flow and take things easy. They may even be surprised by the joy and excitement of being impromptu. It’s winter after all, so be prepared to dress for the temperature! Since Arians hate the restrictiveness that comes with winter coats, a sleeveless puffer jacket that can be worn over hoodies or sweaters, complete with a pair of combat boots, seems more befitting of their active nature.



Entering December, the mantra for Taureans is to “work smarter,” and this applies not just to their professional lives. Taureans may be strict with following their daily 10-step skin care routine, but learning to skip steps while still achieving the same results is a way to make their lives easier and routines smarter. Investing in an ultrasonic facial device like this one from LIFETRONS is another way of improving their skin care game, as the device helps boost skin’s ability to effectively absorb skin care products.

Similarly, skin care products that have more than one use are extremely handy, such as the Nutrinature Ultra All In One Multitem by re:p., which is a toner, essence and emulsion in one, as well as LET ME SKIN’s Ultra Smooth Double Serum which boasts two kinds of serums in one bottle to deliver double effects.

As much as Taureans enjoy their little routines, they also love to decorate their spaces for the festive month. A simple marble glass stand can be used to display desserts and confectionaries, or simply to look good on any table.


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