Nourishing Winter Regimen with I’m from Honey Series

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I’m a huge fan of skin care products that feature edible ingredients – it’s fascinating to see how our favorite foods can rejuvenate our skin! Honey is an age-old remedy for dull, dry, stressed and sensitive skin, and the I’m from honey series packs high concentrations of raw honey, locally sourced from a small farm in Korea’s Jiri Mountain, to nurse skin back to health and radiance.

The weather has recently become cold and dry in my usually humid city, and my skin has not been coping well with these sudden changes at all. In order to get some glow back into my complexion – all the more important as Christmas is just around the corner – I decided to incorporate the Honey Mask, Honey Glow Cream and Honey Serum into my winter skin care routine. Fingers crossed that the honey works its magic and gives me back my healthy skin!

Honey Mask

One of the brand’s most popular products, this premium wash-off mask is a fan favorite for achieving supple and glowing skin. Containing 38.7% pure honey and enriched with propolis, bee venom, macadamia nut oil, jojoba seed oil, hazelnut oil and sunflower seed oil, the mask tightens pores, hydrates and nourishes skin, and restores elasticity to create soft and smooth skin.

I love that the packaging looks exactly like an actual jar of honey, as it feels classic, elegant and familiar. Thankfully, the mask itself is nothing like thick and viscous honey. Its velvety texture spreads weightlessly across skin, leaving behind a caramel-colored tinge. Something else I appreciate is that the mask can be left on from ten minutes up to one hour, depending on how much time you have or how your skin is feeling. It also means that you can get through a whole K-Drama episode without having to hit pause and wash your face!

My only qualm with this product is its scent. I was expecting the sugary sweetness of honey, and was let down by its ambiguous, slightly sour smell. I’m from does explain that the scent of the product might change depending on the honey of the current season, so another batch of the product might provide a different experience. Smell aside, I enjoyed how soothing the mask felt as I massaged it onto my skin, as well as the difference in my skin post-wash. The mask left my skin feeling smooth and plump, which lasted even after a full night’s rest and a morning wash.

Honey Glow Cream

The Honey Glow Cream provides anti-aging effects while simultaneously nourishing and brightening dull and hyperpigmented skin. It contains 30.63% of I’m from’s patented Honey Glow Queen formulation, 5.3% pure honey and 44.93% propolis extract. The nutrient-rich cream works as a moisturizer to revitalize and soothe skin suffering from external irritation, restoring a healthy complexion.

Some creams I’ve used in the past have been on the oily and heavy side, so I was worried that this might clog my pores or cause breakouts. Surprisingly, the cream was lighter than expected, spreading easily and quickly absorbing into my skin. The ivory white color turned transparent with just a gentle pat, leaving a matte finish. I also loved its subdued, milky scent, which reminded me of sunscreen. In terms of results, my skin felt soft and bouncy right after use as well as the morning after. However, I think the brightening effect might require consistent use over a longer period of time, as I didn’t notice a significant improvement in my complexion.

Honey Serum

Like the Honey Glow Cream, the Honey Serum is fitted with 30.63% of the Honey Glow Queen formulation that boasts both wrinkle care and brightening properties, making tired skin firm and smooth.

I expected the serum to be liquidy and gel-like, but it was denser than I expected. Only a small, controlled drop of the serum was released with each pump. It felt slicker and waxier than the Honey Glow Cream and also took slightly longer to be fully absorbed into my skin. However, it had the same soft, pleasant scent and also produced similar results. My skin felt nourished and moisturized, though there was no noticeable glow in my complexion.

The Verdict

In conclusion, I think that the mask had the most dramatic results, while the cream and serum are great lightweight choices that can be used both day and night. Although I was slightly disappointed that the products didn’t provide a more immediate effect in boosting skin radiance, my skin did feel hydrated and revitalized. If you have sensitive or dry skin, or live somewhere with harsh weather conditions, these are great options for winter.

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