CosmoTrends: The Latest Beauty Trends from Cosmoprof Asia 2019

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Every year around this time, the beauty trade show Cosmoprof Asia takes place in Hong Kong, and insiders of the global beauty industry gather to do business and share information. Compiled by Paris-based beauty trend forecasting company Beautystreams, the CosmoTrends report showcases products and trends spotted at Cosmoprof. Here are the five biggest trends highlighted in the first report:

ASMR, or “autonomous sensory meridian response,” is arguably one of the most searched keywords this year. In a world increasingly dominated by the virtual, beauty products with warming, cooling, vibrating or tingling qualities are created to engage the senses and fulfill your innate need for sensory relaxation. Skin care products that tingle and radiate throughout the body, while enhancing the absorption of active ingredients into the skin, are particularly appealing.

so natural – Red Peel Tingle Serum | COSRX – Cooling Aqua Facial Mist | JJ YOUNG – Steam & Cool Pore Mask

Innovative beauty tools and devices deliver professional care by analyzing data, monitoring results, identifying symptoms and customizing for individual needs. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these devices enhance user experience with ergonomic palm-sized designs, so you can easily enjoy dermatologist-level skin care in the comfort of your home or even on the go.

LABELLE – Rechargeable Sonic Peel 6th Edition (L6) | LIFETRONS – Ultra Cleanser With Ion & EMS Technology |
ELRA STORY – ELRA Face Off Cool & Warm Facial Massager

Sophisticated cleansing products help to ward off urban pollution from your skin. In tandem with skin care during the day, a new generation of cleansers has emerged to provide a thorough cleanse at the end of a hectic day in the city. These powerful cleansers aim to calm inflammation, banish airborne toxins, restore skin’s moisture levels and keep skin feeling clean, refreshed and healthy.

MAXCLINIC – Hyaluronic Acid Vita Oil Foam | Dr. Althea – Amino Acid Gentle Bubble Cleanser |
VILLAGE 11 FACTORY – Refresh Cleanser GREEN

Loud, vivid and lit-up shades seduce with intensity and dazzling confidence. Bringing energy to the face and the dressing table, these expressive and joyful hues invigorate with electrifying positivity.

RUDE – The Lingerie Eyeshadow Collection | CCLIMGLAM – Chameleon Styling Wax |
VYVYD studio – Lip Flash Matte (16 Colors)

The best way to go green is to consume less. Taking a more eco-friendly approach to beauty, multifunctional products keep both beauty fans and our planet happy by reducing waste. They also help to streamline beauty routines by tackling several needs in one go. Minimal as they may be, these all-in-one products still enjoy premium positioning with sophisticated designs and result-driven formulations.

NEOGEN – re:p. Nutrinature Ultra All In One Multitem | FLABOIS – Milk Shake Hair Mist |
Etude House – Glow On Oil Volume Base

The full CosmoTrends report will be announced here on December 9. Stay tuned!

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