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What we wear to sleep actually indicates a lot more about our personalities than we might expect. Unless you’re the kind to rock your PJs out on a regular basis, your choice of sleepwear may be closely tied to your comfort zones and inner insecurities.

Your core persona is your sun sign, which is the usual star sign you identify with, but every individual has a natal chart that tells us what other astral influences we’re born with. For instance, your moon sign is calculated based on your birthdate and time, and it tells us more about who you are deep down. On the other hand, how we present ourselves is influenced by our ascendant star signs, which also represent how others may view us. Look up your natal chart online to find out what your moon and ascendant are!

In this edition of Signs & Attires, we’ll look at sleepwear inspiration for the respective signs. Each sign gets a motto and a mood board that suggest ways to harness your outer confidence while in the comfort zone of clothing that others don’t normally see you in.


Fire Signs: “Be Bold and Bolder”

Aries , Leo , Sagittarius

If we had to pick one word to describe the fire signs, it would be “bold” – whether it’s Arians’ strong personality, Leo’s charming presence or Sagittarians’ individuality, the fire signs are always bold in action and appearance. Those who often opt for statement prints and powerful color combinations in their outfits tend to have one of the aforementioned signs as their sun, moon or ascendant.

Although comfort and ease of movement are among their main priorities for sleepwear, these things shouldn’t restrict fire signs from expressing their colorful personalities! As much as they love sleeping in underwear, oversized T-shirts and sweatshirts, injecting bright and expressive hues like neon and fluo into the mix quickly spice things up. Fire signs can speak their minds even when they sleep with motifs, graphics and slogans emblazoned onto their pajamas.


Earth Signs: “Soothing and romantic”

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs exude practicality, mindfulness and sensibility. Although these are some of their notable traits, they shouldn’t stop earth signs from feeling pampered – all the more so at home or anywhere they choose to wind down. Skin-loving and luxurious textures can be incorporated into their sleepwear and loungewear as a way to soothe their minds and bodies from the stressful day-to-day. As earth signs, they’re naturally drawn to earthy colors that are associated with nature.

Taureans are no strangers to textures and aromas that please the senses, while Virgos may prefer more minimalist beauty. Capricorns, like their fellow earth signs, find the feminine and sensual aesthetic to be a way to treat themselves. Silk, lace and satin textures in the form of kimonos, slips and pajama sets perfectly align with their ideals in beauty and comfort. Gentle botanical and floral motifs can be implemented for an added romantic touch that elevates minimal designs with an aristocratic feel. These gorgeous yet vintage-esque embellishments are often seen in many earth signs’ outfits, and it’s only natural to translate this side of their personalities into sleepwear as well.


Air Signs: “Bathe in youthful energy”

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

If earth signs channel a feminine aura, then air signs emanate the energy of perennial youthfulness. While they do have a soft spot for anything cute, air signs don’t necessarily resonate with overt cuteness, especially in their choice of attire. Cute is a word that’s often associated with youthfulness, softness and pastel colors. Like children, air signs are naturally curious and are always seeking new, exciting things to enrich their youthful minds. Aside from this, they also enjoy a balance of liveliness and tranquility, which can be conveyed through the types of cutting, prints and silhouettes in their sleepwear.

Flaunting midriffs with flirty cami tops and shorts isn’t for everyone, but the more effervescent of the pack will find this combo to be a positive representation of the lively side of their personalities. Air signs may also consider adding patterns ranging from polka dots and gingham to fruity motifs and cartoon prints. No matter the age, it’s not a bad thing for air signs to channel their childlike qualities – especially if it makes them happy!


Water Signs: “Soft is strong”

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water is an embodiment of softness and strength, and those who have powerful water sign placements in their natal charts also possess these qualities. Others may sometimes discount them as emotional, sensitive and unpredictable, but they’re also incredibly strong and intuitive individuals. When we think of these qualities, light colors may spring to mind, but water signs actually tend to be fascinated with rich and alluring hues of ruby, emerald and topaz.

Water signs embrace a more refined approach to boldness than the outspoken fire signs. Translating this boldness into textures results in options like fine cotton, velvet and chenille. These materials have a coziness and lusciousness that respond to water signs’ need for comfort – they’re safe, soft and long-wearing. Whether water signs are opting for a simple sleepshirt, nightdress or pajama set, incorporating any of the aforementioned colors and textures into their choice of sleepwear reminds them to confidently channel their duality of being both soft and strong.


Images sourced from Pinterest.

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