Small Talk: YesStylists’ Black Friday Beauty Picks

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Aside from working very hard (as always), the YesStylists love to get together for a good sharing session. As the year is coming close to an end, we have to discuss our game plans for the BIGGEST shopping event of the year – Black Friday!

We all have stuff we’re dying to try or itching to re-purchase, and the sale season is perfect for finding the best deals! Read on to see our Black Friday beauty picks!

Zoe: Hey guys~ it’s finally November! My favorite month of the year! Do you know why? 🤩

Dianne: Your bday?

Zoe: Yaaaaaaasssss 😂 But also BLACK FRIDAY sales!

Dianne: Major regrets follow soon after 😂



Products We Love and Want to Stock Up On

TROIAREUKE – H+ Healing Cocktail Ampoule Set (Radiance- Yellow)   |  SKIN&LAB – Red Serum  SKIN&LAB – Pink Clay Facial Mask


Dianne: I’ve been scouring products I DEFO NEED because:


Zoe: What have you got?

Dianne: I want to stock up on Troiareuke’s Healing Cocktail Ampoule!

Zoe: LOL again?!

Romy: Ooooh Troiareuke ❤️

Dianne: YES GIRL! A major throwback to our very first Small Talk in January this year! I think I’ve gone through over 4 bottles so far, and I’m not gonna shut up about it! The only thing is that it’s incredibly pricey and wo mei you qian XD

Maureen: Yeah, I also tried 2 bottles and stopped coz no $$$.

Sarah: Wait. How is this product related to cocktails? 😂

Dianne: Sarah, you basically mix an ampoule with a toner, and then shake it! It leaves skin lookin’ hella fine!!

Romy: I remember trying that. If it wasn’t pricey, I’d get a ton of it too!


Sarah: Oh dang, I wanna try too 😮

Maureen: The red one worked really well on my mature skin 🥰
In fact, I also have SKIN&LAB’s Red Serum on my wish list since red is the color to go for during X’mas 🤘

Dianne: Oooh, wasn’t it in  last year’s Advent Calendar?

Maureen: Yes, it was! I also did a review on it. It’s incredibly soothing for dry skin and smooths wrinkles! Makes me look 2 years younger~

Romy:Nice pick! I’ve also tried that serum and it’s amazing!
I also chose something from SKIN&LAB on my wish list this year…
The Pink Clay Facial Mask.. Have any of you tried it?

Zoe: OMG me!

Maureen:The one with calamine in it? How did you find it?

Romy: I love love love this mask. Yes, it’s the one with calamine in it, and it’s really soothing, especially for sensitive skin. Really hydrating and also gives a good deep cleanse.
It’s the perfect mask to add to a winter skin care routine, and I need it ASAP!

Michelle: I feel like there’s gonna be so many new additions to my shopping cart after this convo 😂

Sarah: Yes! I’m getting #educated

VDL – Expert Color Real Fit Velvet Lipstick  |  SIORIS – For Moisture Care Set |  romand – Zero Velvet Tint

Maureen: Michelle, what’s on your list right now?

Michelle: I have my sights set on a VDL lipstick

Sarah: Omg it comes in 27 colors??

Michelle: There’s like 7 different shades of red.

Romy: Wow 27 shades! Which shade is on your list?

Sarah:I’d have the hardest time choosing just one shade LOL. Indecisive Libra problems.

Michelle: Sagittarius impulsiveness means I’ll just go for whatever shade I feel like on the day.

Sarah: So how many do you have in your collection? 🙈

Michelle: Lol… there’s no “collection” 😅 Just the one I was given on my bday last year.

Dianne: How’s the formula? I’m always worried with red lippies that it’ll stain 😣

Michelle: It’s super matte, which is basically all I want from a lippy.

Dianne: How about our other Sag? What are you getting?

Zoe: I’ve been eyeing up this epic set!

Maureen:A whole set? Greedy 😈

Dianne: Don’t you already have a bunch of stuff from SIORIS?

Romy: Woah, I didn’t know they had a set! I’ve wanted to try SIORIS ever since your review 😍

Zoe: Yeah, this is the exact set I had before! But it got lost on my stupid Italy trip and I’ve been too poor to re-invest since. Romy, they also have another set that’s more refreshing! !

Romy: Omg the temptation!

Sarah: What’s your favorite product from the set?

Zoe: That’s hard 😂 I loved it as a routine! But if I really had to choose, the night cream is a must-have for dry skin~

Dianne: I hate reading your reviews since I always want to get everything you guys recommend!!!!😭 I wanted that mist from Sioris and I want all of the romand makeup that Sarah tried!!!

Sarah Girl yus! The Zero Velvet Tint from that Anne of Green Gables collection was my FAVORITE.

Dianne:Y’know it!

Zoe: So lemme guess, is it in your cart right now? #WorkingMyMysticPowers

Maureen:Which shade would you go for, Sarah?

Sarah: I’m planning on stocking up on their F/W shades! They’ve got these gorgeous orange browns and I love how long-lasting and non-drying the formula is too~

Products We Want to Try

piciberry – Berrybalm  |  MAKEheal – EYECROWN Hard Carry Shield Cara   |  BANILA CO – Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

Maureen: Talking about fall, I’ve always wanted to get more non-drying makeup for my dry skin. Any recommendations?

Sarah: Ooh I’ve actually been eyeing up the piciberry Berrybalm! It’s a 3-in-1 product for eyes, lips and cheeks, and it’s supposed to be super moisturizing!

Dianne: #Kindredspirits! I had my eye on this as well!

Maureen:Sounds great for lazy people like me!!

Dianne: I love its minimal packaging! Which shade are you planning to get? 😉

Romy: That’s such a cute multi-purpose product! You should just get all 7 colors 🤩

Sarah: Considering being bold and trying out tangerine or purple… but I’ll probably be boring and stick to pink LOL.



Dianne: Y’all know me! I love extra thangs esp makeup! That’s why I’ve had my eye on the EYECROWN Hard Carry Shield mascara from MAKEheal!

Zoe: That packaging is SO you!

Michelle: I would get this for the packaging alone.

Maureen: CUTE CROWN!!

Dianne: I finish a mascara within like 2 months, so I wanna try EVERYTHING in their mascara line. I can’t leave my house without mascara. This is literally me:

Sarah: Is this product the secret to your always amazing eyelashes?

Dianne:Sarah thanks!!!!! The crown can be detached and it hides a little lash comb! We love a multi-tasking product.


Romy: No wonder your lashes are always on point 👌 Is the mascara waterproof?

Dianne: Yes, it totes is! But tbh I’m looking forward to the packaging the most 😂 coz I’m a queen LOL.

Would it be hard to remove tho?

Dianne: Probs. Usually waterproof makeup is hella hard to remove! Gotta double, NO, triple cleanse 😂

Maureen: I’ve been using cleansing oil all my life, but I’m thinking of switching to a cleansing balm. I have BANILA CO’s Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm on my wish list. Has anyone tried it?

Romy: I haven’t but I want to try it out too! I prefer balms over cleansing oils.

Zoe: I’ve tried it before! It’s gentle but does the job! I really like the scent too!!

Maureen: Zoe, did you have to triple cleanse?

Zoe: I had to, especially if I was wearing heavier makeup! But since you don’t wear a lot of makeup, it should be quicker~

Maureen:I hope it won’t strip my skin of moisture, coz I also have difficulty finding the right moisturizer.

d’Alba – White Truffle First Spray Serum   |  NEOGEN – re:p. Bio Fresh Mask With Real Calming Herb   |  MAY COOP – Raw Concentra Night Cream

Romy: You could try misting with a facial mist to give your skin a boost of moisture!
I’ve got my eyes on d’Alba’s White Truffle First Spray Serum.

Dianne: Oooh truffle #fancy

Maureen: WOW 💸

Zoe: What are the skin benefits of white truffle?

Romy:I just want it because it looks fancy hahah.


Zoe: Typical Taurus! 😂

Romy: I’m not sure about the benefits, but it says that this mist gives skin long-lasting hydration.

Maureen: I just wonder if it smells like truffle 🥰 because I’ll bite you XD

Romy: I’m intrigued about the scent too.

Sarah: I love the smell (and taste) of truffles 😍 second only to some fresh herbs~

Zoe: Talking about herbs… Doesn’t the re:p. Bio Fresh Mask – the one made with calming herbs – sound like a feast?

Dianne: Omg same! It’s vegan-friendly to boot! Perfect for Thanksgiving~

Zoe: Yaas! 😂 I haven’t tried anything from re:p yet, but I think I’ll start with this overnight mask pack.

Sarah: Watch out, Zoe! Maureen’s going to bite you as well 😂

Zoe: But I’ll just smell like chamomile.

Maureen:I love chamomile tea! #Fallmood

Romy: You could apply the mask while drinking chamomile tea haha. Double the relaxation!

Dianne: I love skin care infused with food stuff!

Michelle: Well, I have my eyes on a product that combines maple syrup with ginseng and figwort… amongst many other things.





Sarah: I’m so hungry now guys 😥

Dianne: Such a fall #MOOD!!!

Michelle: LOL! I have pancakes on my mind. I meant maple tree sap 😂 It’s the Raw Concentra Night Cream by MAY COOP.

Dianne: I think Maureen tried a couple of MAY COOP stuff a while back 🤔

Maureen: Yes! The brand’s famous for the Raw Sauce, but I think their creams are really the best. They smell great too!

Romy: It looks like a good cream for winter!


Dianne: OMG I HATE Y’ALL! I literally JUST deleted a bunch of stuff from my cart and now after chatting with you guys, it’s full of stuff again!!

Dianne: At least we don’t actually have to go out into the Black Friday madness 😂

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