Insta-Styling Vancouver’s Alley Oop

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Located in downtown Vancouver’s business district, Alley Oop was launched in September 2016. The previously drab laneway was brought to life with a paint job and a few basketball hoops, and has since become an engaging public space. It’s generated a lot of traffic from those looking to take bomb IG pics, and the alley’s most famous visitors are nine-piece K-pop girl group Twice.

Alley Oop is featured In Twice’s music video Likey, where they strut their stuff in cute and casual tanks, tees, shorts and mini skirts in summery shades of yellow, pink, blue and khaki green. Something unusual I noticed was that bold patterns, which are a summer staple, are nowhere to be seen here. This was a smart move on the coordi’s part, as these plain outfits pair perfectly with the wide stretches of solid colors on the walls and ground of Alley Oop.

Because Twice is already serving up plenty of summer inspo, I wanted to create a F/W-appropriate look that’s a little darker and more mature but still resonates with the location. Inspired by Twice’s vibrant yet minimal style, I’ve squashed my love for all things patterned and selected only plain, pattern-free items.


To start things off, snap a candid shot of you striding down the alley while gazing into the distance. Make sure to shoot from afar to capture all the quirky installations, including the massive illuminating orb hanging above! You can also use some of the cool wall art, with designs that say “More Awesome Now” and “This is not a parking lot, not a urinal,” as backdrop. Jump up in the air and reach for the net if you want to draw attention to the fun basketball hoops. Or for an OOTD-focused pic, find an intersection point where the hues of pink, purple and yellow meet, and stand on the white line to ensure you’re smack dab in the middle of the photo. Whether you’re throwing up peace signs and squatting (an Instagram-favorite) or mimicking some of Twice’s cute dance moves from Likey, this clean close-up will let your outfit do the talking.


With Athleisure Essentials

This cropped tank top and biker shorts combo comes in both gray and black and makes for a great base. With a skin-tight fit, the comfy basics create a sporty yet sexy vibe. Why are all the celebrities and fashionistas riding this trend? Because it’s super easy to build this outfit into something chic that takes you straight from the gym to the streets!

With Pastel-Toned Blazers

An oversized blazer injects poise into any casual outfit. Structured blazers get a bad (and undeserved) rap for being stuffy, so I’ve chosen two options in an androgynous fit and lightweight material to keep things breezy and informal. Opting for a brighter color is a great way to enliven the traditional piece with a fresh, youthful quality. Go for mustard yellow or pastel pink to correspond with Alley Oop’s colors, and to add pizzazz to the all-black base.

With Sleek Leather Goods

Boots are a no-brainer for creating polished, fall-ready outfits. Pointed-toe stiletto-heel booties with a slick leather finish will keep the silhouette streamlined and classy. The pair on the left has a comfortable kitten heel and is adorned with subtle stitching, while the pair on the right comes in a higher stiletto heel for extra oomph. Basic black boots will go with your athleisure wear, but you can also get the boots on the right in playful shades of dusty pink or grayish purple.

In addition to biker shorts, another trend that’s making waves is the 90s shoulder bag! Although they might not be very practical, these petite pieces rest snugly under your arm to give off an effortless vintage aura. I’ve picked out two sleek and compact faux leather purses to match with the boots. One is a no-frills zip bag and the other is a bougier-looking design with a croc grain flap and gold-tone buckle.

With Luxe Gold Touches

Like leather, gold-tone accessories ooze classic sophistication and luxury. Swap out dainty, delicate pieces for elegant yet edgy chunky hoop earrings and layer on engraved medallion necklaces that are full of fairytale charm. Finally, complete the sports luxe outfit with these funky cat-eye frames. Laid-back sunnies instantly channel movie star coolness to counteract the more prim and proper pieces. The thin frames come in black, silver or gold to add a futuristic element, while the tinted lenses in offbeat shades are yet another subtle nod to the alley’s lively colors.

Where should we drop a pin next?  Let us know in the comments below!

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