Peach C: Blushes for Fall

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I’ve never been one to obsess over blushes, so I normally rotate between two or three blushes with similar shades. But I thought it was about time to expand my blush collection, especially now that it’s fall and I need products that add warmth to my skin.

When looking for blushes to try, the Peach Cotton Blushers from Korean beauty brand Peach C definitely got my attention. Cute packaging? Check! Blushes that come in a variety of shades? Double check! A skin care-infused makeup product? Triple check!

Peach Cotton Blushers

The Peach Cotton Blushers come in 6 shades, including warm, neutral and vibrant hues. I prefer blushes that are highly pigmented – those that aren’t don’t deserve a spot in my makeup vanity – so I’m glad that these blushers give me just the right amount of pigment.

These ultra-fine powder blushes easily blend into the skin, thanks to their smooth powder formula. They also sit well on top of my foundation and concealer, and last all day so I don’t need to reapply. The formula is definitely buildable so if you need to update your makeup look from day to night, then you can easily adjust by adding a few more sweeps of color. 

I have combination skin and since it’s fall, and winter is almost here, my cheeks feel even drier than usual. Although these blushers provide a matte finish, they’re not too matte to the point where my cheeks end up looking dry or cakey. These blushers give my cheeks a perfect flush that still looks natural.

The blushers are infused with peach extract, which is known to provide antioxidants and does wonders for tired-looking skin. Cold weather can sometimes make my skin appear dull so these blushers come to the rescue by adding radiance! 

Shy P Cheek

About the shade: a strawberry milk-like pink hue 

This shade reminds me of spring. The color is so soft but gives a very natural flush of pink. I find the shade more ideal for springtime but it’s a versatile hue that’s also great for colder months. It adds a nice subtle pop of brightness to my cheeks.

Peony P Cheek

About the shade: a soft, pale peachy pink hue

I have a medium complexion with warm yellow undertones and this is, unfortunately, a shade that doesn’t suit my skin tone. Since it leans more towards a pale hue, it makes my cheeks look a bit ashy and I need to apply it a lot more for the color to appear on my cheeks. This shade will certainly suit those with a fair-skinned complexion.

Apricot P Cheek

About the shade: a warm and bright tangerine color

I normally steer clear of orange blushes as I’m afraid of looking clown-like. Surprisingly, this shade made me think otherwise! It’s such a rich and beautiful color that really pops against my medium skin tone. This blusher makes it look like I just got a nice tan!

Coral P Cheek

About the shade: a light coral shade

We’re nearly at the end of 2019 and with Living Coral being the Pantone Color of the Year, I realized that I didn’t give enough attention to coral shades. After trying the Coral P Cheek shade, I regret not trying coral-colored makeup sooner! This color gives the perfect cold-weather flush that doesn’t look too over-the-top. It has definitely earned a spot as one of my must-have fall makeup items!

Rose P Cheek

About the shade: a dusty pink shade 

If I had to pick one shade for everyday wear, I’d pick the Rose P Cheek. With this dusty mauve hue, I’m able to achieve the most natural and healthy-looking pink flush. Just like the shade Shy P Cheek, this dusty pink shade is perfect for all seasons.

Lavender P Cheek

About the shade: a cool-toned lavender shade with a hint of pink 

I saved my favorite color for last! I’m a sucker for purple and deep plum lipstick shades, but it’s a color I haven’t tried on my cheeks yet so I was super excited to give this lavender shade a go.

Initially, I was afraid that the color wouldn’t show as much on my skin as it’s cool-toned. But thanks to the touch of pink, this blusher gives a really nice color payoff. It’s definitely a bolder color so I like to pair it with a more natural lip color so my makeup doesn’t look too intense.

My final verdict 

Overall, these blushes are great additions to my fall makeup collection. I like to mix and match some of the blushes so you can also try doing so if you’re into experimenting with different makeup looks.

I like to pair the Peach Cotton Blusher in shade Lavender P Cheek with the Rose P Cheek shade to add a bit of contrast and dimension to my skin. I first apply the Rose shade on the apples of my cheeks, followed by the Lavender color just underneath the hollows of my cheeks – and voila! I have more defined cheekbones! 

Have you tried any of Peach C’s Peach Cotton Blushers? Let me know your favorite shade(s)!

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