How to Dress When You Feel Bored

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We’ve all experienced bone-crushing boredom – when everything is merely dull routine and even a new Netflix hit fails to pique our interest. You itch to do something interesting, but you can’t imagine what that could be. At such moments, fashion can provide some stimulation.

The key to fighting boredom through your wardrobe is to go against the grain of your regular style. A minimalist commited to monochrome, normcore ensembles? Introduce rainbow tones, romantic florals and color blocking into your wardrobe, if only for a week. A maximalist in love with boho embellishments and touches of Victoriana? Try paring down your wardrobe to simple essentials like a little black dress and white sneakers. It’s all about experimentation – not only with clothing but also with personas.

If you’re afraid that going against your “natural style” would be disorienting, remember that dressing up is supposed to be an adventure! Plus, who hasn’t had the experience of trying on something they’re sure they’ll hate, only to wear it to death afterwards?

Here, I present two mini-guides, one for assembling a deeply dramatic outfit and one for assembling a fresh, simple look. Both will turn heads, and both will hopefully give you the sartorial shock you need!

If your motto’s “Always err on the side of safety”…

This is for those whose personal style is anchored by the belief that safer is better. Every morning, you throw on a pretty but indistinctive monochrome blouse, style it with standard straight-cut jeans, and slip into your trusty ballet flats. While it’s not advisable to go OTT every single day, injecting a little drama into your dressing-up routine definitely wouldn’t hurt.

To me, nothing screams “high drama” as much as a contrasting red-and-black palette that combines Gothic flair with a revolutionary spirit. I’ve selected an oversized black sweater with a voluminous ribbed turtleneck and daring slit hems, and paired it with a swishy maxi skirt in an allover heart print against an inky background. To extend the color scheme, go daring with this pair of red patent leather ankle boots, which comes with subtle croc grain print, a chunky heel and pearl embellishments on its supersized buckles. It’s sophisticated but with an undercurrent of punk.

Pile on the flashy accessories like dripping rhinestones, funky hair clips and your grandma’s brooches! For this outfit, I suggest pinning a vintage-style faux pearl brooch to your sweater – the quirky, old-world charm brings to mind tea parties presided over by dowager duchesses. Whether you’ve got a short bob or a long, curly mane, dress it up, preferably with an oversized acrylic clip. Finally, don’t leave the flat without this boxy croc-grain handbag in wine red, embellished with a decorative zipper for a touch of post-modern sophistication. Its moody hue and glam texture are perfect for giving an extra kick to your outfit!

If your motto’s “More is more”…

If you’re always drawn to art deco patterns, neon hues, tassels or ruffles (or even all four together), read on! There’s a good chance your wardrobe might be over-saturated by colors and excess. Basically, you’ve grown blasé to drama. One solution is to Marie Kondo your apparel, streamlining it down to a few simple basics that’ll have you feeling freshly stimulated. Of course, no one’s asking you to permanently swap your gypsy skirts for tailored blazers, but by suppressing your love for the “extra,” you might discover new sides to your style and to yourself!

The centerpiece of this outfit is a white eyelet embroidery button-up dress that hits the perfect note between sexy and sweet. Its classic A-line cut will flatter your figure and remind you that simplicity can be stunning. Pair it with cross-strap black pleather slides for easy-breezy vibes. As comfy as they are stylish, these add a casual touch to the ladylike sophistication of your ensemble.

When accessorizing, refrain from flashy statement jewelry and go for subtle yet evergreen pieces like this snake pendant necklace in gold tone, which will stand out against the dipping V-neck of your dress. Finally, forgo glitzy clutches or boxy, structured handbags for this low-key white canvas tote with a supersized pocket – its retro illustration adds hipster cool while keeping the spotlight firmly on your silhouette.

Wave Goodbye to Boredom…

Remember – be bold! Don’t be afraid to switch up your everyday style in new and exciting ways, whether that means amping up or paring down. Once you’ve introduced some adventurous changes to your wardrobe, you might just find boredom to be a thing of the past.

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