JJ YOUNG’s Aloe Vera Skin Care Line on Oily Skin

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JJ YOUNG is one of YesStyle’s newest brands and I couldn’t wait to try out their Aloe Vera Line once it was available on the site! Ever since I started my journey in finding the perfect skin care routine for my oily skin, aloe vera-infused skin care products have always been at the top of my list.

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Why is aloe vera good for oily skin? It’s an incredibly moisturizing ingredient that hydrates skin without making it feel sticky and heavy. The aloe vera plant also has many surprising benefits and is used in many home remedies and DIYs ­– especially for soothing burns. This succulent has large amounts of Vitamins A, B, C and E as well as 18 kinds of amino acids.

Aloe Vera Super Cool Gel Facial Mask

Ingredients: Contains 74% aloe vera extract as well as lingzhi mushroom, avocado, bamboo water and cica extracts.

How to use: For 2 to 3 times a week, apply a thin layer of the facial mask on cleansed skin. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before gently removing it with a cotton pad.

I’m not a big fan of facial masks as most are formulated with a thick, goopy texture, making application a messy process. However, the Super Cool Gel Facial Mask has a smooth and lightweight texture. Since it’s recommended to leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes, I expected it to be thick and tacky, but the opaque formula was slightly watery and dried quickly. As promised, it definitely had a cooling effect, which was very welcome after my usual boiling hot showers. I removed the gel with a cotton pad as recommended, but most of the formula had already been absorbed into my skin.

full sized and mini version of aloe vera facial mists on a mirror against a blue background surrounded by leaves

Aloe Vera Super Fresh Facial Mist Full Size & Mini Version

Ingredients: Made of 87% aloe vera as well as bamboo water, lingzhi mushroom and cica extracts.

How to use: Highly versatile, the facial mist can be used to tone skin after cleansing and to hydrate skin in the middle of the day over makeup.

The extremely lightweight Super Fresh Facial Mist will leave your skin just as its name suggests – super fresh! Having tried multiple spray-on toners and facial mists this year, I’m a true believer in this product. The full-sized version is definitely easier to use, and its applicator spritzes the watery formula finely over skin. The mini version is more convenient as it’s around the same size as a credit card. Though the spray from the mini version is not as fine, its ingenious design makes it ideal for on-the-go lifestyles.

Aloe Vera Super Moist Eye Stick

How to use: Use on toned skin. Twist applicator and apply on the cheekbone, but not too close to the eye. Pat gently to encourage better absorption.

The Super Moist Eye Stick is the first eye stick I’ve ever used. Initially, I was worried that the condensed formula would aggravate the delicate skin around my eyes. I fretted for nothing as it was soft and glided over my skin without pulling. The slightly tacky texture dried quickly, and its subtle white cast disappeared after I gently tapped the product into my skin.

aloe vera face gel cream on a mirror with blue background surrounding productleaves around

Aloe Vera Super Moist Face Gel Cream

Ingredients: Formulated with 72% aloe vera extract, chaga mushroom, hyaluronic acid and panthenol, as well as real aloe vera bits.

How to use: Use on toned skin. Apply over skin and gently press aloe vera pieces into skin for full moisturization.

The Super Moist Face Gel Cream had a very smooth and soothing texture upon first application which became tackier as I massaged it over my face. The small globules of aloe vera looked and felt like tapioca balls (and made me crave bubble tea). I thought that the aloe vera bits would dry up and become visible as the day progressed but it absorbed perfectly into my skin. Although the gel felt sticky as I massaged it over my face, after a while it permeated the surface of my skin and left a semi-matte finish.

My generally oily skin usually feels a lot drier in certain areas once temperatures start to drop, so I was pleasantly surprised with the results. After applying this product, my skin had a very evenly moisturized feeling throughout the day.

Final Verdict

JJ YOUNG’s Aloe Vera skin care routine is suitable for all skin types, which makes it a great routine during transitioning weather and for skin types that can’t make up their minds!

The soy-printed paper packaging has English and French instructions on it, which is convenient since I tend to forget what product goes on first.

Overall, the routine was very gentle and gave my oily skin the right amount of moisture. The EWG-certified ingredients ensured that my skin was not aggravated, and my skin adjusted well to the mild ingredients. Those with uber sensitive noses may want to take note that all the products have a subtle, natural fragrance.

The Super Cool Facial Mask is definitely something I’d reserve for the summer as it would leave my skin feeling too cool in the winter. The rest of the products easily incorporate into my daily skin care routine, especially the mist which is already a year-round staple for me.

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