Insta-Styling Hong Kong’s Housing Estates (Part Two)

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After covering Monster Building in my last installment of Drop A Pin, I had a hard time choosing between the plethora of photogenic housing estates that have also made appearances in K-pop music videos. I struggled with options like Lai Tak Tsuen, Lok Wah South Estate and Nam Shan Estate, but ultimately I had to give in to the call of Choi Hung Estate, one of the most Instagrammed spots in the city.


One of the oldest estates in Hong Kong, Choi Hung Estate, also known as Rainbow Estate, consists of 11 blocks built between 1962 and 1964. Recently, a photograph of the estate won the Sony World Photography National Awards (Hong Kong). It was also featured in Seventeen’s Check In and Loona’s Love & Live music videos. Visitors come flocking from all around the world for the aptly named housing estate’s rainbow buildings, palm trees and splashy ball courts.


If you can only leave the estate with just one pic, it has to be one under the signature basketball hoop. Photograph from down below to capture as much of the buildings as possible, and to give you the effect of elongated legs. Full body shots might feel a little awkward, but an easy fix is to simply step back and forth while facing the camera to capture some “candid” action shots. More daring models might want to try jumping high in the air or dribbling a basketball to match the court’s high energy vibes.

Still not sure how to pose? Take a page from Seventeen’s music video and utilize the pastel blue chairs by sitting, standing or even leaping across them – no, you don’t have to manspread if you don’t want to. Alternatively, lie down on the court and take your photo from above. The bird’s eye perspective makes for a more unique and less busy shot. Both options allow you to pull the camera in a little closer to hone in on the details of your outfit.


Some might come decked out in rainbow colors, while others may dress in all white or black in fear of overshadowing the buildings. Not sure which approach to take? I recommend incorporating both.

In Loona’s music video, the girls pair long-sleeved white blouses with pleated yellow miniskirts, tying everything together with thigh-high socks and heels.  This might be a little too prim and proper when you’re surrounded by ball games, so I’d combine their preppy vibe with a dash of sporty fun. The look is simple: bold rainbow contrasted with crisp white, much like the court’s vibrant primary colors juxtaposed with clean, sharp lines.

With Rainbow Tops

People usually shy away from rainbow print because they’re scared that it’s too loud and OTT, but think again! This seriously underrated print transcends all seasons and can be worn loud or subdued, femme or androgynous.

If you’re looking for a classic, highly saturated rainbow, check out this edgy elbow-sleeve tee with a boxy drop-sleeve fit and black contrast trim. For the cooler months, opt for a funky sweater in thin stripes that’s sure to keep you warm and cozy. It also comes in an oversized cardigan variation with chunkier stripes and red trimming.

For sweet and girly pieces, this ribbed short-sleeved mock-neck crop top in soft pastel tones is an everyday basic that goes well with high-waist denim.  There’s also this lightweight candy-colored sweater with a wide neck construction and a slouchy shape that drapes effortlessly when tucked in.

Finally, more low-key and wearable rainbow tops include this refined white sweater that features bright stripes on the bodice, neckline and sleeves, as well as this cold-shoulder sweater. With its dialed-down colors and widely spaced-out stripes, this flirty piece is perfect for fall.

With Clean-Cut Bottoms

We can all admit to experiencing outfit-envy when we see tennis players ruling the court with A+ style. Good news? Anyone can rock their pleated miniskirts. Bad news? It won’t make you any more athletic.

This classic option comes with inset shorts that aid ease of movement, while this version with pink ribbon detailing down the sides says “tennis match at 5, Harajuku at 6.” The pink ribbons will pop even more when paired with the  mock-neck pastel top mentioned earlier, creating a cute, spring-appropriate outfit.

For a more casual and relaxed look, replace the skirt with off-white cropped straight-fit pants or overalls. They’re better for the F/W months and won’t look bulky even if you’re tucking tops in. In addition to offering plenty of pocket space and a cool, tomboyish fit, the cropped leg also allows you to show off some playful socks…

With Sporty Footwear

I’m all about going big or going home, so I’ve kept the rainbow-meets-white theme from head to toe. Thigh-high socks with rainbow stripes complement a pleated mini skirt to complete Loona’s preppy look, while these rainbow crew socks, which even come in a pastel option, are just the right length to go with cuffed pants.

Chunky dad sneakers remind me of the orthopedic shoes my mom made me wear as a kid, but this trend is here to stay, or so my Instagram feed tells me. I love how the understated rainbow stitching and tie-dye laces on this pair add color to break up all that white. Not yet on board with this trend? Get a simple, streamlined pair of off-white canvas platform sneakers with rainbow embroidery instead. Both shoes offer cushiony support and a little extra height – practical and comfortable,  but still in vogue.

With Whimsical Accessories

To tie everything together, nab some dreamy matching rainbow jewelry pieces. These gold-toned alloy earrings come in both hook and clip-on variations, while this delicate 925 sterling silver bracelet is adorned with alternating rainbow and cloud charms.

Everything looks cuter when it’s petite, and this faux leather crossbody designed for kids is proof of that. Regardless of your age, you can still rock this piece as a wristlet – don’t worry, we won’t spill your secret! Finally, for a less obvious way to round up your rainbow outfit, get these elegant and striking jewel-toned hair clips in unique blob shapes. A sporty, preppy outfit wouldn’t be complete without an updo, whether that’s a high pony or topknot, and these clips will keep every last strand of hair in place and looking picture-perfect.

Where should we drop a pin next?  Let us know in the comments below!

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