Bask in the “glow” of bjewel’s Facial Mist and Mini Cushion

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Korean cosmetics brand bjewel is not exactly a household name, but the hype on its Air Pod-sized capsule lippies is considerable. Upon further research, I discovered that the indie brand only entered the market this April! Calling women everywhere to “Be Yourself, Be Jewelself,” its products scream sass and fun. Always eager to give new brands a try, I went for the Pink Aloe Glow Mist and Only Glow Mini Cushion – two items designed to create a fresh, dewy glow at different stages of your makeup process. After all, today’s cult products might very well be tomorrow’s bona fide classics!

Pink Aloe Glow Mist

Expectations: Spritz, Boost, Revive

Facial mists are notorious for being just expensive water, but at their best, they deliver quick bursts of truly refreshing hydration and nourishment. In the summer, they’re essential for cooling and soothing heated skin; in the winter, they have the power to revive and brighten dry skin. My goal is to find a product that covers all the bases without being too heavy, sticky or wet.

Although winter hasn’t officially arrived yet, my combination skin has been showing signs of dryness, so I’d like to keep a spray by my side for convenient use. I intend to apply it whenever, wherever: in the morning (to prime my face for makeup), mid-day (for a quick boost), in the evening (to revive my makeup), and at night (as a quick moisturizer between skin care steps).

The Pink Aloe Effect

Coming in a gently curved spray bottle that’s simple but not basic, bjewel’s pink-tinged product pleases at first sight. It contains 76% Pink Aloe Water and 1,000ppm of pearl extract to produce a soothing, glowing effect.

As instructed, I shook the bottle slightly before use, and sprayed at my face from a distance of around 20cm away. Instantly refreshing, it didn’t leave an excessively watery residue. It seemed to settle into my face, leaving a slight but significant glow. While I’m unsure how deep and long-lasting the moisturization effects are, all I need from my mists are quick boosts, and on this front, the Pink Aloe Glow Mist delivered admirably. I’m also happy to report that it comes with only the subtlest scent – a plus for someone like me who hates heavy floral and fruity fragrances!

Only Glow Mini Cushion Set

Expectations of a Cushion Compact Novice

I’ve never used a cushion compact on a regular basis before. I prefer matte liquid foundation in a bottle, a formula I’ve been faithful to since high school. Will this finally break my lifelong habit?

According to the product description, the Only Glow Mini Cushion comes with triple functions: brightening the complexion, combating wrinkles and protecting skin from UV rays (SPF30 PA+++). Packed with hyaluronic acid and Iceland glacier water, it’s also meant to cool, soothe and moisturize. What I’m most concerned with, however, are adherence, coverage and tone. Would it successfully cover my blemishes? Would the finishing be cakey or sticky? And would it produce the promised pink, dewy glow?

The Reality

The good news is that the cushion produced a subtle smoothening and brightening effect, and is suitable for a variety of skin tones. The bad news is that while it did cover my pores, blemishes and redness to a certain extent, it fell short of creating the full coverage and translucent finish that my regular liquid foundation provides.

I really wanted to like this more, because it’s compact (it isn’t called a mini cushion for nothing!) and the iridescent cover is stunning. It even comes with a refill! But the coverage is simply too light for my needs. I doubt I’ll be abandoning my usual foundation for this, or any other cushion compact, anytime soon, especially as I don’t like touching up constantly.

Right: Before Application; Left: After Application

The Final Verdict

bjewel’s products show great promise. The Glow Mist is a definite keeper as it suits all skin types. Although its relatively bulky bottle might be inconvenient for on-the-go lifestyles, you can easily store the product in a pocket-sized spray bottle.

The Mini Cushion Set delivered on its promise of providing a visible pinkish “glow,” plus its super lightweight formulation sits easily on the skin. However, I’d have to say that this isn’t a standalone foundation. It’s great for layering underneath or above other makeup products as a tone-up, but shouldn’t be depended upon to provide true coverage.

Having tested two of bjewel’s flagship products, I’m convinced of its commitment to quality, even though not all its products suit my needs. The next bjewel product to try? Definitely its best hit – the Lipcapsule Mini Shine Set!

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