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Gain is the main dancer, vocalist and visual of Brown Eyed Girls. Considered as part of the second generation of K-pop idols, Brown Eyed Girls carved a name for themselves in a saturated industry with epic songs like Abracadabra, Sign and Sixth Sense. Active since 2006, the quartet is famous for their mature concepts and unique sound, which still remain refreshing years after their debut.

Like the queens they are, Brown Eyed Girls are back full throttle with a dark and dramatic concept that assures fans that we weren’t abandoned. The girls have amassed hit after hit with iconic lines and choreography, as well as iconic looks. Gain’s signature bob has transformed multiple times in her career, especially after she went solo. This time, her short black bob is oozing gothic sensibilities to match the strong sounds from the group’s much-awaited album RE_vive.

Watercolor illustration of Brown Eyed Girls' Gain with a full black outfit and a yellow background

Frilled Striped Shirt, Yellow Turtleneck & Cropped Pleather Jacket

black haired girl wearing a white, striped sheer turtleneck topgirl with a bob hair cut wearing a yellow turtleneckgirl wearing a brown dress and black cropped faux leather jacket sitting down

‘Tis the season of layering, so for Gain’s gothic look, I start with Brown Eyed Girls’ official color. The yellow figure-hugging knit top makes for a non-bulky base and creates a vibrant contrast against the lightweight and sheer white striped shirt. Since the turtleneck knit has tight sleeves, it accentuates the billowy bishop sleeves.

The pleather biker jacket is designed with heavily padded shoulders that clearly contrast its tiny cropped waist. The jacket adds a punk rock touch and toughness to the delicate sheer shirt underneath. Its classic notched lapels also mirror Gain’s sleek signature black bob.

Black High-Waist Shorts & Gold Embellished Handbag

girl wearing a black tank top. snapback and high-waist shorts taking a mirror selfieblack square handbag with gold, baroque-style detailing on a white table with a magazine and phone

Gain is just 5’3″, so it’s important to showcase a little bit of leg to elongate the silhouette of this top-heavy outfit. Black high-waist shorts are a staple item in any girl group’s wardrobe, as they cinch in the waist and cut a very flattering figure.

Continuing on with black, I’ve accessorized Gain with a square grain pleather handbag embellished with embossed gold-toned accents and Baroque-inspired elements like a cherub, columns and intricate filigree.

Fishnet Tights, Thigh High Socks & Knee-Length Boots

girl wearing black fishnet tights and sunglasses hooked on jeansgirl wearing black, knee-length socks and chunky sneakers with stairs in the backgroundgirl wearing patent leather, knee-length boots with her legs crossed

More is more in the K-pop world, so I’ve brought in black fishnet tights and thigh-high socks on the bottom half to create a color-block look with the deep reddish-brown boots.

For added gothic sensibilities, I’ve chosen knee-length boots with a patent finish that brings out its slouch design, mirroring the boxy, loose fitting of the jacket. Every other pleather piece in the outfit has a matte finish, so the smooth texture and shine of the footwear elevates the look with a touch of luxe.

Dark Lips, Smokey Eyes & Thick Lashes

close up of dark purple lips with a spoolietriangle shaped eye shadow palettes on a maroon backgroundmascara on a pink background

From their iconic hit song Sign back in 2009 to their latest Wonder Woman and Abandoned, Brown Eyed Girls have always had intense, dark and daring eye makeup in their MVs. Now, as seasoned K-pop veterans, the girls take it up a notch with dark lips to boot!

VYVYD studio’s Lip Flash Matte lippie in No. 18 Royal Blue is a true goth shade that can be paired with the equally moody shades from the Eye Flash Palette to create perfect smoky eyes. To make Gain’s monolid stand out even more, dramatic thick lashes are a must as well!

black eyed girls rre_vive album cover - four girls with light shining on their faces

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