CAOLION Peace Water Aqua Series Review

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CAOLION is probably not an unfamiliar name to K-Beauty enthusiasts. Since its founding in 1995, the brand has been active globally, offering skin care products that are free from hazardous chemicals and use mainly natural derivatives. One of the brand’s major ongoing goals is to help users reduce the amount of makeup worn on a daily basis, which aligns with its focus on natural beauty and gorgeous skin.

The newly added Peace Water Aqua series focuses on effective and intensive hydration, with each product from the line boasting slightly different additional benefits. I’m always interested in products catering to dry skin, and since all the products from CAOLION’s Peace Water Aqua Series are formulated without parabens, silicone and sulfates, that’s yet more reason to give them a try.

Peace Water Aqua Essence Mist

What is it?

An all-in-one toner-essence-serum face mist that delivers intense hydration, helps restore elasticity and instantly freshens up skin so that it looks like you’ve just used a sheet mask.

This mist comes in a sleek and slim bottle, with an easy-to-press nozzle that gives a focused, easily controlled spritz. Even when stored at room temperature, the mist delivers an instant cooling sensation that is especially refreshing on heated and slightly irritated skin. As it contains lavender oil, it does leave a lingering scent – in fact, the lavender is probably what gives the product its soothing and acne-combatting qualities. It also contains marine collagen, allantoin and glutathione, all of which are great ingredients for improving complexion and skin elasticity.

Does it work?

It’s hard not to like this product. It smells fresh and leaves skin feeling cool and hydrated. Since I work in an air-conditioned office and wear makeup every day, I keep this at my work desk as a pick-me-up.

Although the formula contains lavender oil, I didn’t experience any allergic reaction to the face mist. It actually made my skin less irritated! Its main components may be water, but CAOLION sources only Jeju mineral water and Beadsman natural spring water for this product. Since I only used it as a face mist, there aren’t any noticeable effects on my skin when it comes to anti-aging and brightening benefits.

Peace Water Aqua Fresh Gel Day Cream

What is it?

A long-wearing and soothing gel moisturizer fitted with micro oxygen bubbles, 90% marine collagen and vitamin capsules to refine skin texture and deliver deep hydration.

Does it work?

With a bouncy, jelly-like texture, this cream needs to be blended quite a bit to be absorbed into skin. It produces a wet look that takes about 20-30 seconds to set before turning to a more dewy finish. When it’s fully absorbed into skin, the finishing still feels refreshing and not particularly sticky.

The day cream smells relatively similar to the face mist, but I actually prefer this scent since it packs more of an herbal, sage-filled punch. The cream’s scent is also much stronger as it’s formulated with centella and arnica montana flower extracts for soothing and cell-renewal effects.

The cream comes with a dual-tipped spatula that allows convenient adjustment of the amount of product you want to use. In general, I used it as a moisturizer before applying makeup. Considering the climate is on the drier side right now, the cream held up fairly well, but halfway through the day it seemed to lose its hydrating effect. That’s when I used the face mist as a top-up.

Peace Water Aqua Drop Gel Night Mask

What is it?

An intensively moisturizing night mask with a unique gel and cream formula infused with 90% marine collagen and hyaluronic acid to nourish skin, improve moisture retention and strengthen the skin barrier.

The gel texture with swirls of cream doesn’t just look cute. This formulation is also what gives the product its refreshing qualities as cream tends to dry out less quickly, thus promoting better adherence for long-lasting nourishment.

Does it work?

Like the day cream, it takes a few swipes to properly blend the night mask onto skin, but its creamy texture does glide on nicely during application. I applied a generous amount on my face before bed, and wore a headband so my hair wouldn’t stick. With most masks, I usually feel some suppleness on my skin the morning after; yet after seven hours of sleep in an air-conditioned room, this mask completely dried. My face didn’t feel too dry, but the mask is less nourishing than I thought it’d be. Then again, I do have incredibly dry skin that absorbs anything I put on my face in almost half the time it’d take for someone of normal skin type.

The night mask has a similar scent to the day cream but with more spicy notes. This probably comes from the coumarin, a flavoring substance that contains high concentrations of cinnamon. Coumarin can cause reactions for those with sensitive skin. Thankfully, the mask didn’t react with my skin at all. However, I do recommend doing a patch test first if you’re cautious.

The Verdict

I really like the refreshing and cooling sensation that all the products left on my skin, but I would say these formulas are more suited for the summertime when the climate is less dry. Out of the three, the face mist is definitely suitable for most skin types and can be used throughout the year. The day cream feels like it would also work for those with oily or combination skin to a certain extent. Although the night mask formula is formulated for dry skin, I think the cream’s lightweight formula and healing qualities would work better for those with dehydrated oily or combination skin than dry skin like mine.

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